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Case Studies – Obedience

Obedience Case Studies 

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I Have Learnt Exceptional Training Methods and Implemented Them On My Own Dog With Outstanding Results!

I have been training under Kris from Von Forell Precision Training for roughly 3 years now. In that time I have learnt exceptional training methods and implemented them on my own dog with outstanding results! Kris delivers content and knowledge of training in a clear and precise format easy to understand and follow, and the results show! Drive fulfilment training is the highest form of reward to most dogs, and this has been nurtured from 7/8 weeks of age to allow the dog to fully understand and enjoy the benefits of this training without any conflict or anxiety created through too much pressure at a young age.

Kris is a master at reading the dog and recognising if too much pressure exists in that moment and can adapt to create a more holistic outcome for the animal. Anyone looking to exceed in their training and enjoy the relationship better with their dogs, Kris is a highly skilled and knowledgeable trainer! Adrian.

Adrian Young
Melbourne Australia

Never In My Life Have I Met Someone Like Kris Who Can Literally See Right Through Into Your Dog’s Soul

I highly recommend Kris Kotsopoulos to anyone who is either seeking to achieve precision tracking, obedience, trouble shooting, behaviour problems or is just simply looking to understand their dog better. Kris has over 37 years of experience in breeding and training high level dogs for roles within security, Military and various police agencies, but when it comes to you and your own individual needs he is someone who will make you feel at ease and welcome.

Kris and his lovely wife Tonia have created a wonderful training facility which in my opinion is World Class where he runs his training and seminars. Quite often you will see many different people including highly experienced trainers come to Kris to seek advice or assistance. His training methods are consequential in where he teaches the dog to solve their own issues which in turn builds confidence, happiness and genuine desire.

Never in my life have I met someone like Kris who can literally see right through into your dog’s soul and know exactly what the dog is thinking and feeling.

“The emotion of the second event infects the emotion of the first Event” is what he stands by. I have been to many of Kris’s seminars, he has solved many of my dogs’ issues from behaviour to obedience, but he is also an amazing supportive mentor. I always enjoy my time with him and the group because I always walk away with my head in a spin. I am forever grateful, and I would say to you if your looking for help, guidance or assistance no matter what the issue is… Look no further!

Nothing is ever impossible with him!

Rachel Wellington
Melbourne, Australia

It Catered For a Beginner and An Expert

Just wanted to say thank you for another informative training seminar and workshop. The information and training I have gained from your seminars has expanded my training, handling and my own self confidence in dog handling and training. It was great to see that the course catered for all interested people at all levels who wanted to improve their skills and knowledge on dog behaviour and training.

Your training was not only directed at one particular training idea or methodology and the very opened discussions on topics gave everyone the chance to discuss their own experiences and was a great way to help understand more the individualised training that would suit their own situation. Your facilities are state of the art and makes for a very comfortable training environment both class room and practical training. I look forward to expanding my dog handling/training skill by putting what I have learnt from this seminar into practice. I will definitely join you both at future seminars, and I would highly recommend that any one interested in getting into dogs regardless if it is just a dog as a family pet right up to a fully trained police dog should come and join you in one of your training workshops.

It catered for a beginner and an expert.

Erin Bevington-Jones
Melbourne Australia

Awarded Life Membership To The Federation in 2003

This is to confirm that Mr Kris Kotsopoulos is a member in good standing of the National Dog Trainers Federation (Australia). He is a highly respected breeder and trainer of dogs, both within Australia and internationally. Kris’ affiliation with the Federation goes back to 1993. During this time he has always conducted himself in an ethical and professional manner. Kris was awarded Life Membership to the Federation in 2003, in recognition of his contributions to the canine industry.

He is widely recognized as one of Australia’s leading dog breeders, his facilities and level of care are the benchmark for his industry. He has also supplied dogs to numerous government agencies including Federal and State Police, Corrective Services, etc.

Kelly Gulliver
National Manager – Australia

I Was Most Impressed With The Content

I just want to thank you for hosting the recent 3 day workshop that I attended in Melbourne. It was a great 3 days and I gained some very valuable knowledge from you. of the course and the way that you delivered it, which made it very interesting and easy to understand. You have a very fast knowledge of working dogs, which includes the breeding and training of such dogs. In fact I believe that you would be one of the leading specialists in this field in Australia.

Once again I would like to thank you and the team at Von Forell for your help and support of the years that we have been dealing with you.

Matthew Bhimbhai
Queensland Australia

Training Methods, Handling, Attitude, Dog Temperament, Environment and Genetics

I attended the seminar at Von Forell Australia, instructed by Kris Kotsopoulos. Kris provided concise explanations in a relaxed atmosphere followed by demonstrations. It was interesting to hear and try different training techniques and to see the progress made by our dogs over the course of the seminar. Also of great interest was the discussion on how various training methods and lifestyle inhibit drive which may limit the dog’s natural potential. Dog training was discussed from various training methods, handling, attitude, dog temperament, environment and genetics.

On a practical level, it was great observing various handlers with dogs at different stages of development and their dealings with issues faced. This enabled me to see finer distinctions of handler behaviour in relation to the reaction of the dog, both positive and negative. Following the course I utilized some of the knowledge obtained to create a training plan with a clearer direction using drive techniques.

I would recommend this course to trainers who would like to train with dogs at an advanced level and people who have highly driven dogs.

