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How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog

Kris has documented this book in such a way that if you follow the principles, as laid out in the book, you can certainly attain a champion tracking dog. This book is not a book that you read once and put to the side, this book is your daily reference guide which allows you to go back through your training and make adjustments to your dogs behaviour. I have read several tracking books but this is the best ever. I can highly recommend this book. Thanks Kris.

Bob Pease

I Have Learnt Exceptional Training Methods and Implemented Them On My Own Dog With Outstanding Results!

I have been training under Kris from Von Forell Precision Training for roughly 3 years now. In that time I have learnt exceptional training methods and implemented them on my own dog with outstanding results! Kris delivers content and knowledge of training in a clear and precise format easy to understand and follow, and the results show! Drive fulfilment training is the highest form of reward to most dogs, and this has been nurtured from 7/8 weeks of age to allow the dog to fully understand and enjoy the benefits of this training without any conflict or anxiety created through too much pressure at a young age.

Kris is a master at reading the dog and recognising if too much pressure exists in that moment and can adapt to create a more holistic outcome for the animal. Anyone looking to exceed in their training and enjoy the relationship better with their dogs, Kris is a highly skilled and knowledgeable trainer! Adrian.

Adrian Young
Melbourne Australia

Never In My Life Have I Met Someone Like Kris Who Can Literally See Right Through Into Your Dog’s Soul

I highly recommend Kris Kotsopoulos to anyone who is either seeking to achieve precision tracking, obedience, trouble shooting, behaviour problems or is just simply looking to understand their dog better. Kris has over 37 years of experience in breeding and training high level dogs for roles within security, Military and various police agencies, but when it comes to you and your own individual needs he is someone who will make you feel at ease and welcome.

Kris and his lovely wife Tonia have created a wonderful training facility which in my opinion is World Class where he runs his training and seminars. Quite often you will see many different people including highly experienced trainers come to Kris to seek advice or assistance. His training methods are consequential in where he teaches the dog to solve their own issues which in turn builds confidence, happiness and genuine desire.

Never in my life have I met someone like Kris who can literally see right through into your dog’s soul and know exactly what the dog is thinking and feeling.

“The emotion of the second event infects the emotion of the first Event” is what he stands by. I have been to many of Kris’s seminars, he has solved many of my dogs’ issues from behaviour to obedience, but he is also an amazing supportive mentor. I always enjoy my time with him and the group because I always walk away with my head in a spin. I am forever grateful, and I would say to you if your looking for help, guidance or assistance no matter what the issue is… Look no further!

Nothing is ever impossible with him!

Rachel Wellington
Melbourne, Australia

It Catered For a Beginner and An Expert

Just wanted to say thank you for another informative training seminar and workshop. The information and training I have gained from your seminars has expanded my training, handling and my own self confidence in dog handling and training. It was great to see that the course catered for all interested people at all levels who wanted to improve their skills and knowledge on dog behaviour and training.

Your training was not only directed at one particular training idea or methodology and the very opened discussions on topics gave everyone the chance to discuss their own experiences and was a great way to help understand more the individualised training that would suit their own situation. Your facilities are state of the art and makes for a very comfortable training environment both class room and practical training. I look forward to expanding my dog handling/training skill by putting what I have learnt from this seminar into practice. I will definitely join you both at future seminars, and I would highly recommend that any one interested in getting into dogs regardless if it is just a dog as a family pet right up to a fully trained police dog should come and join you in one of your training workshops.

It catered for a beginner and an expert.

Erin Bevington-Jones
Melbourne Australia

Ability To Communicate With People Makes You One of The Ultimate People To Learn From

I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you and to congratulate you on running an excellent dog training seminar. I feel privileged to have been one of the first to attend your seminars which I am sure will become a regular event for everybody who wants to learn all about dogs and dog training. The information you provided was very in depth and sometimes very technical, but you put it across in such a friendly and open way that everybody could understand it, you also made sure everyone understood the concepts before you moved on. Your knowledge and experience is second to none and your .

The “hands on” part of your seminar makes the 3 days very enjoyable and certainly is a great way to reinforce what we have just learnt in the lecture room. This allowed us to communicate things about our own dogs training and reinforced the concepts you had shown us. Your methods and techniques are proven and really highlight how to communicate with dogs in a very clear and precise way. I highly recommend your seminars to anybody that wants to learn about dog training and I look forward to attending many more of your sessions in the future.

Steve Lamplough
Melbourne Australia

Knowledge and Enthusiasm In Breeding and Training Dogs Are Limitless

I first met Kris at a Schutzhund trial here in W.A. and was immediately impressed, especially in someone so young, with his knowledge and experience with canines, (particularly Dobermanns and German Shepherd Dogs ). Since then I would consider Kris as a very good friend and through him I have met, on several occasions, the dog trainers from A.D.T. who also impressed me with their knowledge of protection and obedience training.

I have recently established a security company specializing in canines here in Perth and help and advice that Kris, Jimmy and Boyd have freely given has been a major factoring my company’s success. On a personal level I have found Kris to be someone of high ideas and standards quite frank and honest, which is becoming increasingly rare these days. It is these qualities that have established him as a professional and credible dog person.

I have met Kris’s family and have found them to be supportive and understanding of his ways. Tonia his wife is a pillar of power. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Kris and Von Forell Kennels to anyone as his wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm in breeding and training dog are limitless.

Dennis Gallacher
Western Australia

Awarded Life Membership To The Federation in 2003

This is to confirm that Mr Kris Kotsopoulos is a member in good standing of the National Dog Trainers Federation (Australia). He is a highly respected breeder and trainer of dogs, both within Australia and internationally. Kris’ affiliation with the Federation goes back to 1993. During this time he has always conducted himself in an ethical and professional manner. Kris was awarded Life Membership to the Federation in 2003, in recognition of his contributions to the canine industry.

He is widely recognized as one of Australia’s leading dog breeders, his facilities and level of care are the benchmark for his industry. He has also supplied dogs to numerous government agencies including Federal and State Police, Corrective Services, etc.

Kelly Gulliver
National Manager – Australia

Not The Type of Person That Keeps All That Knowledge To Himself

My name is Peter O’Dowd, I worked for the Department of Justice as an Operations Manager with the Security & Emergency Services Group. One of my portfolio responsibilities is managing the K9 section for the Security & Emergency Services Group. Through this portfolio I met Kris Kotsopoulos from Von Forell Kennels. I have now known and had business dealings with Kris for the past five years. In this time I have developed the greatest respect for Kris as a businessman, but most of all as a person.

My respect for Kris as a person has come from listening to him talk about K9’s, as he has a wealth of knowledge in breading and training. Kris is not the type of person that keeps all that knowledge to himself but is always willing to pass the knowledge on to anybody having behavioral problems with their K9’s. This knowledge is freely passed on because of his love and respect of K9’s. In my role of sourcing K9’s for the Security & Emergency Services Group, I have always found Kris to be professional, reliable and honest in all business dealings.

Peter O’Dowd
Victorian Corrections

Most Informative Seminar’s I Have Ever Attended

This is a well over due thank you for your help from both a personal view as well as a professional perspective. From the first time you came to New Zealand and held a seminar for Dogsport NZ Inc. I’ve been impressed with the intense passion you show for not only the sport but the whole package, from your immense knowledge and understanding of genetics and bloodlines within both the German Shepherds and Doberman breed. The research that has gone into the raising of puppies though to adulthood alone highlights the attention to detail and the lengths you have gone to in your attempts to consistently produce a superior working dog. It’s a shame more breeders don’t put the work into this area, there would be huge numbers of puppies over the years that have never reached their potential purely due to people’s lack of understanding in this area alone.

Hopefully in the very near future Dogsport NZ will have you out here again to hold another training seminar; personally I feel the first of your seminars I went to was for me one of the most informative seminar’s I have ever attended. Currently we have a number of members that would benefit greatly by getting you to conduct a seminar, from helpers of varying standards (including myself) to handlers that would like to compete at a very high level within the sport. Also helping some of our members understand more regarding imprinting, socialization and behavioural modifications.

Even explaining to members the value of the correct diet programme for the working German Shepherd, something I know you have done a great deal of work on. Kris I feel your  passion and enthusiasm as well as your phenomenal desire to understand and succeed in every aspect of your obsession can only motivate and excite our members. On a professional basis on behalf of myself and the Government Department I work for here in New Zealand I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for helping to set up our Detector Dog breeding programme, after several litters there is no doubt that your breeding recommendations as well as your information on the socializing and imprinting has played a vital role in the future of the programme.

Finally I’d like to thank you for the hospitality you have shown on my numerous trips to Melbourne, the many hours you have taken out of your busy schedule to talk and share your innovative and smart training ideas. Your time has been very much appreciated.

Pete Crocker
President Dog Sport New Zealand

I Was Most Impressed With The Content

I just want to thank you for hosting the recent 3 day workshop that I attended in Melbourne. It was a great 3 days and I gained some very valuable knowledge from you. of the course and the way that you delivered it, which made it very interesting and easy to understand. You have a very fast knowledge of working dogs, which includes the breeding and training of such dogs. In fact I believe that you would be one of the leading specialists in this field in Australia.

Once again I would like to thank you and the team at Von Forell for your help and support of the years that we have been dealing with you.

Matthew Bhimbhai
Queensland Australia

Tricks and Trades Can Be Copied, Imitated, and Impress Some People, But Being Cannot Be Faked

Talent is nothing without coaching. Anyone who is involved in a high level of competitive sport understands that having a great coach is just as crucial as having talent. I am very fortunate because I have two such coaches.

I remember when I first started my career in Schutzhund, I was a rough diamond with a thousand sharp edges, too ready to prove, too stubborn to listen. Kris Kotsopoulos and Jim Tokis recognized my burning desire and took me under their wings. Thinking back, in the three years I spent with them, they are a lot more than just coaches to me. They are my mentors, who harnessed my talent, showed me the ways to bring out the best of my dogs, and more importantly, they taught me the only way to be a winner, is being a winner in your heart.

Tricks and trades can be copied, imitated, and impress some people, but being cannot be faked. Jim and Kris truly understand how to bring out the best of each handler and dog, not only in his physical skills, but in his mindset and attitude, to be the victor he dreams to be. They offered me a precious gift that I now have in the rest of my life. I highly recommend their system and teaching.

