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DNA Is Not Destiny

The Science of Epigenetics 30 Years ago, a friend made a behavioural claim that shocked me and was considered scientific heresy. His claim was impossible,

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Article Indication

First Principle A ‘tracking article’ itself should have potentially no meaning to a dog. It is nothing more than a piece of material. What should

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Signals In Dog Training

Antecedents, Behaviour and Consequences Every time we interact with our dog we provide some form of signal and these signals overtime associated with pleasant or

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The Reward

The Reward Many times, rewards are taken for granted, and the assumption is that the reward we offer to our dog is rewarding solely because

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Feed Back Systems

Feedback Systems Most dog trainers start learning to train dogs similarly. Traditionally we are taught to bring our dogs to class, place a correction chain

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Performadog & iPurr Nutrient Ramping?

When considering the food that we and our pets should eat, we initially think of raw ingredients. Meat, vegetables, fruits, grains and pulses and they are like are typical of the foods that spring to mind as being suitable ingredients for a balanced diet, but the science of nutrition goes a lot further than just considering food groups.

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