Kim Arthur
Melbourne Australia

His Ideas, Training Methods and Philosophy on The GSD Breed Is Truly Remarkable

I have known Kris Kotsopoulos since 2005. I have met him personally on several occasions and have communicated with him
regularly by email and over the phone. We continue to remain in contact until today. In all my dealings with him, Kris has always shown himself to knowledgeable, honest and extremely competent. I have found that Kris has extensive knowledge in the subjects of breeding, training, and raising healthy and functional working German Shepherd Dogs. More importantly, he is always ready to share his knowledge and expertise with other GSD enthusiasts,
and aspiring owners. Kris has proved to be a constant valuable source of reliable and useful information to GSD enthusiasts, trainers and breeders in Singapore where our exposure to areas of breeding and training GSDs is perhaps not as extensive as we would like.

The Singapore GSD scene has also had the benefit of acquiring some GSD puppies from the Von Forell Kennel. The owners are extremely happy with these dogs. They were able to communicate effectively with Kris and his team at Von Forell to get dogs which were suitable for their living conditions and which matched their experience and expectations. Until today, I continue to refer potential GSD owners to Kris as one of the first choices to obtain a healthy, temperamentally sound and complete GSD puppy.

In a visit to Singapore in November 2009, Kris was kind enough to conduct a training workshop for some of the Club’s trainers and members. His ability to train dog and handler, while at the same time communicating . Those who attended this workshop came away very fulfilled, having learnt much more about training and raising healthy and temperamentally sound GSDs. I hope that my dealings with Kris and his team at Von Forell will continue for some
years to come. I aim to build on this relationship to improve and advance the GSD breed in Singapore.

I wish Kris the very best in all his endeavors, and expect that he will continue his remarkable success with the GSD breed.

Kabir Singh
President & Director of Training – German Shepherd Dog Club of Singapore

More Positive, Eager and Confident Dog That Has a Greater, Happier Well Being

I had the opportunity to take a position in this 3 day seminar which has opened many doors to my training and understanding of getting the best positive response for me and my dog. After attending the seminar I took back with me the new knowledge I received and began implementing it immediately.  From that I have found a much more positive, eager and confident dog that has a greater, happier well being and above all understanding simply because I have a better understating.

Watching Kris demonstrate and explain what he wants out of a dog is truly something to see.  Kris and the dogs seem to have a connection that makes man and dog work as one, truly inspiring. My desire and passion has grown since I have met Kris and Tonia which has made my craving for knowledge and understanding greater then beyond my expectations. I thoroughly recommend any novice or advanced student to take on a training session with Kris and learn what is possible in animal learning.

Mark Locke
Melbourne Australia

With Out Conflict

I just wanted to say thank you to you both for putting on another great seminar. The professionalism and information was outstanding. Being able to do the formal side of the learning then step out side to the spectacular training area only to then put it into practice makes it so much easier to understand. As a new comer to dog training this was a fantastic way to learn and a priceless starting point.

I was able to get the information to assist me in training my dog the right way with out conflict and in a relaxed manner. It is also a great opportunity to see others working their dogs  (dogs and handlers at different levels) and then having the opportunity to discuss the individuals situation and progress as a group.This not only gives you a look at how to work around problems/situations that may arise during your training, but also to see what is achievable in a calm and relaxed manner with out harsh or forceful training methods for both dog and handler.

I look forward too seeing you both at the next seminar and am very keen to commence linking the two modes of learning. I would highly recommend that others wanting to achieve fantastic training results too come and attend your courses. The facilities are out standing and don’t just cater for the professional but also the beginner.

Derek Wilson
Melbourne Australia

As a Scientist Who Is Researching Canine Behaviour

I recently had the pleasure of attending a day-long seminar with the Doberman Club of Victoria. This event was held at the impressive Von Forell establishment owned by Kris and Tonia Kotsopoulous. Kris presented a wealth of information pertaining to our beloved breed. His passion and dedication to all aspects regarding the health, behaviour and breeding of the Dobermann was impressive. He no doubt has the knowledge and experience to share with others who are keen to learn more about various aspects of the dog breeding/training industry. His commitment to producing the total Dobermann, is admirable.

In the midst of increasing government legislation here in Victoria Australia regarding dog ownership, as well as cultural attitudes which hold negative views of the Dobermann and other traditional working breeds, it is important that those familiar with dog behaviour can educate others. Kris is definitely one of those people!  As a scientist who is researching canine behaviour, I am constantly seeking others who share similar passions with whom I can collaborate. I commend Kris and Tonia for their openness to share ideas, to educate others and for their desire to learn more. Since the Dobermann Club seminar I have communicated with Kris on several occasions. I have found Kris to be extremely personable and very generous with his time. Kris is an intelligent and focused individual who is driven to produce superior working dogs and share with others his experiences. We need more people like him in the dog world. I look forward to learning more from Kris and Tonia and hopefully collaborating with them on future projects.

I encourage anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge on dog behaviour and training, or those with a keen interest in working dogs to contact Kris and Tonia.

Tammie King BSc (Hons)
Anthrozoology Research Group Monash University AUSTRALIA

Now I Am Ready, Willing and Able To Conquer The World

As usual, we were made to feel comfortable and very welcome, and the course was delivered in the typical low-key, no-nonsense manner that we have come to expect at Von Forell. During the course, Kris was at pains to demonstrate the other end of the spectrum to our usual use of the collars. Instead of the aversive stimuli that we are currently using in WA, we saw a LOW-LEVEL, NON-AVERSIVE STIMULUS paired with the feeling of excitement and exhilaration in the dog during moments of high drive.