Felix Ho

Training Methods, Handling, Attitude, Dog Temperament, Environment and Genetics

I attended the seminar at Von Forell Australia, instructed by Kris Kotsopoulos. Kris provided concise explanations in a relaxed atmosphere followed by demonstrations. It was interesting to hear and try different training techniques and to see the progress made by our dogs over the course of the seminar. Also of great interest was the discussion on how various training methods and lifestyle inhibit drive which may limit the dog’s natural potential. Dog training was discussed from various training methods, handling, attitude, dog temperament, environment and genetics.

On a practical level, it was great observing various handlers with dogs at different stages of development and their dealings with issues faced. This enabled me to see finer distinctions of handler behaviour in relation to the reaction of the dog, both positive and negative. Following the course I utilized some of the knowledge obtained to create a training plan with a clearer direction using drive techniques.

I would recommend this course to trainers who would like to train with dogs at an advanced level and people who have highly driven dogs.

Kim Arthur
Melbourne Australia

His Ideas, Training Methods and Philosophy on The GSD Breed Is Truly Remarkable

I have known Kris Kotsopoulos since 2005. I have met him personally on several occasions and have communicated with him
regularly by email and over the phone. We continue to remain in contact until today. In all my dealings with him, Kris has always shown himself to knowledgeable, honest and extremely competent. I have found that Kris has extensive knowledge in the subjects of breeding, training, and raising healthy and functional working German Shepherd Dogs. More importantly, he is always ready to share his knowledge and expertise with other GSD enthusiasts,
and aspiring owners. Kris has proved to be a constant valuable source of reliable and useful information to GSD enthusiasts, trainers and breeders in Singapore where our exposure to areas of breeding and training GSDs is perhaps not as extensive as we would like.

The Singapore GSD scene has also had the benefit of acquiring some GSD puppies from the Von Forell Kennel. The owners are extremely happy with these dogs. They were able to communicate effectively with Kris and his team at Von Forell to get dogs which were suitable for their living conditions and which matched their experience and expectations. Until today, I continue to refer potential GSD owners to Kris as one of the first choices to obtain a healthy, temperamentally sound and complete GSD puppy.

In a visit to Singapore in November 2009, Kris was kind enough to conduct a training workshop for some of the Club’s trainers and members. His ability to train dog and handler, while at the same time communicating . Those who attended this workshop came away very fulfilled, having learnt much more about training and raising healthy and temperamentally sound GSDs. I hope that my dealings with Kris and his team at Von Forell will continue for some
years to come. I aim to build on this relationship to improve and advance the GSD breed in Singapore.

I wish Kris the very best in all his endeavors, and expect that he will continue his remarkable success with the GSD breed.

Kabir Singh
President & Director of Training – German Shepherd Dog Club of Singapore

Wealth of Information on Working Line German Shepherds

My name is James Craig and I am a police officer currently working within the Public Order Response Team. I first discovered Von Forell Kennel whilst investigating working line German Shepherds for the Police Department with a vision of expanding the current Police Dog Unit.

I contacted the Von Forell Kennel and Kris Kotsopoulos in early 2009 and I found him to be a wealth of information on working line German Shepherds which included handling, attitude, dog temperament, environment and genetics just to name a few. After much discussion I visited the Von Forell Kennel facilities in Melbourne, Victoria in June 2009 myself and witnessed Kris Kotsopoulos working a wide and varied range of working dogs at different stages of there development. Whilst at the facility I was pleased to experience an extremely high level of professionalism from both Kris and Tonia Kotsopoulos and the facility to be first class.

Since this initial contact and meeting I have kept regular contact via telephone and email. Kris is always happy to answer any questions and enquiries that I may have in relation to my project and offer me sound advice in relation to working line German Shepherds.In September 2009 I was given the opportunity by to handle and work Von Forell Silo prior to him joining the South Australia Special Operations Group in Port Lincoln, South Australia.

I worked Von Forell Silo for approximately two months and found him to be an absolute credit to Kris and Tonia Kotsopoulos and the Von Forell Kennel breeding/training program they have implemented. I keep regular contact with Kris and Tonia Kotsopoulos at Von Forell Kennel and have no hesitation in recommending the Von Forell Kennel. Their passion for working dogs along with there professionalism and knowledge is outstanding and I look forward to a long and ongoing relationship with Von Forell Kennel in the future.

James Craig
Constable 2705 Public Order Response Team Tasmania

One of The Most Knowledgeable People I Have Ever Met

I first met Kris Kotsopoulos from Von Forell Australia about 20 years ago. In that time, what was originally a training / club association has now become a great friendship based on mutual trust and respect. Whilst our breed preferences differ we have a mutual passion for working dogs; both training and breeding. Kris is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met when it comes to the subject of working dogs, their training, breeding, raising etc.

Kris has been an enormous help to the establishment of Seeuferhause Rottweilers (my rottweiler breeding Kennel). Despite not having intimate knowledge of the rottweiler bloodlines, through his exceptional understanding of dog behaviour / genetics, he has been able to provide guidance on the potential pairings that will bring about the results we are looking for.

There have been many informal discussions that we have had over a coffee or dinner that have been more fruitful than any lecture you could attend. Given this extraordinary value that he willingly gives in a few short social hours I can only imagine the wisdom and knowledge that he will impart to participants in his developed educational seminars; the mind boggles!! I certainly look forward to those related to breeding, puppy socialisation and learning sequences.

Kris is an exceptional individual that I would liken to a perfectionist in every facet of his life; extraordinarily successful in business and his private life, those standards of excellence quite clearly transcend his efforts in the dog world. Kris is a most successful breeder of German Shepherds and Doberman’s. His reputation for excellence is widespread. Even his detractors have had some influence in their lives from the work that Kris has carried out over the years.

I have no reservation in referring Seeuferhause Rottweiler puppy clients to Kris for assistance with training needs and or dog equipment requirements. Kris is the only trainer that I would trust to develop my dog’s full potential and one of the few who I trust implicitly with all matters regarding my breeding program.

Kris and his wife Tonia Kotsopoulos are two people on mission and those who are fortunate enough to be part of that journey will benefit greatly.

Laurie Boutzetis

More Positive, Eager and Confident Dog That Has a Greater, Happier Well Being

I had the opportunity to take a position in this 3 day seminar which has opened many doors to my training and understanding of getting the best positive response for me and my dog. After attending the seminar I took back with me the new knowledge I received and began implementing it immediately.  From that I have found a much more positive, eager and confident dog that has a greater, happier well being and above all understanding simply because I have a better understating.

Watching Kris demonstrate and explain what he wants out of a dog is truly something to see.  Kris and the dogs seem to have a connection that makes man and dog work as one, truly inspiring. My desire and passion has grown since I have met Kris and Tonia which has made my craving for knowledge and understanding greater then beyond my expectations. I thoroughly recommend any novice or advanced student to take on a training session with Kris and learn what is possible in animal learning.

Mark Locke
Melbourne Australia

With Out Conflict

I just wanted to say thank you to you both for putting on another great seminar. The professionalism and information was outstanding. Being able to do the formal side of the learning then step out side to the spectacular training area only to then put it into practice makes it so much easier to understand. As a new comer to dog training this was a fantastic way to learn and a priceless starting point.

I was able to get the information to assist me in training my dog the right way with out conflict and in a relaxed manner. It is also a great opportunity to see others working their dogs  (dogs and handlers at different levels) and then having the opportunity to discuss the individuals situation and progress as a group.This not only gives you a look at how to work around problems/situations that may arise during your training, but also to see what is achievable in a calm and relaxed manner with out harsh or forceful training methods for both dog and handler.

I look forward too seeing you both at the next seminar and am very keen to commence linking the two modes of learning. I would highly recommend that others wanting to achieve fantastic training results too come and attend your courses. The facilities are out standing and don’t just cater for the professional but also the beginner.

Derek Wilson
Melbourne Australia

As a Scientist Who Is Researching Canine Behaviour

I recently had the pleasure of attending a day-long seminar with the Doberman Club of Victoria. This event was held at the impressive Von Forell establishment owned by Kris and Tonia Kotsopoulous. Kris presented a wealth of information pertaining to our beloved breed. His passion and dedication to all aspects regarding the health, behaviour and breeding of the Dobermann was impressive. He no doubt has the knowledge and experience to share with others who are keen to learn more about various aspects of the dog breeding/training industry. His commitment to producing the total Dobermann, is admirable.

In the midst of increasing government legislation here in Victoria Australia regarding dog ownership, as well as cultural attitudes which hold negative views of the Dobermann and other traditional working breeds, it is important that those familiar with dog behaviour can educate others. Kris is definitely one of those people!  As a scientist who is researching canine behaviour, I am constantly seeking others who share similar passions with whom I can collaborate. I commend Kris and Tonia for their openness to share ideas, to educate others and for their desire to learn more. Since the Dobermann Club seminar I have communicated with Kris on several occasions. I have found Kris to be extremely personable and very generous with his time. Kris is an intelligent and focused individual who is driven to produce superior working dogs and share with others his experiences. We need more people like him in the dog world. I look forward to learning more from Kris and Tonia and hopefully collaborating with them on future projects.

I encourage anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge on dog behaviour and training, or those with a keen interest in working dogs to contact Kris and Tonia.

Tammie King BSc (Hons)
Anthrozoology Research Group Monash University AUSTRALIA

A Great Understanding and Knowledge of How The Dogs Mind Works

In November 2009 we completed a “Clear Canine Communication” Workshop with Kris Kotsopoulos from Von Forell Kennels. Throughout this workshop Kris explained and demonstrated the fundamentals of dog behavior, training and animal learning systems. This is was an excellent introduction and refresher to the dog training world. Recently I attended a Decoy/Protection Dog Seminar with Kris as a follow up course to the previous workshop. This seminar was directed at helping a decoy, read the dog’s behavior utilizing all the  different drives dogs use in this type of work. As a decoy this is critical information necessary in training dogs correctly.

Kris has a great understanding and knowledge of how the dogs mind works. His ability to convey and demonstrate this is excellent. In an effort to display this information Kris uses powerful presentations and plenty of hands on work with various Decoys and a variety of dogs with varying character traits.

This 3 day Workshop / Seminar is a must for anyone who wishes to start their decoy career or any experienced decoy to further their knowledge and skills.
Kris and Tonia have created a very friendly, inviting learning environment. The seminar and conference room is very well presented and comfortable, with large screens making it easy to view the presentations.

