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‘How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog’ has traveled to every country imaginable. It is available NOW!

We are humbled by the enormous impact this book has made in the tracking World.

Although we are proud of our editorial achievement we believe that continuous growth is the cornerstone of progress and as a consequence Version 2.0 of ‘How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog’ will commence in 2022.

Version 2.0 will have the latest enhancements on increasing scent commitment, creating a deeper nose, introducing new track layers and much more to further enhance your outcomes in Search and Rescue, Police or Competition Tracking.

Version 1.0 is available and is the foundation in our system and is essential reading.  Click here to purchase Version 1.

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Many books have been written on the topic of Obedience, and many have tried to quantify quality ‘human/dog working engagement’. Yet many books have missed a fitting explanation of the necessary and uncanny understanding that extraordinary dog trainers seem to have.

They know ‘intuitively’ that the only way to reach something higher is to focus their attention on the multitude of the seemingly insignificant, unimportant, and boring things that make up training dogs.

These mundane and tedious little things that, when done correctly, with the right kind of attention and intention, distinguishes every great trainer from those who are satisfied just to get a result.

‘How To Achieve Precision Obedience With Your Dog’  is scheduled for release in mid to late -2021.

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Protection - Drive Fulfilment


This long-anticipated book about ‘Protection Dogs and their training’ has been pending for over seven years and is being finalised for release in late 2021. It provides an in-depth insight into the ‘Breeding, Training and Mental Tactics required to produce exceptional Working Dogs‘.

It began as a book about a controversial subject that has proved challenging to articulate in writing but has evolved into Kris’s lifetime involvement as a breeder and a trainer.

This book is the first manual to focus on all the necessary behavioral traits and the critical preparation that is essential for any drive-related application.

You will be pleasantly surprised that everything you ever needed to know about breeding, selecting, raising and developing your dog for Competition or Tactical Deployment is in this book and much much more. By utilising both Genetic potential and the learning matrix, you will create possibilities you never thought possible.

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