This new concept bodes well for dog trainers throughout the world. By delivering a low-level, non-aversive stimulus the dog is instantly ready for action. We saw how the high drive in dogs can be immediately available and used in some amazing ways. Resistance to training from lethargy or dullness seems to evaporate as the dog takes on a different demeanor. It is as if the stimulus causes an instant attitude in the dog of:

“Now I am ready, willing and able to conquer the world… what are my orders?”

This training requires some prior learning of dog behaviour principles, but it is delivered in a simple and straightforward manner. We would recommend this course to all dog trainers as it certainly broadens the horizons of what can be achieved both with dogs and with the skilled use of remote training collars.

Caution: this course may effectively overturn any negative opinions on remote collars.

Seth Pywell & Harry Pywell
Western Australia

Forget Dr Harry and Caesar Milan we have Kris

I’m at a loss for words with what we achieved in 2 days. There is nothing worse than going to a course and your dog does great but when you get her home it all falls apart. With the training and handling skills I learnt over the two days my dog and I are still functioning as a team and growing, something we were not even come close to being when we first arrived.

Forget Dr Harry and Caesar Milan we have Kris (Von Forell) who’s understanding and teaching skills are amazing, Im now counting down days, minutes and hours until I return to learn more and further the new bond and working partnership I have created with my dog under Kris’s skillful training and guidance.

Its not just for working-line German shepherds its also helped me with my show dogs and understanding what motivates and drives a dog allowing me to increase my dogs performance and turn it into a fun experience for both of us. The proof is in the pudding it’s more than words at Von Forell the results speak miles for themselves.

Kris Hodkinson

So Much Clarity and Understanding Already

Just wanted to send you a letter to say thank-you for the amazing two day seminar I attended with you last weekend. I had a wonderful time and learned so much. As a newcomer to the dog training industry, I still have so much to learn but feel that your workshop has given me so much clarity and understanding already. I have a lot to digest over the next week but am even more excited about my career as a dog trainer than I was before coming to you.I am really looking forward to reading your book ‘How to achieve precision tracking with your dog’ which I know will further open my mind to your clear, humane & successful methods. Still unsure of exactly what areas I would like to get my teeth into (pardon the pun), you have certainly opened my eyes to the fact that with hard work, dedication, passion, an open mind and of course experience, and I too could become a great dog trainer one day!

Shelley Revell
Melbourne, Australia

Encourages People To Train Their Dogs To The Best of Their Abilities

We attended a two day condensed training course with Kris from Von Forell in 2011. We have trained dogs, mostly working German Shepherds for more than ten years, gathering advice and training with handlers and helpers from Australia, America, Germany as well as travelling to World Championships in Europe.

We would recommend Kris to anyone involved with training, breeding and development of working dogs. Kris has a huge knowledge of dogs and the factors that may shape our relationships with them, in this well laid out course he addressed the needs of the beginners whilst engaging the more advanced in the group by imparting knowledge gained from his many years experience working with and breeding dogs. The format of the course was a good mix of class room seminars intermixed with practical workshops. Kris is a dog trainer with obvious passion for what he is doing and an interest in furthering his own skills as well as those of others in order to unite dog handlers, trainers and breeders with a similar goal, to always be striving to be one of the best in the field.

Kris is equipped with the people skills that are needed to encourage people to train their dogs to the best of their abilities and enjoy working their dog. Truly a must for all owners of working line dogs and for those that wish to gain a greater understanding of animal behaviour.

Stuart and Nerida Dickins
Western Australia

In Just Two Days I Saw a Positive Change In The Dog

I have been attending Canine protection training with my German Shepherds for the last four years and have labored through books by great authors such as Bruce Fogel, Steve Lindsey and Captain Von Stephanitz.

Recently I attended a remote collar and protection dog workshop conducted by Kris Kotsopoulos of Von Forell Kennels and I have to admit I was not a big fan of remote collars, until now. While I did my best to find any kind of suffering in the dogs, I saw dogs having the most fun doing the job they are being trained to do. Positive results are tangible and far reaching. My male German Shepherd was to be put to sleep as he was considered dangerous and untrainable, I took him on and took him to the seminar, in just two days I saw a positive change in the dog and with ongoing attention as taught by Kris he will get better.

With a straight forward no nonsense dialogue married up with video, sometimes hilarious interactions with class members and real life demonstrations with the dogs themselves. The remote training seminar was thorough, dynamic and left all of us on a high and with renewed focus. I also purchased Kris’s new dog tracking book called “How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog” and discovered a wealth of straight forward, effective methods that GET RESULTS. Kris has redefined and simplified the term K.I.S.S.,” keep it simple stupid”, to just “keep it simple”.

My only question is, When is the next seminar?

Neil Boyd
Western Australia

He Has a Rare Ability

Throughout this time I have been struck by Kris’ enthusiastic determination to ever improve the gene pool of his dogs. His knowledge of international bloodlines, and his tapping into them to advantage via importation of stock and semen, is expansive and impressive.  He has a rare ability to match the type of his dog to the requirement of his client, whether that be as a family pet or as a competition or working dog.

The breeding, rearing, holding and training facilities at Von Forell are world class, and along with its picturesque setting and the warm hospitality of Kris and Tonia, a visit to Von Forell is always a very pleasant veterinary experience. Kris and Tonia are absolutely dedicated to their dogs, genuinely caring for them, steadfastly guaranteeing their soundness back up by their nutritional premium dog food, ‘Performadog’. They are to be commended for the excellent service they provide.

Dr Tony Meese
Fawkner Veterinary Clinic – Melbourne

One word, Astonishing!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and share with you the profound impact that you had on my dog and my subsequent interaction with him.