Finally a huge thanks to Tonia for the constant supply of food and refreshments. I would like to thank Kris and Tonia for their professionalism, inspiration and knowledge that they have shown Elaine and myself. The kindness and support we have received is outstanding.

Excellent weekend, highly recommended.

Scott and Elaine Edwards
Newcastle Australia

My name is James CRAIG and I am a police officer currently working within the Public Order Response Team. On the 9th, 10th and 11th of April 2010 I participated in the Von Forell K9 Education, Decoy, Helper, Protection Dog Workshop Instructed by the Managing Director of Von Forell Kennel, Australia.

The workshop was structured in such a way that it gave all participants a precise insight into the functions of the decoy, helper, and protection dog. The advanced depth of information contained within the workshop was found to be both up to date as well as being presented in a clear and logical manner making the education process for all participants a satisfying learning experience. The Von Forell Decoy, Helper, Protection Dog Workshop was presented at Von Forell Kennel, Canine Education and Training facility which was found to be first class and catered for all participants individual and educational requirements.

I would recommend any organisation or individual wanting to expand there own knowledge and capabilities to consider the Von Forell Education Program.

James Craig

The Practical Side of The Training Was linked Perfectly To What We Were Learning

I would just like to say a very heartfelt Thank You for the seminar that I have just attended in Protection and Decoy work. The information was delivered in an open way with opinions welcomed, encouraged and explored.  The theory was easy to follow and well explained and the practical side of the training was linked perfectly to what we were learning. I enjoyed the way you imparted your knowledge, the openness in the way you encouraged us to question you and the clarity in the way you explained things.  I know that 3 days in that environment has made me a better trainer and reiterated that dog training really is ALL about the dog.

When you train with the dogs best interest and see things from the dogs perspective, you become a better trainer, handler and you end up in a better position to impart your knowledge and to help the dog decide on the best way for it to learn.  The live demonstrations were done well and it was fantastic to see the dogs learn each time they came out to work. I am looking forward to staying in touch with you, building on what I have learnt and putting it all into real life training.

Thank you once again.

Brent Dry
Melbourne Australia

Your Willingness To Share It Openly Can Only Encourage a Wiser Dog Community

I would like to express my gratitude to you for putting on such an informative and professional seminar. Your knowledge and experience is invaluable and your willingness to share it openly can only encourage a wiser dog community. It was fantastic to see the dogs on demonstration improve greatly with your gentle guidance to the handlers, helping them to communicate to their dogs on a clearer level and building the dogs confidence and relationship in each particular exercise.

As the only female participant that can be a male dominated area, I was pleased to find that my opinions and knowledge was excepted as eagerly as my male peers. The openness in discussion and the joint frame of minds in doing what is in the dogs best interest should be the bench mark for a positive future for all interested in canine behaviour. What an awesome weekend that was full of inspiring knowledge, good fun and what I hope to be long respectful friendships with all involved.

This testimonial only covers a fragment of my enjoyment over the past 3 days.

Catherine Saunders
Melbourne Australia

My Only Beef Is That The Course Was a Touch Short, Another Week Would Be Great!

I am writing briefly to say quick thanks for the decoy workshop you hosted in late march at your training facility. As someone who was completely “green” (for want of a better word), in relation to working dogs, and dogs psychology etc, the course was invaluable in broadening my knowledge base of the working dog, and greatly assisted my handling skills with a noticeable difference almost immediately.

The course was relaxed, an open discussion forum, and quick, and proactive learning was both encouraged and received. Items on the agenda were addressed clearly and concisely and each point was discussed in detail till each student had an understanding of what was involved. Being able to back the theory side of things up with a practical component, and also referring back to older video footage when needed so the students  can see what’s happening from a third person point of view was also fantastic.  My only beef is that the course was a touch short. I’m quite sure I could have spent another week there working the dogs and talking shop, as could we all. I would strongly recommend Von Forell courses to those that have an intense desire to work their animals, form bonds and mutually beneficial relationships between both animal and handler. The trip alone is worth the visit simply to view the training facility. In a word – Fantastic!

I look forward to attending further courses both on my own, and with Cicca, and your insight and advice on how to proceed with my own goals has been invaluable in helping me move forward much faster than I originally anticipated.

I look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.

Christopher Grice
Western Australia

Was Absolutely Superior To Anything I Have Experienced In This Field To Date

This is just a short note to express my gratitude for your hospitality over the weekend whilst attending your ‘Decoy One’ seminar.

Kris’ presentations were equally visual and academic, and I especially appreciated the way vintage footage of some of the world’s most famous working dogs was utilised to facilitate parts of the learning.  The short formal theory and discussion sessions followed by the intensive practical workshops and demonstrations really made the days fly, and allowed us all to put into action and understanding the material we had just covered in a relatively immediate fashion. Though I have attended many seminars on the subjects of canine behaviour and training before, I feel that the format that Von Forell Kennels used was absolutely superior to anything I have experienced in this field to date.  I am sure that none of the attendees expected comfortable leather chairs, a giant plasma screen, or a dedicated conference area to be provided for them.

Even though I have been training dogs professionally for just shy of a decade now and came to the seminar with a great deal of experience, I found that I was constantly finding new approaches and ways to employ the skills I already have.  It speaks volumes of the curriculum that experienced professionals, rank amateur handlers, and pet dog owners alike all seemed to benefit significantly from their participation whilst having a brilliant time. Apart from the presentation and format, the thing that struck me most was the overall vibe among the attendees; everybody seemed to be ‘on the same page’, which truly engendered a vibe much more akin to that which I have experienced at the personal development seminars I have attended!

The overwhelming sense of community, open-mindedness and support among participants was entirely unique to me in this context, and I am happy to say that I think most of us (if not all) will be keeping in contact with each other and making the effort to train and learn together into the future, despite the distances involved.

Kudos to you both, and definitely count me in for any future learning experiences you have to offer.

Brad Griggs
Melbourne Australia

The Training Is Clear, Concise and Logical

We would like to make the following comments and observations:

  1. The training is well-constructed, and well thought-out, and can find immediate practical application in your own training.
  2. The training is clear, concise and logical, and fits our current knowledge in science.
  3. Students are encouraged to contribute, and the interactive lectures are intense and highly rewarding.
  4. The knowledge that students bring can be expressed freely, and those without knowledge are gently encouraged to participate.
  5. The facilities are excellent, and reminiscent of some wonderful places in Europe.
  6. Notably, Kris and Tonia are direct, welcoming, and generous with their time.

Again, we would encourage all dog trainers to receive the excellent training available at the kennels.

Harry & Seth Pywell
Western Australia

Now I Am Ready, Willing and Able To Conquer The World

As usual, we were made to feel comfortable and very welcome, and the course was delivered in the typical low-key, no-nonsense manner that we have come to expect at Von Forell. During the course, Kris was at pains to demonstrate the other end of the spectrum to our usual use of the collars. Instead of the aversive stimuli that we are currently using in WA, we saw a LOW-LEVEL, NON-AVERSIVE STIMULUS paired with the feeling of excitement and exhilaration in the dog during moments of high drive.

This new concept bodes well for dog trainers throughout the world. By delivering a low-level, non-aversive stimulus the dog is instantly ready for action. We saw how the high drive in dogs can be immediately available and used in some amazing ways. Resistance to training from lethargy or dullness seems to evaporate as the dog takes on a different demeanor. It is as if the stimulus causes an instant attitude in the dog of:

“Now I am ready, willing and able to conquer the world… what are my orders?”

This training requires some prior learning of dog behaviour principles, but it is delivered in a simple and straightforward manner. We would recommend this course to all dog trainers as it certainly broadens the horizons of what can be achieved both with dogs and with the skilled use of remote training collars.

Caution: this course may effectively overturn any negative opinions on remote collars.

Seth Pywell & Harry Pywell
Western Australia

Kris You Will Go Down In History As A Man Who Has Protected The Breed

I want to thank you so much for your time we spent with you this year. It was a humbling experience and one I will remember forever. It is nice to know you have such high standards for your work and dogs. It is of no surprise you will be successful in your book. I hope to get it as soon as it is out in print. Your work and your dogs are magnificent examples of what a true working dog should be. Your breeding program speaks for itself when you see your dogs and the work you have done with them. I know many people who have lost sight of the “Total dog” because they are breeding them too large and they end up with dogs with so many problems. You have managed to keep in mind the work a working dog should be doing and not lose sight of an Intelligent, even tempered dog.

It is not often you come across a person who has goals for his breeding and working program. Today you will see people who only hold the value of money and they are short lived and not remembered. Kris you will go down in history as a man who has protected the breed in doing so you are protecting the world. Imagine a world where a dog can only look pretty and not be able to work. That would be great if you could save a life from behind a desk. Your training and dogs get the job done. What more could you ask for?

Again thank you for your knowledge on picking the puppy who will work and thank you for your time. I can’t wait to send you video footage of my next litter.

 Jacalyn M Wilson
 Texas USA 

Congratulations On Your Brilliant ‘Bible’ on Tracking. 

Congratulations on your brilliant ‘bible’ on tracking.

It is very in-depth and comprehensive, well worth reading several times over. A valuable asset in any dedicated dog persons library.

Bev Ross –  former president of the Victorian Doberman Club was a passionate driver for the total Dobermann. Bev left her mark on the Doberman in many ways and in-particular her contribution to the improvement in conformation. Bev was also instrumental in introducing Herr Ottmar Vogel to Australia in an effort to educate all Dobermann enthusiasts. I

miss You miss you Bev and Bill …..’Kris K’ 

Bill and Bev Ross
LIzmain Doberman Kennels – Melbourne Australia

I Have a New Found Respect For People Like Yourself

I would like to thank you for coming over to Perth and run one of your Decoy Dog Workshop’s in February this year. I have been around dogs all my life but have had the impression that I am confident with dogs and know what they can do, from a pet at home to working dogs in security. Well after your workshop I have a new found respect for people like yourself and the dogs you produce for work and breeding, because I understand that any dog can be trained to do almost anything as long as they have the correct genetics and training from their early stages in life. The workshop has opened my mind to the endlessness of what we can achieve with our dogs if we start off on the right path, and follow the correct training principals to achieve our goals, which is where I am intending to go after your workshop. I know my dog is not what I am looking for (for Security Work) and I am now on the lookout for a dog that is more suited for this work where we can provide Functional and Professional standards of work for our dogs.

