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The Author

Clarity Liberates The Mind...So Let Me Help You.

Kris Kotsopoulos has been professionally involved in Canine behaviour, Working Dog Breeding and Training since 1980. He has worked with many first-time dog owners through to the most demanding Law Enforcement Canines and Championship competitors.

Kris has always approached life creatively with a mindset that still states;

“I am sure that there is a better way” hence the writing of “How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog”. Never accepting that near enough is good enough Kris is always working on streamlining the systems involved in all disciplines and recognises that everything is connected and in flux. The simple fact fundamentally unites that canine learning is universal, and regardless of what you wish to teach your dog, they all learn the same way. All these secrets and many more are in the three books.

Kris has discovered this because he is a breeder of Dobermanns and German Shepherds under the prefix ‘Von Forell’ as well as a trainer. His dogs and training philosophies have become an integral part of the success of high-level canine enthusiasts who all require very different applications.

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The system in these books is an excellent start for anyone seeking to overcome or prevent training problems as well as to maintain optimum performance. Kris aims to introduce methods into the dog training world that can systematically spell out what dog training is about and how to create a simple process to achieve the very best outcome.

These books contain the latest information on animal learning principles and how to apply them. 

In recent years’ dog training methodology has improved dramatically. Kris believes that we are witnessing a dog training revolution. Established systems of dog training are being integrated with ‘operant’ methods which are creating the most robust and humane system ever in existence.

In these elegant and tightly-integrated systems, negative learning is exploited to enhance target behaviours and establish stimulus control over powerfully-motivated behaviours – rapidly. Rewards are used to teach and motivate performance, and a sophisticated system of conditioned behaviour markers are used to switch states and render it all clear to the dog.

These three books are a must for anyone wishing to make positive and definite changes to the way they train dogs regardless of the application. The general community, high-level competitors and Law Enforcement will highly benefit from the information. 

In addition to content from Kris, other industry experts from different areas in the Working Dog world will be contributing to this website with their videos and written material.

There are hundreds of World-Class Trainers around the world that have incredible insights into animal training.

We welcome them because this platform is available for them to share their thoughts and ideas. 

This website is about collating information and systems that may assist all dog enthusiasts. We trust that you will experience new ways of thinking and possibilities so that you, your dogs and your teams become the best they can be.

Our challenge in tracking is not to disrupt attitude and confidence. This delicate balance between maintaining concentration and applying correct motivation is why many people, especially beginners, find tracking so difficult.” Once you understand the science and then apply the Learning rules correctly, your dog will follow your requests every time”.

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“It’s important that the dog does not rely on the handler as a source of information by always showing it how to comply. This unintended signals often results in a dog that merely responds to visual signals—increasingly becoming more and more dependent on the handler’s every move. Ultimately becoming addicted to the ‘visual’ signals as a source for reward and ignoring the ‘verbal’ cues”.

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