“Primo” is my 4 year old male purebred Doberman, who has always had a gentle and happy temperament.  He was however, almost totally uncontrollable when going for a walk and chose to ignore simple directions like “sit”.  The affect that this had, was that evening walks became less and less frequent due to his constant pulling and stubbornness.  Outings for coffee in public with him, became impossible as his mind would never stop and all he wanted to do was rebel and wouldn’t listen to any commands.  As you can you imagine, this had lead to a huge reduction in both our qualities of life.

We [my wife and I] decided that whilst we were overseas this year we would ask if you would take on “boarding” Primo at Von Forell and train him.  I must be honest here, we did not have high hopes.  On my way to pick him up i was so excited to see my dog and had already accepted the fact that he would probably still be “crazy Primo”.  When we arrived I could hear him and it was hard to listen to your feedback and instruction about what to do when he came out.

From the moment you brought him around the corner, I could see a physical change in his demeanor.  One word, astonishing!  I watched as you put my previously unruly dog through his paces, sitting, heeling, turning and obeying even the down command.  Primo knew I was there but would not disobey your command.  It is hard to admit, but I actually felt teary when I had seen what you were able to do, and what it would mean for us [Primo & I].  To show it was not a fluke, you set me off with him and i couldn’t stop smiling as Primo did as I said as his tail went 100 miles an hour.

I thought I would test it and after leaving went and had a coffee at a local coffee shop.  Now the test was on.  I decided to park some distance from the cafe and walked there.  Primo was perfect.  I got nervous at the cafe as there were other dogs there.  No problem at all.  He sat then went into the down position, no worries at all and stayed just taking in the sights whilst I had my coffee; it really was like a miracle!

Upon returning home, evening walks and having him inside are a pleasure as his mind is now calm.  We walk around the neighborhood at our leisure and people still cross the road when they see him approaching, but now it is not because he looks like he is crazy or out of control, but because he is so secure in himself that he is in total control and a fine example of himself.

I guess i wanted to formally thank you for all you did and perhaps share our story to encourage others in similar situations to seek out a true specialist such as yourself because there is hope.  Kris, you are an absolute credit to what you do, a consummate passionate professional.

I look forward to ongoing training with you and if there is anything I can assist with, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Anthony Pezzimenti
Melbourne Australia

An Unbiased and Open Approach With a Deep Understanding of Canine Behaviour

Just wanted to thank you for hosting such an amazing workshop over this weekend. “In an industry where there is so much conflict, it was great to be able to question and learn from someone like yourself, who has an unbiased and open approach with a deep understanding of canine behaviour patterns and how to implement them in real time, allowing the dog an opportunity to express peak performance and reduce any conflict.

So often when you attend seminars and workshops only to see that what the presenter is talking about in the theory side, conflicts what they do practically .

However with your workshop you could actually see what you where describing in the theory being deployed out on the field,  you could see immediate results and a change in the dogs emotional mindset / physical performance simply over the weekend”

Chris Loverseed
Melbourne Australia

I have a keen passion for dogs however I had an ascending feeling of uncertainty before embarking on the decoy, protection and helper seminar.


Because of ambiguity with this subject. But Kris soon made it easy for me to gain clarity by understanding this intricate subject. It was a very systematic and detailed weekend, whilst exchanging useful information with a collaborative group.  Kris’s expert knowledge about dogs is no doubt justified in his ability to handle working dogs, whilst educating novice handlers like myself. Virtually anyone will benefit from Kris’s quality and distinguished training techniques, especially your dog!

It was a fantastic seminar and highly recommend it.

Amy Leverett
Melbourne Australia

I Feel Our Breed Could Have Been Further Ahead Than What It Already Is.

I am sending this testimonial to thank you for the opportunity to attend your workshop as it has given me many ideas to use in training our show dogs and to improve temperament in our breed. Being involved with German Shepherds since the mid 70’s in obedience and show I have been always looking to learn new methods to improve my dogs performance and I only wish we had come in contact earlier as I feel our breed could have been further ahead than what it already is.

With your open teaching methods I feel all who attended did not feel intimidated and as such were able to take in more valuable information than that of other seminars I have attended. Now that I have attended your workshop I feel motivated to try your methods on my own dogs and when I instruct at my local breed club so I hope in the longer term we can all have better dogs in the show ring/breed survey/and to pass on to their progeny that we sell to the members of the general public as their pet.

Wishing you every success with your dogs and  I look forward to keeping in contact in the future.

Alastair Henderson German Shepherd Club Australia
Melbourne Australia

An Eye Opener and More Informative Than I Ever Dreamed

As you are aware I have been wanting to attend your workshop for four years. After gathering as much information I could from your website (and anything else related on the web) I decided to contact you and discuss your methods of training. Our first communication was through e-mail. I was impressed with your honest passion for breeding, training and passing on your knowledge of German Shepherds and your beloved Doberman. Since this first contact we have had many interesting discussions via e-mail and telephone.

Due to obstacles in life we all experience, I found I had to wait four years before being able to attend your workshop. After I booked and pulled out of the last workshop due to illness in the family, your understanding of my situation and ability to relate was not only greatly appreciated, but further proved to me that you were a real person. At last, I arrived in Melbourne on a cold, rainy and foggy day. Driving up to your kennels the weather just got worse. As I arrived early, the day before the workshop I gave you a call and you most kindly said. “drop in for a coffee and a chat about the dogs.  No need to ask twice; I was there in a flash. Meeting you in person only confirmed your passion for your dogs. Your honesty and trust to openly discuss your lines, breeding and training techniques.