The workshop has also given me more insight into the training of these dogs and how simple it is when it’s done with experienced trainers, with also the correct tools for training. I will be looking forward to any other workshops on offer, when I am able to attend.

Fantastic workshop and will recommend these to everyone!

Robert Stevens
Western Australia

An Inspiration For Anyone Who Would Like To Expand Their Knowledge and Understanding

Prior to attending my first Workshop at Von Forells’ in December 2010, I was unaware of the huge challenge we face in Australia breeding and training a true working line of dog, whether it be Shepherds, Dobermans or any other canine chosen for its service capabilities. Kris’ workshop brought into perspective for me how wide the gap truly is and how hard he is working to bridge that gap, especially between breeders and trainers. His emphasis on education of breeders, trainers and dog owners is second to none and inspiring for its honesty and unbelievable ocean of experience and knowledge. To be able to see some of his dogs in action was a real eye opener and allowed me to understand the differences between prey-driven dogs and confidence-based aggression.

In February 2011 we were fortunate enough to have Kris come to Western Australia and run a Decoy Workshop where we could utilise our own dogs. Once again his vast knowledge and training methods surpassed anything I have experienced previously. Having Kris take the time to work my own dog and point out his weaknesses and strengths was invaluable. The division between show lines and working lines becoming even more apparent to me – owning a show line shepherd myself.

However having Kris take the time to work with him and over the course of 2 days take him from uncertainty to a higher degree of clarity than he’s had previously was truly an honor and proof that a trainer of Kris’ caliber can make all the difference to even the non-working lines.

Kris’ workshops are an inspiration for anyone who would like to expand their knowledge and understanding of bringing together genetics and training to produce a quality working dog that can be utilised by all factions of society from households to the military. I shall certainly be seeking Kris’ guidance when the time comes to choose my next shepherd.

Thank you Kris for your dedication to the dog world and on a personal note thank you so much for taking the time with myself and my dog and showing me that with the correct handling my dog can produce so much more than he already has.

I look forward to the next workshop.

Tuhi Davies 
Western Australia

Great Tool To Help Build a Foundation of Knowledge

As someone who is new to tracking Kris’s new book how to achieve precision tracking is a great tool to help build a foundation of knowledge and experience in a way to achieve success and quality tracking with your dog. It has a very easy step by step guide explaining in good detail which is easy to understand on how to start and achieve the end goal to have a reliable tracking dog. Even if you do not want to go to the extreme’s Kris uses the knowledge you gain from the book will help you to come up with your own revised method for training.

I was fortunate to attend Von Forell’s Decoy workshop by Kris in Western Australia. I must say it is an eye opener of a seminar;  at times it can feel overwhelming and a little confusing but as time passes and you think through the points Kris has put forward it becomes a lot more clearer. On what is required of dogs and the projection each dog display in given situations. As you start to understand these projections you are able to read the dogs better in the drive and state of mind the dog are in at that moment.

When you start to notice weakness and strengths you can get a grip of what is really required of a dog to do any type of drive training.

With Kris’s knowledge and experience you know you are getting the best advice available and if needed he is easily available for follow up questions.
With Kris’s dedication to improving the abilities of the working dog breeds, when it comes time to get myself a new dog there is only one kennel and one person I will turn to and that is Kris Kostopolus and Von Forell.

Brendan Knijf
Western Australia

I Consider It To Be My Bible For Tracking

“Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog” is what you will obtain with this Kris’s book. I consider it to be my bible for tracking, giving me an inspirational step by step guide. The book addresses a clear understanding for beginners to advance and will inspire you to achieve more out of training.

After reading the book I just wanted to say thank you to Kris. The book shows you have devoted a lot of time and effort into the learning methodology of tracking so that it can be comprehend for everyone’s level.

Thank you for sharing your informative and inspirational knowledge.

Renee Palise     

Specifically Designed a Course To Facilitate Us As a Group

We needed an effective solution to the problem of controlling and understanding our dogs. Right from the start, Kris Kotsopoulos, Director, of Von Forell Australia impressed us with his efficient, professional manner.  His approach inspired confidence whilst generating the results we were looking for, in a minimal time-frame. Kris specifically designed a course to facilitate us as a group so that we can manage our progress in a way that would benefit our direction, allowing immediate results.

Kris covered all necessary aspects of canine training that we required in a manner that enabled results faster than I would have ever expected. Because of Kris’s many years of experience and worldwide expertise, he has been able to provide us with the best result. His helpful approach and ability to impart his knowledge to us along with his instructor friendly workshop, confirmed to us that we’ve partnered with true leaders in the global canine industry.

George Woolley JP
Director Eagle Security Services (TAS) Pty Ltd – Tasmania

Forget Dr Harry and Caesar Milan we have Kris

I’m at a loss for words with what we achieved in 2 days. There is nothing worse than going to a course and your dog does great but when you get her home it all falls apart. With the training and handling skills I learnt over the two days my dog and I are still functioning as a team and growing, something we were not even come close to being when we first arrived.

Forget Dr Harry and Caesar Milan we have Kris (Von Forell) who’s understanding and teaching skills are amazing, Im now counting down days, minutes and hours until I return to learn more and further the new bond and working partnership I have created with my dog under Kris’s skillful training and guidance.

Its not just for working-line German shepherds its also helped me with my show dogs and understanding what motivates and drives a dog allowing me to increase my dogs performance and turn it into a fun experience for both of us. The proof is in the pudding it’s more than words at Von Forell the results speak miles for themselves.

Kris Hodkinson

So Much Clarity and Understanding Already

Just wanted to send you a letter to say thank-you for the amazing two day seminar I attended with you last weekend. I had a wonderful time and learned so much. As a newcomer to the dog training industry, I still have so much to learn but feel that your workshop has given me so much clarity and understanding already. I have a lot to digest over the next week but am even more excited about my career as a dog trainer than I was before coming to you.I am really looking forward to reading your book ‘How to achieve precision tracking with your dog’ which I know will further open my mind to your clear, humane & successful methods. Still unsure of exactly what areas I would like to get my teeth into (pardon the pun), you have certainly opened my eyes to the fact that with hard work, dedication, passion, an open mind and of course experience, and I too could become a great dog trainer one day!

Shelley Revell
Melbourne, Australia

Can Be Customised To Suit The Operational Purpose of The Dog

I have read this book and I have been impressed with the correct and relevant information for training a tracking do. As a trainer of search and detection dogs for over 25 years I saw great value in this book as a teaching aid for students of law enforcement, Search and Rescue or Schutzhund. The book covers all the work to develop a great foundation for both the student and the dog then the last part of training can be customised to suit the operational purpose of the dog. The step by step methodology is clear and simple to understand, I even gave the book to a total novice to clarify this and yes the novice clearly knew how to start training a tracking dog.

Kris Kotsopoulos has done a great job with this book and I highly recommend “How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog” to the keen amateur or experienced professional dog trainer. “How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog” should also be a key reference and training aid for all dog training Instructors. I personally will be replacing my old tracking teaching material with “How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog” for my future Dog Training Students.

“How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog” will make a great addition to any Dog Training Library.

Gary Jackson
Queensland Australia

Encourages People To Train Their Dogs To The Best of Their Abilities

We attended a two day condensed training course with Kris from Von Forell in 2011. We have trained dogs, mostly working German Shepherds for more than ten years, gathering advice and training with handlers and helpers from Australia, America, Germany as well as travelling to World Championships in Europe.

We would recommend Kris to anyone involved with training, breeding and development of working dogs. Kris has a huge knowledge of dogs and the factors that may shape our relationships with them, in this well laid out course he addressed the needs of the beginners whilst engaging the more advanced in the group by imparting knowledge gained from his many years experience working with and breeding dogs. The format of the course was a good mix of class room seminars intermixed with practical workshops. Kris is a dog trainer with obvious passion for what he is doing and an interest in furthering his own skills as well as those of others in order to unite dog handlers, trainers and breeders with a similar goal, to always be striving to be one of the best in the field.

Kris is equipped with the people skills that are needed to encourage people to train their dogs to the best of their abilities and enjoy working their dog. Truly a must for all owners of working line dogs and for those that wish to gain a greater understanding of animal behaviour.

Stuart and Nerida Dickins
Western Australia

In Just Two Days I Saw a Positive Change In The Dog

I have been attending Canine protection training with my German Shepherds for the last four years and have labored through books by great authors such as Bruce Fogel, Steve Lindsey and Captain Von Stephanitz.

Recently I attended a remote collar and protection dog workshop conducted by Kris Kotsopoulos of Von Forell Kennels and I have to admit I was not a big fan of remote collars, until now. While I did my best to find any kind of suffering in the dogs, I saw dogs having the most fun doing the job they are being trained to do. Positive results are tangible and far reaching. My male German Shepherd was to be put to sleep as he was considered dangerous and untrainable, I took him on and took him to the seminar, in just two days I saw a positive change in the dog and with ongoing attention as taught by Kris he will get better.

With a straight forward no nonsense dialogue married up with video, sometimes hilarious interactions with class members and real life demonstrations with the dogs themselves. The remote training seminar was thorough, dynamic and left all of us on a high and with renewed focus. I also purchased Kris’s new dog tracking book called “How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog” and discovered a wealth of straight forward, effective methods that GET RESULTS. Kris has redefined and simplified the term K.I.S.S.,” keep it simple stupid”, to just “keep it simple”.

My only question is, When is the next seminar?

Neil Boyd
Western Australia

Traditional Training Methods For Tracking Can Easily Result In Incomplete or Downright Poor Associations

A very worthwhile read!!

Traditional training methods for tracking can easily result in incomplete or downright poor associations forming in the dogs mind as to what exactly he is tracking. The use of food in traditional training methods often makes searching for food more rewarding to the dog than tracking in search of the track layer’s scent. This poor association often results in poor technique and inconsistency especially once food rewards are taken away from the track as the handler trains the dog through progressively harder tracks.

Kris’ book outlines a means to instill very quickly in the dog’s mind that it is the track layer’s scent and specifically the on articles that is the goal of his track. The book offers to take the trainer through the steps to instill this initial association in the dog’s mind and then the means by which to fix reliable tracking and article indication behaviours in the dog.

Pras Chowta 
New Zealand

He Has a Rare Ability

Throughout this time I have been struck by Kris’ enthusiastic determination to ever improve the gene pool of his dogs. His knowledge of international bloodlines, and his tapping into them to advantage via importation of stock and semen, is expansive and impressive.  He has a rare ability to match the type of his dog to the requirement of his client, whether that be as a family pet or as a competition or working dog.