The weekend was . Through your passion, knowledge and skill I have been motivated to continue my efforts to learn more and improve my skills. As I found when I was reading your book, “How to achieve Precision Tracking with your Dog”.  Your system of training dogs does not just suit high performance Sport Dogs and Security “Protection Training” but can benefit anyone trying to train their dog or dog trainers training dog owners.  This is evident by the people that attended your work shop. Breeders, conformation specialists, competitors, Schutzhund/IPO and pet owners. This workshop is beneficial to ALL forms of dog training at all levels.

We as dog owners, trainers and breeders need to communicate and work together on a National basis to improve our skills, knowledge and educate the general public on responsible dog ownership. Most of all, we need to keep our working dogs strong and enjoying what they do best. Your National canine get together is highly anticipated by many and I know I will be there.

I strongly recommend Von Forell Kennels for all your canine needs. If you are looking for a quality well-bred dog, training, quality equipment, written material or just good advice on working dogs, look no further as I highly recommend Von Forell Australia.

Thank you Kris

Les Simpson
Sydney Australia

Your Seminar Has Provided a Solid and Informative Learning Structure

I’m so glad I undertook your week-end Seminar/Workshop (June 23 and 24, 2012) on Remote Collar Training (RTs’), as it gave me a new understanding of training philosophies, tools and techniques that I hadn’t comprehended through the Nationally Accredited Dog Training course that I’m presently undertaking during 2012. Through my interaction with other Students and Instructors, I have heard several good reports about RTs’ and their application in dog training. However, I have likewise heard what has proved to be ignorance based negative comments about the use of RTs’ and the “shock inflicted on dogs”.

Your seminar has provided a solid and informative learning structure dispelling the negative comments with first hand demonstration on how the RT is utilised in an effective (and painless) training regime.  I was indeed prudent for me to become far more familiar with RT and how to apply its’ use to generate more accurate and rapid responses to commands. Therefore, I too gladly add my commendation to Kris Kotsopoulos’s week-end Remote Training Collar Seminar and Workshop. It was extremely well presented and illustrated by working line dogs, supported by the other participants who were able to offer their own dog training experience  and expertise.

Again, Kris and Tonia, well done, a great week-end and I’m looking forward to further seminars and workshops.

John V. McIntosh
Melbourne Australia

I Learnt More On This Weekend Than In My Previous 15 Years

On the weekend of the 23rd to the 24th of June I attended a workshop on remote trainers hosted by Kris Kotsopoulos of Von Forell Kennels. Kris is well known for his knowledge and experience in the world of dogs, I must be honest when I say that I was not sure what to expect.

On arriving I found Kris and Tonia to be extremely accommodating, helpful and friendly. The facilities were first class. Brand new with up to date technology. This is not just a dog training facility for working your dogs but its also an amazing place to learn via the modern screen, notes and easy going atmosphere. The said seminar on remote trainers was both stimulating and interesting at the same time.

I have been involved with dogs and dog training for many years, I must admit that I believe that I learnt more on this weekend than in my previous 15 years of working with dogs. The presentation was excellent as well as the constant supply of coffee, tea, food and snacks! Speaking of the presentation, I found it quite refreshing to have `live` demonstrations of what we were learning. Its always easy to talk, but when you are shown practically the why`s and how`s of applying those theories, that to me is how you put a top class seminar together.

The question and answer sessions were also stimulating as there were so many points to put forward. Sometimes we strayed off topic slightly but this was all to good effect as using a remote trainer affects all areas of training.

My only gripe is that I live so far away!!!

Ivan Kezurer
Western Australia

Plain Language Approach Along With Some Superb Practical Demonstrations

On the 23rd and 24th of June I had the pleasure of attending a remote trainer workshop  hosted by Kris Kotsopoulos from Von Forell Australia a working Dobermann and German Shepherd Kennel that also specializes in in depth training systems.  I have to admit that as a relative novice to the world of dog training I was more than a little concerned that the information contained in this seminar may have been beyond my understanding.

I am pleased to say this could not have been further from the truth, thanks to your teaching methods, plain language approach along with some superb practical demonstrations I found I had no trouble absorbing all the information you provided, in fact I firmly believe the knowledge I gained over this weekend would take a lifetime of trial and error to acquire. After attending this seminar I now find myself with a new motivation to move forward with my training as well as a sense of excitement at the prospect of attending future seminars. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend this seminar to anyone, novice and experienced alike and to extend my appreciation to both Kris and Tonia for their hospitality and for hosting a most informative and enjoyable weekend.

Lindsay Taylor
Newcastle Australia

I Was Blown Away

I attended the Remote Trainer Workshop run by Kris Kotsopoulos and his lovely wife Tonia. I have known Kris for over thirty years and he still has that passion for working dogs and helping people to get the best out of their dogs. I have attended  many seminars/workshops on working dogs over the years and can say without a doubt that this two day workshop was the best by far.

The presentation of the theory part was first class. We were then treated to  practical demonstrations outside. I witnessed some of the best obedience i have ever seen. Kris has fine tuned his method of using the remote trainer for many practical situations. I was blown away when i saw Kris work one of his dogs…what really convinced me that Kris is on to something really big is the results that i have achieved with my own dogs when i arrived home and put Kris’s methods to work.

Stephen Williams
Newcastle Australia

He Began By Talking About Using a Positive Feedback Loop

I am a member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria and joined the club 9 months ago when I bought my first German Shepherd puppy, who is currently almost 12 months old. He has had a lot of success in the show ring, is a very good obedience dog with a lot of drive and energy.