The breeding, rearing, holding and training facilities at Von Forell are world class, and along with its picturesque setting and the warm hospitality of Kris and Tonia, a visit to Von Forell is always a very pleasant veterinary experience. Kris and Tonia are absolutely dedicated to their dogs, genuinely caring for them, steadfastly guaranteeing their soundness back up by their nutritional premium dog food, ‘Performadog’. They are to be commended for the excellent service they provide.

Dr Tony Meese
Fawkner Veterinary Clinic – Melbourne

One word, Astonishing!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and share with you the profound impact that you had on my dog and my subsequent interaction with him.

“Primo” is my 4 year old male purebred Doberman, who has always had a gentle and happy temperament.  He was however, almost totally uncontrollable when going for a walk and chose to ignore simple directions like “sit”.  The affect that this had, was that evening walks became less and less frequent due to his constant pulling and stubbornness.  Outings for coffee in public with him, became impossible as his mind would never stop and all he wanted to do was rebel and wouldn’t listen to any commands.  As you can you imagine, this had lead to a huge reduction in both our qualities of life.

We [my wife and I] decided that whilst we were overseas this year we would ask if you would take on “boarding” Primo at Von Forell and train him.  I must be honest here, we did not have high hopes.  On my way to pick him up i was so excited to see my dog and had already accepted the fact that he would probably still be “crazy Primo”.  When we arrived I could hear him and it was hard to listen to your feedback and instruction about what to do when he came out.

From the moment you brought him around the corner, I could see a physical change in his demeanor.  One word, astonishing!  I watched as you put my previously unruly dog through his paces, sitting, heeling, turning and obeying even the down command.  Primo knew I was there but would not disobey your command.  It is hard to admit, but I actually felt teary when I had seen what you were able to do, and what it would mean for us [Primo & I].  To show it was not a fluke, you set me off with him and i couldn’t stop smiling as Primo did as I said as his tail went 100 miles an hour.

I thought I would test it and after leaving went and had a coffee at a local coffee shop.  Now the test was on.  I decided to park some distance from the cafe and walked there.  Primo was perfect.  I got nervous at the cafe as there were other dogs there.  No problem at all.  He sat then went into the down position, no worries at all and stayed just taking in the sights whilst I had my coffee; it really was like a miracle!

Upon returning home, evening walks and having him inside are a pleasure as his mind is now calm.  We walk around the neighborhood at our leisure and people still cross the road when they see him approaching, but now it is not because he looks like he is crazy or out of control, but because he is so secure in himself that he is in total control and a fine example of himself.

I guess i wanted to formally thank you for all you did and perhaps share our story to encourage others in similar situations to seek out a true specialist such as yourself because there is hope.  Kris, you are an absolute credit to what you do, a consummate passionate professional.

I look forward to ongoing training with you and if there is anything I can assist with, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Anthony Pezzimenti
Melbourne Australia

Don’t Worry About What Your Telling The Dog, Look At What The Dog Is Telling You

My name is Tessa Stow and I am a qualified Vet Nurse with 25 years experience.  I have for the last 10 years taught puppy school in Veterinary Clinics and have trained pet dogs for the public. I have attended many courses, for positive training, as well as many Veterinary seminars on behaviour and training.  I have read any book I could get my hands on to full fill my passion on learning dog behaviour, psychology, and training.

I found it increasingly frustrating that no-one could teach me what to do when positive training alone did not work.

I was fortunate enough to meet Kris a few years back when I was looking for a Dobermann. I always kept an eye on his website and recently discovered his dog training seminars from puppy socialisation to Law Enforcement work and everything in between. I attended a National Decoy, Helper, Protection Dog seminar as an observer.  I must admit I went with a perceived idea of how these dogs may be trained or what I was going to get out of this 2 day course, because I am knew nothing about this type of training. The first thing that interested me was that there was NO teaching the dog to be aggressive. Aggression is not what this training is about.  That became very clear very quickly. In fact two of the dogs had been trained elsewhere and were aggressive, Kris was teaching their handlers how to tone down / remove aggression and work on prey drive.

I learnt more about dog behaviour, dog response, prey drive, and dog psychology than in any book, or seminar I had been to.  Why?  Because he showed you with the different dogs and handlers. And always had question time after each session.  It was very interactive. Understanding the differences in bark and facial expression, and tail position to read a dogs mood, was a good tool to learn. Even if you do not work in the Enforcement / Security area you can see what will drive your dog and just make it fun at home to full fill your dogs need for using his prey drive, (a part of his natural instinct which we put a big limit on in pet dogs, no wonder they get frustrated!)

The few corrections I saw were very slight, not like what I have seen with check chains.  Not one dog responded with any sign of fear or pain. It just changed its behaviour and was rewarded. The calmness Kris shows around the dogs was also a great thing to watch. No handler was allowed to get frustrated or mad with their dog. “Don’t worry about what your telling the dog, look at what the dog is telling you” That will stay with me.  We all need to be able to really read our dogs. Fulfil their drives, and train fairly and calmly.

Thanks Kris, It is great to tap into the knowledge of someone with your experience, and patience. Looking forward to the next seminar.  The Kinglake pub is a great place to stay and eat too!

Tess Stow
Melbourne, Australia

An Unbiased and Open Approach With a Deep Understanding of Canine Behaviour

Just wanted to thank you for hosting such an amazing workshop over this weekend. “In an industry where there is so much conflict, it was great to be able to question and learn from someone like yourself, who has an unbiased and open approach with a deep understanding of canine behaviour patterns and how to implement them in real time, allowing the dog an opportunity to express peak performance and reduce any conflict.

So often when you attend seminars and workshops only to see that what the presenter is talking about in the theory side, conflicts what they do practically .

However with your workshop you could actually see what you where describing in the theory being deployed out on the field,  you could see immediate results and a change in the dogs emotional mindset / physical performance simply over the weekend”

Chris Loverseed
Melbourne Australia

I have a keen passion for dogs however I had an ascending feeling of uncertainty before embarking on the decoy, protection and helper seminar.


Because of ambiguity with this subject. But Kris soon made it easy for me to gain clarity by understanding this intricate subject. It was a very systematic and detailed weekend, whilst exchanging useful information with a collaborative group.  Kris’s expert knowledge about dogs is no doubt justified in his ability to handle working dogs, whilst educating novice handlers like myself. Virtually anyone will benefit from Kris’s quality and distinguished training techniques, especially your dog!

It was a fantastic seminar and highly recommend it.

Amy Leverett
Melbourne Australia

Something That Has To Be Seen

I have now done a couple of Kris’ seminars / workshops and I still learn something new and with a greater understanding of the concept and application every time. Kris has honed his skills and is now quite gifted in how he presents, explains and demonstrates these very complex but significant areas of drive development and yet for the simpler and broader sense general training for your dogs.

Kris is an approachable person who takes the time to carefully listen, respond and present the topics at hand to make sure everyone has a good general understanding before moving on. Kris will give much of the time available to people and myself to further understand and build on their knowledge.

The way Kris works the dogs is something that has to be seen as he can build up dogs with a little sensitivity to a confident and even powerful dog by the end of the weekend. While working the dogs he explains what he is reading from the dog and in which direction; as a helper he needs to move and work to keep the dog in a particular state of mind to be more productive and confident, whilst maintaining a clear head to learn.

Brendan Knijf
Western Australia

I Feel Our Breed Could Have Been Further Ahead Than What It Already Is.

I am sending this testimonial to thank you for the opportunity to attend your workshop as it has given me many ideas to use in training our show dogs and to improve temperament in our breed. Being involved with German Shepherds since the mid 70’s in obedience and show I have been always looking to learn new methods to improve my dogs performance and I only wish we had come in contact earlier as I feel our breed could have been further ahead than what it already is.

With your open teaching methods I feel all who attended did not feel intimidated and as such were able to take in more valuable information than that of other seminars I have attended. Now that I have attended your workshop I feel motivated to try your methods on my own dogs and when I instruct at my local breed club so I hope in the longer term we can all have better dogs in the show ring/breed survey/and to pass on to their progeny that we sell to the members of the general public as their pet.

Wishing you every success with your dogs and  I look forward to keeping in contact in the future.

Alastair Henderson German Shepherd Club Australia
Melbourne Australia

Quantum Leaps In My Training Are Now At Hand

I am sure we can all agree working dogs are those that have been selectively bred to assist us in the many diverse roles which we ask of them.  In appreciation I would like to humbly thank all breeders and trainers past and present for the wealth of genetic and intellectual material that will allow me to move forward into the future. During the Von Forell workshop I developed a deeper understanding of the working dog but compassion is the foremost view that I derived from my time at Von Forell.  Until now I believed the traditional view that a dogs abilities were a direct product of both it’s genetics and training.

It is possible however for a new synergy to be achieved in a dogs performance using a system of Drive Fulfillment whereby the sum of genetics and training far exceed the outcomes previously thought possible. Sincere thanks to Kris and his team for opening my mind to these new methods and helping me on my way to becoming an extraordinary handler for extraordinary dogs.  From my new viewpoint I now take sole responsibility for the genetic potential of my dogs and will never again assign performance issues to any animal or it’s breeding.

As the saying goes a good tradesman never blames his tools.  This for me will mean working closer with breeders, detailing specific outlines of my needs and providing constructive feedback to ensure that I do not place unreasonable demands upon my dogs genetic capabilities. I have learnt to set clear goals with staged development suitable of the individual nature of each animal that will provide absolute confidence moving forward into their working career. Quantum leaps in my training are now at hand and I eagerly await a future were all working dog enthusiasts can pool together to evolve our methods for the complex demands of the 21st century.

Many thanks to all at Von Forell for your vision and compassion within the working dog community.

Matt Cooper

An Eye Opener and More Informative Than I Ever Dreamed

As you are aware I have been wanting to attend your workshop for four years. After gathering as much information I could from your website (and anything else related on the web) I decided to contact you and discuss your methods of training. Our first communication was through e-mail. I was impressed with your honest passion for breeding, training and passing on your knowledge of German Shepherds and your beloved Doberman. Since this first contact we have had many interesting discussions via e-mail and telephone.

Due to obstacles in life we all experience, I found I had to wait four years before being able to attend your workshop. After I booked and pulled out of the last workshop due to illness in the family, your understanding of my situation and ability to relate was not only greatly appreciated, but further proved to me that you were a real person. At last, I arrived in Melbourne on a cold, rainy and foggy day. Driving up to your kennels the weather just got worse. As I arrived early, the day before the workshop I gave you a call and you most kindly said. “drop in for a coffee and a chat about the dogs.  No need to ask twice; I was there in a flash. Meeting you in person only confirmed your passion for your dogs. Your honesty and trust to openly discuss your lines, breeding and training techniques.

The weekend was . Through your passion, knowledge and skill I have been motivated to continue my efforts to learn more and improve my skills. As I found when I was reading your book, “How to achieve Precision Tracking with your Dog”.  Your system of training dogs does not just suit high performance Sport Dogs and Security “Protection Training” but can benefit anyone trying to train their dog or dog trainers training dog owners.  This is evident by the people that attended your work shop. Breeders, conformation specialists, competitors, Schutzhund/IPO and pet owners. This workshop is beneficial to ALL forms of dog training at all levels.

We as dog owners, trainers and breeders need to communicate and work together on a National basis to improve our skills, knowledge and educate the general public on responsible dog ownership. Most of all, we need to keep our working dogs strong and enjoying what they do best. Your National canine get together is highly anticipated by many and I know I will be there.

I strongly recommend Von Forell Kennels for all your canine needs. If you are looking for a quality well-bred dog, training, quality equipment, written material or just good advice on working dogs, look no further as I highly recommend Von Forell Australia.

Thank you Kris

Les Simpson
Sydney Australia

This Is a New System That Needs To Be Experience To Be Believed

I would like to formerly thank you both for the E collar seminar that I recently attended on the 23rd & 24th of June 2012. I found that all of your instructions where easy to follow and understand as everything was explained in the utmost finest detail. I feel that I learnt and took away more knowledge from the seminar than I have in the nine years that I have been involved in dogs. This was only possible due to Kris openly and honestly answering numerous questions on various dog subjects. But most of all having a better understanding on how to use the E collar for an optimum affect, in a positive way and make it most enjoyable for the dog. This is a new system that needs to be experience to be believed.

I highly recommend & encourage all Working and Pet dog owners to attend this seminar to gain, learn and a knowledge the proper use of the E collar and this fine training system.

I can’t thank you both enough for your generous hospitality and vast knowledge throughout the whole weekend. It was all first class.

Lawrence Bezzina
Newcastle Australia

Your Seminar Has Provided a Solid and Informative Learning Structure

I’m so glad I undertook your week-end Seminar/Workshop (June 23 and 24, 2012) on Remote Collar Training (RTs’), as it gave me a new understanding of training philosophies, tools and techniques that I hadn’t comprehended through the Nationally Accredited Dog Training course that I’m presently undertaking during 2012. Through my interaction with other Students and Instructors, I have heard several good reports about RTs’ and their application in dog training. However, I have likewise heard what has proved to be ignorance based negative comments about the use of RTs’ and the “shock inflicted on dogs”.

Your seminar has provided a solid and informative learning structure dispelling the negative comments with first hand demonstration on how the RT is utilised in an effective (and painless) training regime.  I was indeed prudent for me to become far more familiar with RT and how to apply its’ use to generate more accurate and rapid responses to commands. Therefore, I too gladly add my commendation to Kris Kotsopoulos’s week-end Remote Training Collar Seminar and Workshop. It was extremely well presented and illustrated by working line dogs, supported by the other participants who were able to offer their own dog training experience  and expertise.

Again, Kris and Tonia, well done, a great week-end and I’m looking forward to further seminars and workshops.

John V. McIntosh
Melbourne Australia

I Learnt More On This Weekend Than In My Previous 15 Years

On the weekend of the 23rd to the 24th of June I attended a workshop on remote trainers hosted by Kris Kotsopoulos of Von Forell Kennels. Kris is well known for his knowledge and experience in the world of dogs, I must be honest when I say that I was not sure what to expect.

On arriving I found Kris and Tonia to be extremely accommodating, helpful and friendly. The facilities were first class. Brand new with up to date technology. This is not just a dog training facility for working your dogs but its also an amazing place to learn via the modern screen, notes and easy going atmosphere. The said seminar on remote trainers was both stimulating and interesting at the same time.

I have been involved with dogs and dog training for many years, I must admit that I believe that I learnt more on this weekend than in my previous 15 years of working with dogs. The presentation was excellent as well as the constant supply of coffee, tea, food and snacks! Speaking of the presentation, I found it quite refreshing to have `live` demonstrations of what we were learning. Its always easy to talk, but when you are shown practically the why`s and how`s of applying those theories, that to me is how you put a top class seminar together.

The question and answer sessions were also stimulating as there were so many points to put forward. Sometimes we strayed off topic slightly but this was all to good effect as using a remote trainer affects all areas of training.

My only gripe is that I live so far away!!!

Ivan Kezurer
Western Australia

Plain Language Approach Along With Some Superb Practical Demonstrations

On the 23rd and 24th of June I had the pleasure of attending a remote trainer workshop  hosted by Kris Kotsopoulos from Von Forell Australia a working Dobermann and German Shepherd Kennel that also specializes in in depth training systems.  I have to admit that as a relative novice to the world of dog training I was more than a little concerned that the information contained in this seminar may have been beyond my understanding.

I am pleased to say this could not have been further from the truth, thanks to your teaching methods, plain language approach along with some superb practical demonstrations I found I had no trouble absorbing all the information you provided, in fact I firmly believe the knowledge I gained over this weekend would take a lifetime of trial and error to acquire. After attending this seminar I now find myself with a new motivation to move forward with my training as well as a sense of excitement at the prospect of attending future seminars. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend this seminar to anyone, novice and experienced alike and to extend my appreciation to both Kris and Tonia for their hospitality and for hosting a most informative and enjoyable weekend.

Lindsay Taylor
Newcastle Australia

I Was Blown Away

I attended the Remote Trainer Workshop run by Kris Kotsopoulos and his lovely wife Tonia. I have known Kris for over thirty years and he still has that passion for working dogs and helping people to get the best out of their dogs. I have attended  many seminars/workshops on working dogs over the years and can say without a doubt that this two day workshop was the best by far.

The presentation of the theory part was first class. We were then treated to  practical demonstrations outside. I witnessed some of the best obedience i have ever seen. Kris has fine tuned his method of using the remote trainer for many practical situations. I was blown away when i saw Kris work one of his dogs…what really convinced me that Kris is on to something really big is the results that i have achieved with my own dogs when i arrived home and put Kris’s methods to work.

Stephen Williams
Newcastle Australia

He Began By Talking About Using a Positive Feedback Loop

I am a member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria and joined the club 9 months ago when I bought my first German Shepherd puppy, who is currently almost 12 months old. He has had a lot of success in the show ring, is a very good obedience dog with a lot of drive and energy.

He is very focused and can do extremely well in all activities he is given. Being the young, strong puppy he is, I was continually searching for a way to channel his energy and his love for balls and bring them to use for working, obedience and shows. I didn’t have enough clear knowledge and experience to be able to do it correctly. We were made aware that there will be a GSDCV Show Instructors Workshop. The focus of this workshop was to build prey drive and use toys correctly as a stimulus or reward to gain the best results in show and obedience training. The Guest speaker was Kris Kotsopoulos from Von Forell Kennels. I had heard of Kris but had never met him or been to any of his seminars, so I was looking forward to hearing what he had to say on this topic.

He began by talking about using a Positive Feedback loop and combining Classical (Prey drive fulfilment) and Operant (Logical action/teaching the task) Conditioning to create a balance in order to teach your dog and get the best results possible. It made sense and by that point I was completely focused and wanted to hear more.

Throughout the whole seminar Kris’ concepts and information were clear and straight to the point. Balance was a very important focus, which made a lot of sense. He spoke about positive learning and to me he was painting a general picture of enhancing and fulfilling a dog’s natural prey drive through games with balls/tugs, and then separately, at a different time, train your dog in obedience or show in a more focused quiet environment. Once these two needs are mastered, you can then combine them, so you have a dog that understands your commands and is driven by a strong prey focus, and who performs the command, not by force or fear but by want and desire to receive his toy reward and fulfil that need.

Kris also showed no indication of teaching through aggression and over correcting your dog, which would give you an unbalanced, less responsive, and even fearful dog.  His whole seminar fit perfectly in my understanding of fulfilling your dog’s needs, first through Exercise (prey drive with balls and tugs), then discipline ( obedience/show training)  and then affection . This in turn gives you a happy, healthy, well balanced, fulfilled and focused dog. Most importantly, Kris’ concepts aimed to massively improve your relationship and respect and also increase your dog’s cooperation and its environmental perception.

On a final note, I enjoyed the seminar immensely and the involvement of our own dog’s in such a small space of time. This left me wanting more knowledge and skills to enhance and satisfy my dog’s needs and then in turn create a deeper respectful relationship with my amazing companion. I look forward to more practical sessions at Von Forell Kennels.

Ursula Saba
German Shepherd Dog Club Member – Victoria

This Could Become Addictive

The girls from Geelong Animal Rescue would like to thank you for the workshop that you provided.  We came to you willing to learn as much as we could, and we left very happy.  After spending just one day with you, we have come away with knowledge that would have taken years to develop on our own.  We were all amazed at how knowledgeable Kris is, and how willing to be open and honest he is.

A great mix of theory, practical, and hands on led to a very enjoyable day. Kris has opened our eyes to how we would like to run our organisation, and has provided us with the tools that will support our decisions.  He gave real life examples, and offered realistic suggestions for some of our hard questions.

We definitely came away with a much better understanding of a dogs behaviour and temperament. The facilities and trainer were top quality and the time flew by.  The support and ongoing assistance offered to us has not been offered to our group before, so it was a refreshing change for a fledgling organisation.

We will be back for more…this could become addictive.

Cass Langdon
Geelong Animal Rescue

Where Do I Begin?

Hello Kris,

I’ve just found the time and the energy to write to you in an effort to express my emotions of that overwhelming, exciting and fantastic weekend I shared with you and the crew at Pets Resorts Australia. Mate where do I begin? firstly It was a pleasure meeting you in person and seeing you in action, the way you handled the dogs was beautiful your experience is phenomenal, you are the guru and that was evident in the seminar as well as in the field.