He is very focused and can do extremely well in all activities he is given. Being the young, strong puppy he is, I was continually searching for a way to channel his energy and his love for balls and bring them to use for working, obedience and shows. I didn’t have enough clear knowledge and experience to be able to do it correctly. We were made aware that there will be a GSDCV Show Instructors Workshop. The focus of this workshop was to build prey drive and use toys correctly as a stimulus or reward to gain the best results in show and obedience training. The Guest speaker was Kris Kotsopoulos from Von Forell Kennels. I had heard of Kris but had never met him or been to any of his seminars, so I was looking forward to hearing what he had to say on this topic.

He began by talking about using a Positive Feedback loop and combining Classical (Prey drive fulfilment) and Operant (Logical action/teaching the task) Conditioning to create a balance in order to teach your dog and get the best results possible. It made sense and by that point I was completely focused and wanted to hear more.

Throughout the whole seminar Kris’ concepts and information were clear and straight to the point. Balance was a very important focus, which made a lot of sense. He spoke about positive learning and to me he was painting a general picture of enhancing and fulfilling a dog’s natural prey drive through games with balls/tugs, and then separately, at a different time, train your dog in obedience or show in a more focused quiet environment. Once these two needs are mastered, you can then combine them, so you have a dog that understands your commands and is driven by a strong prey focus, and who performs the command, not by force or fear but by want and desire to receive his toy reward and fulfil that need.

Kris also showed no indication of teaching through aggression and over correcting your dog, which would give you an unbalanced, less responsive, and even fearful dog.  His whole seminar fit perfectly in my understanding of fulfilling your dog’s needs, first through Exercise (prey drive with balls and tugs), then discipline ( obedience/show training)  and then affection . This in turn gives you a happy, healthy, well balanced, fulfilled and focused dog. Most importantly, Kris’ concepts aimed to massively improve your relationship and respect and also increase your dog’s cooperation and its environmental perception.

On a final note, I enjoyed the seminar immensely and the involvement of our own dog’s in such a small space of time. This left me wanting more knowledge and skills to enhance and satisfy my dog’s needs and then in turn create a deeper respectful relationship with my amazing companion. I look forward to more practical sessions at Von Forell Kennels.

Ursula Saba
German Shepherd Dog Club Member – Victoria

This Could Become Addictive

The girls from Geelong Animal Rescue would like to thank you for the workshop that you provided.  We came to you willing to learn as much as we could, and we left very happy.  After spending just one day with you, we have come away with knowledge that would have taken years to develop on our own.  We were all amazed at how knowledgeable Kris is, and how willing to be open and honest he is.

A great mix of theory, practical, and hands on led to a very enjoyable day. Kris has opened our eyes to how we would like to run our organisation, and has provided us with the tools that will support our decisions.  He gave real life examples, and offered realistic suggestions for some of our hard questions.

We definitely came away with a much better understanding of a dogs behaviour and temperament. The facilities and trainer were top quality and the time flew by.  The support and ongoing assistance offered to us has not been offered to our group before, so it was a refreshing change for a fledgling organisation.

We will be back for more…this could become addictive.

Cass Langdon
Geelong Animal Rescue

There Was An Attendance of Over 55 Enthusiasts

A huge thank you for the fantastic 2 day seminar which was held at the German Shepherd Dog Association grounds in Perth on the 6th & 7th April 2013.

There was an attendance of over 55 enthusiasts and these included members from the German Shepherd, Rottweiler & Doberman clubs, plus of course others. The focus of the seminar was developing prey drive using a variety of stimulus and reward to gain superb results.

I have been involved as an obedience instructor for a number of years and by attending your seminar with an open mind, ready to learn, I came away from the seminar with a much better understanding of how to get the best from the animals under training. I am sure I can incorporate, into our training program, many of the training methods that you covered during the week-end. Kris, you have a very positive manner when talking to the group and your comments were always informative, concise and went straight to the point. The knowledge that you passed on to us will be of great benefit whether it is used in the show or obedience field.

There was no suggestion of using aggression or tagging while training and the emphasis was always about positive learning which in turn will allow your dog to perform to its best ability by wanting to do what you require to receive his reward.

Thank you again for a very positive week-end and I look forward to the next time you are over here in the West. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your seminars to anyone who wants to improve the drive of their dog and who wants to get the best out of their dog.

Ian Marr,
President, German Shepherd Dog Association of WA

The Ability You Have To Read a Dog Is Outstanding

After attending a 2 day decoy seminar with yourself I though it only right to take the time to right a testimonial to your ability to share your life’s passion with others.

Firstly I would like to take the time to thank you personally for sharing your knowledge in the way you do in such a powerful extraordinary way yet with such calmness and that is what made the 2 days. I have like many dog owners spent a fortune in time and money trying to broaden our knowledge and increase our understanding of our interaction with our dogs and how to bring out the best in them, yet you made it so simple, Reflexivity. The ability you have to read a dog is outstanding and something that has obviously taken you years to master at such a level. You had everyone in the room captivated when you presented the theory side which amongst dog enthusiast is not always an easy thing to do. You can tell you love what you do and is has been a lifelong passion just by the way you speak.

The one point I would like to make to anyone that reads this testimonial is I had never heard of Kris until 2 days before this seminar and yet by the end of 2 days I felt I had known Kris for a long time and he has that no bullshit approach to training that I greatly appreciate. I would not hesitate recommending anyone who has an open mind and is willing to learn to invest in yourself and your dogs future by attending one of Von Forell’s Precision training seminars.