I personally think you’re on a good thing promoting seminars like these Nationally and Internationally educating people on what a good working dog is all about. Breeding – Selection and training. I so understand your philosophy as do the loyal owners of these working dogs even though early in the day I overheard a couple of people saying that it was over their head and seemed difficult, but by Sunday we were all in tune with the aim of the weekend.

I’m so looking forward to the next time we get together again (mainly so I can pick your brain) for you to teach us and show us the next chapter of raising and working these amazing animals. Keep up the good work and keep excising that Greek mind of yours.

 Nsw  Australia 

I Learnt More Over a Period of 48 hrs Than I Did In 12 Months of Researching The Internet. 

Dear Kris,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my very deep gratitude for your assistance.

In August 2012 I had the pleasure of purchasing an 8 week old German Shepherd Via Von Forell Kennels. From my initial contact with Kris he was extremely patient, professional and helpful. I love my dark sable Kaos, he is very intelligent, confident, loyal, self-assured, shows no fear towards foreigners or foreign object.

He is showing intelligent traits far beyond my expectations. It is one thing to have a great shepherd with solid genes, and another to be able to bring out their potential. Being fairly new and not having much experience with larger dogs, I attended Kris’ seminar in Dural NSW, where I learnt more over a period of 48hrs than I did in about 12 months of researching the Internet.

Many thanks for on going support, and the follow up phone calls making sure I was doing all the right things.

John Elias

So Much Knowledge of Working Dogs and How To Get The Best From Them

I attended Kris Kotsopoulos’ from Von Forell Decoy / Drive Fulfillment seminar in August 2012. There were people attending from all different backgrounds from the experienced to the novice. I got the feeling that everyone had a great weekend and learnt a lot…I know i did! Kris is a man with so much knowledge of working dogs and how to get the best from them…

Every time I am with Kris I walk away with a small ingot of Gold (a piece to the puzzle that helps my training). The venue was first class thanks to Glen and David of Pet Resorts Australia and the seminar was divided up really well between theory and great practical demonstrations.

I really like how Kris could read each dog and bring the best out of them in such a short time. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would have to rate the whole weekend as a nine…to get ten it would have to go for another day! Kris’s seminars are awesome.

Stephen Williams
 Newcastle Australia

A Tremendous Amount of Improvement

I participated in a “Decoy Seminar / Workshop” held at the Pet Resort Australia in Dural. I enjoyed this seminar immensely mainly due to the fact that it was very well presented in theory and then backed up by practical demonstrations on several dogs which clearly showed and outlined the theory. The fact that the dogs that participated, did not belong to Kris and he had never worked any of them before, underlined and proved Kris’s methods work.

It was clear to see how each practical block changed the animal’s behaviour in small increments, and at the end of the two days every participant was able to observe a tremendous amount of improvements. I would like to thank Kris for his continuous efforts and commitment to help and guide dog trainers so that they improve their training skills and outcomes.

A special thanks to Kris for his openness, honesty and easy to understand training methods and most of all his willingness to show, explain and teach it to anyone that wants to listen. It is something everyone should take notice of as I have not yet come across anyone in this country who is willing to share such valuable information in such detail.

I would recommend Kris and his training methods to anyone, dog owners and trainers. I am looking forward to participate in upcoming workshops.

Bruno Grutzner
NSW Australia

Complete and Utmost Honesty. A Trait That Is Rarely Seen In The Dog World

I attended a decoy training seminar that was presented by Kris Kotsopoulos of Von Forell Precision Training. The seminar was held at Pet Resorts Australia, Dural NSW. The workshop was based on TRAINING and MENTAL TACTICS for WORKING DOGS. The information and knowledge that I received from the weekend was tremendous. All instructions were clear and informative. Kris very openly answered all questions that were asked by all through out the weekend. They were answered with his complete and utmost honesty. This, in my opinion is a trait that is rarely seen in the working dog world and something that I had never en-counted until I participated in this great event.

All of Kris’s decoy work was timed to perfection and precise. His training tactics and methods were something that I had not seen anyone employ here in this country before. This to me shows Kris’s extreme dedication to dog training here in Australia to keep all us working dog enthusiast’s up to date with the training methods which are used all over the world.

I cant thank Kris enough for all the knowledge that I obtained over the weekend. I highly recommend this seminar and the many others that Kris and Von Forell present.

Loz Bezzina
NSW Australia

Kris Gave Me Immediate Solutions To All My Problems

I am a German Shepherd owner and I live in Cyprus. I had the privilege in attending a seminar held by Kris Kotsopoulos held by the Rottweiler Club of Cyprus. I enjoyed the seminar so much that I also had some private lessons. I wanted to say that I would definitely recommend to all dog owners, whatever the application they wish from their dog to seek assistance from Kris as his knowledge on the animal behavior is impressive to say the least.

Kris gave me immediate solutions to all my problems. Kris is very patient and eager to help people understand not only how to train their dogs but also the reason you do a certain exercise in order to create the correct meaning/feeling of the exercise for the dog. He teaches you how to “read” your dog and be able to react and counter accordingly in order to not damage your dogs character or associations. He believes that many owners give their dogs the incorrect information without even know it. I know that I did.

If you truly want to achieve greatness with your dog, I recommend visiting Kris. Your will come away with far more than you anticipate.

Iacovos Iacovou

I Can’t Wait For Kris’s Next Seminar, I Will Definitely Be There

One weekend with Kris is not enough, so much to learn in so little time. Kris has a wealth of information that really needs to be absorbed over time and fully understood to allow all handlers and decoys a chance to put into practice all they learn. I recommend Kris’s seminars to anyone wanting to work a high drive dog in any sport or anyone just wishing to understand dogs better. No matter how many seminars you have been to, whether from Kris or another trainer, you will always take away some vital piece of information that will increase your knowledge and make you a better, more informed trainer.

I can’t wait for Kris’s next seminar in WA, I will definitely be there. Thank you for all the information you shared and for supporting other dog trainers and enthusiasts to increase their knowledge and love of high drive dogs. Thanks for a great weekend, really enjoyed it and Morf wanted to continue the fun today (though my knee didn’t!!).

Kim Rance
Western Australia

Worth Every Cent In Both Time & Effort !!

I’m writing to tell you what a fantastic experience this two day workshop has been for us – a real eye-opener. Our understanding about the nature and training requirements for protection / working dogs has taken a massive leap forward. As the private owner of Von Forell German Shepherd puppy, it was clear from the responses around us that other owners, breeders, and trainers on the course were similarly affected.

Perhaps the first aspect of protection dog training to impact us was the fact that a protection dog is a certain type of dog, one that is programmed genetically, then brought to engagement through specific training and care. The protective behaviours are then just a natural extension of the integrity and spirit inherent in the dog from the beginning. The magic begins in the breeding and selection process, and then just carried through to maturity by respectful handling and shaping of the dog within it’s specified environment. You can’t expect just any dog to fulfill this expectation. It’s a “horses for courses” scenario, and accepting a highly spirited dog is part of the package. It’s the drive factor that is all important, and accepting the responsibility that handling that drive as carefully as a high-powered vehicle is a requirement.

The advantages of the Von Forell Precision Training Systems was abundantly clear. Any concern that this was painful or harmful to the dog at all was quickly dispelled through clear explanation. The next powerful awareness was a greater understanding of the true nature of dogs, and how the selection and breeding processes need to reinforce the relationship the general public has with the concept of dog ownership and responsibility. Rather than a “them” and “us” mentality, support for dog ownership and interaction with dogs needs to happen at a community level.

This begins with some pretty basic education about the motivation governing a dog’s behaviour. Our community are expected to take on board basic road rules and respect for moving vehicles. This isn’t much different, however it is chronically lacking. The difference between innate, positive drive principles and unwanted defensive aggression, and public confusion of the two, are a prime example.

Thirdly, our five month old German Shepherd had an absolute ball !! He was so motivated with enjoyment that he was charging to the car this morning in anticipation of repeating yesterday’s activities with the trainers. To see dog after dog leaving the arena with heads and tails held high, their hard-won tug-toy or training-sleeve prizes gripped firmly in their jaws, was a joy to witness. The dogs engaged in the training as a positive experience, and all came away extended in some direction.

Worth every cent in both time and effort !! Thanks so much for the availability of the course, and all your valuable research and advice.

Sharon & Alexandra Lazidis
Western Australia

You Truly Are My Coach

It is with pleasure that I report on Kris Kotsopoulos, Von Forell Precision Training Workshop Western Australia 2012.

Canine Education and Training was proud to host such an exciting and educational weekend. Dog training enthusiasts came together from a number of training and breed clubs. The workshop included everything from theory, pictures, videos and live demonstrations with over 18 dogs.

There where 30+ attendees including National Schutzhund champion, behaviorists, chief training instructors, breeders, trainers, pet owners and dog lovers.

The fact that EVERYONE got a lot out of the workshop is testament to Kris’ ability to clearly deliver such world class information. During the practical demonstrations Kris coached up to 7 decoys. By the end of the weekend they had all improved and grown in their ability to read behavior, reward behavior and understand key motivators behind all the behavior.

I would like to thank Kris for spending time with me and offering such great insight and advice.

You truly are my coach.

Seth Pywell
Western Australia

It Was Appreciated By All Who Attended Including Myself

I would like to thank you for the very informative Decoy /Clear Communication

workshop for C.E.T. –  Canine Education and Training , Western  Australia.

I am sure it was appreciated by all who attended including myself. I have gained a wide insight of how to further train my dogs, and on the breeding, genetics and selecting of working dog lineage. We could all see how much more our dogs developed under Kris’s expert handling and guidance …it was great for him to teach us how to read the dogs and not to push them to far to bring out the fear and avoidance factors.

I myself found the whole weekend very worth while and would not hesitate to recommend it to others, and am looking forward to attending the workshop
(meeting/rendezvous) next year. Thank you very much Kris for your time and knowledge

Alan McKendry
Perth Western Australia

Kris Teaches At The Level of The Very Best Highly Intuitive Coaches

Thank you Kris for the weekend of highly entertaining and informative dog training work shop. The well presented and planned classroom formal sessions prepared our group of West Aussies systematically for the hands on sessions with our dogs. This work shop catered for an audience of diverse backgrounds and breeds in such a way that Kris improved EVERY dog and EVERY handler- which is no mean feat.

As a professional horse trainer for over 20 yrs I have been coached by a myriad of Olympic, World Cup and international equestrians (also having instructed riders and trained horses to World Cup level) and I have been in dozens of equestrian clinics and training days. From this experience I can assure you that Kris teaches at the level of the very best highly intuitive coaches.