For those who still need convincing please contact myself.

Neville Bennett
Darksupreme Rottweilers NSW Australia

Kris Has The Ability To Provide Information To All Types of Dog Owners

Kris has the ability to provide information to all types of dog owners – from those with a family pet to high level obedience trainers and breeders – and he did this in an easy to understand manner.

He welcomed all questions and explained things in great detail including using both participants and their dogs to demonstrate concepts.  He conveyed a straight forward structure and discussed the techniques and approaches for obedience training as well as drive training.  Kris is passionate about what he does and this is very obvious in his seminar.

We came away with a greater understanding of what motivates our dog and what we need to do in order to get the best from him as well as do the best for him!  Furthermore, Kris took the time to work privately with us and our dog regarding specific issues after the end of the day’s session.

That additional time was fantastic to consolidate our understanding and application of the concepts discussed in the seminar.

We both feel more relaxed and confident in what we need to do with our dog and this is already obvious with how he is responding to us.

We highly recommend Von Forell Precision Training seminars.

Don & Jenneane Ninness
Melbourne Australia

This Was By Far The Most Comprehensive & Enjoyable

Just wanted to say thank you for holding the highly informative training seminar over the weekend. Although the title of the seminar was ‘How to Achieve a Dynamic, Focused and Harmonious Obedience Performance’ it covered far, far more than this for me and the information it provided was invaluable. The seminar gave an insight into canine behaviour from puppy-hood to adulthood that was second to none. In addition, it taught us how to work harmoniously with a dog and its innate drives and desires to not only achieve excellent Obedience performances, but also form a happy and balanced relationship between canine and handler in all areas of life.

There was so much to think about and learn during the seminar thanks to your generous sharing of your knowledge and experience, together with multiple opportunities to practice the skills you were teaching us with our dogs. I was amazed at how quickly and happily all the dogs attending over the weekend learnt, with the use of the training box and your expert assistance. Your balanced, highly skilled and logical approach to training canines made perfect sense and the opportunity to ask questions and discuss points together in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere was wonderful. In fact, the seminar was such a pleasure to attend that I’m sure like myself, every participant would have been quite happy if it had continued on for another two days!

I have gone to a number of different canine training seminars over the years and this one was by far the most comprehensive and enjoyable. I look forward to attending more from you and recommend your seminars very highly to anyone thinking of attending.

Heather Hammonds
Melbourne Australia

Let Me Begin By Saying “WOW!”

Let me begin by saying “WOW!” and thanks heaps!!!

The Von Forell Melbourne Obedience Training Seminar was a wake-up call that I was wasn’t expecting.

Having seen first-hand the impact and scope of this seminar left me a little bothered, Why, you ask? because more people need to know that this Seminar is by far MORE then just an Obedience Seminar!, If you really want to learn something you can start by understanding the way I feel after attending it over the weekend.

Picture you and your new puppy beginning training and the puppy’s waging its tail with great anticipation waiting for your next command, you say “Sits!” puppy hits its bum down at 200km/hr, tail stops instantly, eyes lock on, you treat and reward! BINGO! that’s it, that feeling was what I got out of this and more!

You finally realise what’s been missing in everything you’ve learnt over time in all those books, videos, internet etc., the ability to really understand what you need to learn before buying, saving, or continue training a dog of all breeds and genetics for all reasons. From start to finish I got a clear understanding of how to get the balanced dog and results that any Owner/Handler wants to achieve, or and just as importantly realising that Genetics plays a huge part in achieving those goals, without the right tools and knowledge gained from this Obedience Seminar! I would of been steering my dog to certain disaster. 

I was positively overwhelmed by the flood of information given to me over the weekend, and even with the bad luck of weather that lingered over us the whole weekend, this Obedience Seminar! clearly showed imminent results seen in all the participants and there dogs, puppy to adult, average to champion, but most importantly for my dog and I, was we trotted away with our tails held high and smile on our faces, armed with knowledge that can be seen in the results, tested and proven.

That’s why it’s more than just an Obedience Seminar! when all the info slowly stops bouncing around in your head around lunch time and you see how it all clicks and comes together when the dogs begin the exercises, I began to wonder, who said? “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!”

That person obviously needs to attend the Von Forell Obedience Seminar!

Once again thanks heaps for this fun, professional and inspirational learning experience.

Thomas Trinchi
Melbourne Australia

After All, What Do You Do When Your Dog Wont Comply?

I attended an obedience, tracking and protection seminar in Perth which was presented by Kris Kotsopoulos. The information delivered was refreshing and it was great to be provided with information and training methods on something other than just positive reinforcement – after all, what do you do when your dog wont comply?

Before this seminar, I would have spent a great deal of time and effort just waiting for that moment when I could reinforce a positive behaviour. I now have the tools and knowledge in how to better shape my dog to get more out of him. The explanations were clear and adapted to the group with Kris actively involving everyone in discussing their own issues being experienced at home. The demonstrations were great and provided that “light bulb moment” when it all came together.

I would highly recommend attending Kris’s seminars if you have a dog or pup and especially if you are considering purchasing one. The information provided by Kris will change the way you see dogs, how they learn and how you can get the most out of them.

On a side note Kris, I found the fearful dogs to be the most interesting – I’m sure their owners were grateful for your honesty and explanations of WHY their dogs are the way they are (even if it was disappointing for them to hear it).

Thanks again for a great seminar – we started the new training regime (collar on) as soon as we got home. Look forward to seeing you and Tonia next time!

Jacqueline Smythe
Western Australia

He Has Changed My Whole Approach On Dog Training

It was my first time attending a Von Forell Precision Training Systems seminar hosted by Kris Kotsopoulos and being very new to the working dog world I wasn’t sure on what to expect. I found that Kris was able to explain the information so simply it was easy to comprehend and has changed my whole approach on dog training. The way Kris teaches you it’s a fun and enjoyable experience and NOT a boring long-winded lecture we have all experienced in school or Uni.

Not only do you learn new training philosophies and techniques but meet like minded people who share the same interest as you which you may not have met otherwise. (Especially in WA where there is no IPO clubs and protection type work seems to be underground) I cannot recommend these seminars enough I walked away with invaluable knowledge and found myself wanting even more. I look forward to having the opportunity to able to attend more seminars with Kris and Von Forell in the future

A big thank you to Kris and Tonia and all the people I met which made the weekend so enjoyable.

Karl Miller
Perth Western Australia

Our First Meeting Not Only Made a Lot of Sense But Gave Me Hope

I was given a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) by my son when I moved house as he thought she would be a good protection dog.  She was already 14 months old at the time.   I found it difficult to handle her outside the home and even at home because she is a powerful dog and she hadn’t had any training at all with her previous owners.   Walking her was a nightmare as she would try to attack other dogs that she saw and even dogs on the other side of fences.   She was not very people friendly either and was unpredictable in her reaction to them approaching her on our walks often behaving aggressively.   She reacted to bikes, prams, rabbits, cats, pretty much anything that moved.

To make matters worse because of her size (she weighs 43 kilos and I weigh 47 kilos) she would pull on the lead when walking and at times she even pulled me over. I dreaded taking her out.    I loved her because she did have a lovely nature with me and family but with her unpredictability and her aggression I knew deep down that I couldn’t keep her.  I consulted with a lot of different trainers, and she started to learn basic obedience, sit, drop etc but the aggression and unpredictability remained.  I had many people and trainers who said that if I sent her to a kennel to be re-homed she would be tested and put down.    There were even some trainers that made her worse and when she pulled me over while working with one of these trainers and hurting me so that I was out of action for three weeks, I decided that I would try to find someone to train her enough so that she could hopefully be re-homed as she was just too much dog for me.  I was by now desperate.

That’s when I met Kris Kotsopoulos – He has taught me ways to deal with my dog and given me guidance and advice and the skills to work with her.  His advice at our first meeting not only made a lot of sense but gave me hope.  Through perseverance and regular sessions with Kris I now have a much more manageable dog and his help has totally changed my life and hers.   I have decided to keep my dog as she is now so much better.  Walking her and being with her is a pleasure now for both of us and I am looking forward to having her in my life for a long time.

I would like to thank Kris for all the time he has given to me and my dog, without him my girl had an uncertain future and now she will have the good life all dogs deserve.

Jane Wilson

Jane Wilson
Melbourne Australia

I Struggled Immensely Moving Forward

I struggled immensely moving forward with developing a real connection with my dog within the context of obedience. Then I met Kris, who continues to work and guide me through the complexities of the science behind behaviour, why dogs do what they do and utilising the quadrants to develop a connection that has us enjoying the process. Kris has an amazing knowledge around the science and utilises this to develop skills with the handler and the dog. This deep knowledge he imparts is broken down into intricate pieces and then slowly built up over time like a jigsaw with the end result being a very clear picture for both dog and handler

Although there is a long term goal we wish to obtain in relation to obedience, Kris ensures that you are contained within the context of your ability, building your skills gradually and safeguarding that you never lose sight of the desired outcomes. That you learn to read each subtle indication that your dog gives.

Throughout the process Kris, always has the dog’s well-being as an upmost priority and is always seeking that the dog should be having fun. He challenges you as the handler as he can see the strengths and capacity of the dog and doesn’t allow for self-doubt building resilience in the team

Kris empowers you to understand that each obedience task must be broken down creating drive, commitment and a conditioned response from both the dog and handler.  So at the end as you step onto the field the tasks you command appear uncomplicated and fluid.

I am eternally grateful for the continued changes Kris has created in me with his unwavering guidance and support. Understanding the science certainly makes the development of the team/ my team stronger, engaged and powerful. “


Rheana Nation
Melbourne Australia

A Wealth of Knowledge In Both The Science and Practical Application

I have thoroughly enjoyed every training session with Kris. He is a wealth of knowledge in both the science and practical application of training. He has broken down behaviours in such a way that both the handlers and dogs build their skills gradually to get to their desired outcome. Kris is a supportive and empowering mentor. He will challenge you where necessary because he can see what the dog and handler are capable of. In every situation he has the dogs well-being at heart.

Thank you Kris. The opportunity to train with you has pushed my training to the next level.

Kylie McElhenny

Melbourne Australia

Information Was Given In a Logical Sequence.

Hi Kris,

After attending your lecture, I wish to convey to you how glad I was that I took the time to do so. I felt that I received exactly the information which I was after, delivered in a way which was easily understood. What you also conveyed, was a passion and love of what you do, along with a good sense of humor. Much needed when it comes to dogs, training and dealing with people.

You catered for the different levels of experience within the attending group, so I’m sure that everyone there would have left with a positive feeling. Your presentation was professional and very well put together and all information was given in a logical sequence.

In my opinion, my time and money on this occasion was well spent. Not something I have said after attending some other lectures on dog training.


Julie Urie 



German Shepherd Clun Victoria

For additional testimonials, please visit the Von Forell Australia Press Room.

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