Thank you Kris for taking the time to travel out West, and a huge thank you for breeding such incredible dogs. My Dobermann Von Forell Leila is by far the best out of the 6 Dobermanns I have owned, (including her),  on so many levels and this work shop has helped developed Leila at an extraordinary rate.

Do one of these workshops- get the most out of your dog!

Melanie Cuomo
Western Australia

Kris Is An Exceptional Lecturer With His Wealth of Knowledge & Experiences

I attended Kris Kotsopoulos from Von Forell Precision Training Decoy Workshop on the 10th / 11th Nov 12, 2012 it was a weekend well spent learning how to improve my dog training skills. In our class we had a wide range of dog people from the novice owners to people with 20+ years with training experience. All who attended the workshop found it to be very educational & enjoyable. Kris is an exceptional lecturer with his wealth of knowledge & experiences & would highly recommend anyone involved in dog training no matter what level or type of dog training or dog owners to attend one of his workshops in the future, I know I will be!!!!

Pat Jones
Western Australia

I Cannot Recommend It Highly Enough

For anyone considering attending a Von Forell Precision training seminar, I cannot recommend it highly enough. My knowledge of Von Forell was somewhat limited and I guess my initial thoughts were that it would be geared to protection training only but the information gained from Kris’ professional presentation (and honest answers to questions from the participants throughout the sessions) was extremely thought-provoking and I came away from the weekend with a greater perception of what makes our dogs tick and dog training in general.

The practical side was fantastic and it was great to watch and participate, with running commentary from Kris so we knew what body language each dog was displaying. All in all, a great weekend and thank you for giving us the opportunity to attend your workshop. Hope to see you again in WA in the not too distant future.

Heather Barron
Western Australia 

Once In a Lifetime a Person Walks Into Your Life & Changes Your Outlook & Totally Opens Your Eyes To a Whole New Perspective

After being involved with in training, breeding and showing dogs for over 20 years under both Sablecraft working lines and Madrodish show lines it was a pleasure to attend the WA 2012 Von Forell Precision Training workshop.

Once in a lifetime (if you are lucky).. a person can walk into your life and change your outlook and totally open your eyes to a whole new perspective… I was fortunate enough to experience this at this weekend’s training seminar in Perth WA (Nov 10 -11 2012)

Not only was I impressed, to watch a room full of people awakening to Kris’s philosophy with regards to canine training and motivators of behaviour. To see the practical demonstrations come to life on the field was a fabulous experience. I feel honored and privileged to know Kris and to have been lucky enough to train with him and further to that to spend time with him personally discussing all aspects of genetics, breeding, imprinting, early development of puppies.

Adopting his training and breeding philosophy and incorporating Von Forell bloodlines into our current breeding program at Sablecraft, gives WA its most exciting working shepherd litters to date. Kris’s generosity has made all this possible.

Rod and Trish Humphries –

Kris’ Workshop Has Changed My Whole Perspective On Breeding, Training & Raising Dogs

Kris’ workshop has changed my whole perspective on breeding, training and raising dogs. He has so much knowledge and he clearly answers any questions you throw at him without hesitation.

The decoy side of the workshop has given me a better understanding on reading behavior which allows me to promptly reward for the correct  behavior. The workshop is for anyone that wants to progress with their dog and a must for all breeders and anyone working with dogs.

Thanks for the awesome two days and looking forward to attending more workshops!

Chris Wyrewenaden
Western Australia

When I See You Work Kris, You Have An Amazing Sensitivity

I have just come back from a mind bending two days of dog training bliss. It has been several years since I have had the opportunity to attend any training seminars or workshops and am very glad that I made the effort to get to Dural NSW. The timing was right, the money was there and the time off from work was negotiated, it all fell into place.

The organization of the two days was second to none, professional and friendly all round with well spaced breaks to accommodate brain overloads. The balance between sitting and taking in complex tutorials and then going out to the training field to see it all in action was a stimulating mix and kept me focused even through fatigue from travel.

I only wish that I could have traveled with a dog and been on the training field myself, that would have rounded out the experience for me.
It has been about 17 years since I have trained with Kris and others from his genre, we were all a lot younger then!

I must say though that now when I see you work Kris you have an amazing sensitivity to your training and an ability to translate and pass on what you see and feel through the dog. It made me tear up to see you working those pups and bringing out the best in the little ones with a gentle touch and at their level.

There was also a wonderful cross section of dogs, in breed and learning levels to watch and see improve over the two days. The improvement in the handling was also very obvious and even though there was some laughs it was a team environment all the way and very supportive.

The blend of old, young, professional trainers and breeders created a dynamic base to interact with and bounce off ideas.

I am grateful for the opportunity I was given to attend and learn once again from Kris and encourage all those out there who train with working dogs both civilian and services to take the next workshop available.

Thank you Glen who made it all happen, brilliant!

Kylie Bright
Victoria Australia

It Puts Tracking and Training In a Whole New Light

It puts tracking and training in a whole new light. Here in the Central United States we have all been taught to teach a dog to find ground disturbance. Food in the footstep has always been the reward for keeping the head down, and we all HOPE the dog will follow a track because he has found treats in the footsteps.

This method has proven unreliable time after time. Dogs fail trial after trial.

The methods in the “Precision Tracking” book make a lot of sense, and  are easy to communicate to the dog. In Kris’s book, he covers teaching a dog to “track” human scent on the ground and on the article. This creates a reliable tracking dog.. The dog is learning to use his nose…..

So many people have issues with the dog racing down the track.. Kris’s method of using the SLOW command to come up to the track really makes sense and is a good way to slow the dog down and get his mind in the right place.

Other tracking books and videos do not cover the steps to track starting from the dog getting out of his kennel.. The books is very much a step by step training guide , every sequence is described in detail.

I also felt the section on remote training is very valuable. Most handlers do not have the skills or knowledge to use the remote trainer correctly to proof the skills they have taught the dog. I have read the book once, now I am STUDYING the book, lesson by lesson.

I will recommend this book to other Schutzhund handlers.

Cathi Windus
United States of America

There Was An Attendance of Over 55 Enthusiasts

A huge thank you for the fantastic 2 day seminar which was held at the German Shepherd Dog Association grounds in Perth on the 6th & 7th April 2013.

There was an attendance of over 55 enthusiasts and these included members from the German Shepherd, Rottweiler & Doberman clubs, plus of course others. The focus of the seminar was developing prey drive using a variety of stimulus and reward to gain superb results.

I have been involved as an obedience instructor for a number of years and by attending your seminar with an open mind, ready to learn, I came away from the seminar with a much better understanding of how to get the best from the animals under training. I am sure I can incorporate, into our training program, many of the training methods that you covered during the week-end. Kris, you have a very positive manner when talking to the group and your comments were always informative, concise and went straight to the point. The knowledge that you passed on to us will be of great benefit whether it is used in the show or obedience field.

There was no suggestion of using aggression or tagging while training and the emphasis was always about positive learning which in turn will allow your dog to perform to its best ability by wanting to do what you require to receive his reward.

Thank you again for a very positive week-end and I look forward to the next time you are over here in the West. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your seminars to anyone who wants to improve the drive of their dog and who wants to get the best out of their dog.

Ian Marr,
President, German Shepherd Dog Association of WA

The Ability You Have To Read a Dog Is Outstanding

After attending a 2 day decoy seminar with yourself I though it only right to take the time to right a testimonial to your ability to share your life’s passion with others.

Firstly I would like to take the time to thank you personally for sharing your knowledge in the way you do in such a powerful extraordinary way yet with such calmness and that is what made the 2 days. I have like many dog owners spent a fortune in time and money trying to broaden our knowledge and increase our understanding of our interaction with our dogs and how to bring out the best in them, yet you made it so simple, Reflexivity. The ability you have to read a dog is outstanding and something that has obviously taken you years to master at such a level. You had everyone in the room captivated when you presented the theory side which amongst dog enthusiast is not always an easy thing to do. You can tell you love what you do and is has been a lifelong passion just by the way you speak.

The one point I would like to make to anyone that reads this testimonial is I had never heard of Kris until 2 days before this seminar and yet by the end of 2 days I felt I had known Kris for a long time and he has that no bullshit approach to training that I greatly appreciate. I would not hesitate recommending anyone who has an open mind and is willing to learn to invest in yourself and your dogs future by attending one of Von Forell’s Precision training seminars.

For those who still need convincing please contact myself.

Neville Bennett
Darksupreme Rottweilers NSW Australia

I Found The Entire Weekend Absolutely Enthralling

I recently attended a Von Forell seminar in Sydney Melbourne Australia. I was not quite sure what to expect from my weekend of learning about drive and working dogs, and to be honest was a little nervous.

From the minute I arrived at Pet Resorts Australia, Dural, I found myself being warmly welcomed by the presenter Kris Kotsopoulos and was among a friendly and enthusiastic group of people who were geared to learn! To my delight I found the entire weekend absolutely enthralling and learnt far more than I can put into words. Without even realizing; I developed not only my knowledge of dog behavior and training but also my practical handling skills and my confidence.

All of my questions were answered eagerly and with a wealth of knowledge, and I was made to feel more like family than a student.

I would recommend attending seminars by Kris and Von Forell for anyone who wants to learn more about dogs (and themselves). I traveled from Canberra for this seminar and would readily cross the country for another.

Sally Ferguson
ACT Australia

Kris Has The Ability To Provide Information To All Types of Dog Owners

Kris has the ability to provide information to all types of dog owners – from those with a family pet to high level obedience trainers and breeders – and he did this in an easy to understand manner.

He welcomed all questions and explained things in great detail including using both participants and their dogs to demonstrate concepts.  He conveyed a straight forward structure and discussed the techniques and approaches for obedience training as well as drive training.  Kris is passionate about what he does and this is very obvious in his seminar.

We came away with a greater understanding of what motivates our dog and what we need to do in order to get the best from him as well as do the best for him!  Furthermore, Kris took the time to work privately with us and our dog regarding specific issues after the end of the day’s session.

That additional time was fantastic to consolidate our understanding and application of the concepts discussed in the seminar.

We both feel more relaxed and confident in what we need to do with our dog and this is already obvious with how he is responding to us.

We highly recommend Von Forell Precision Training seminars.

Don & Jenneane Ninness
Melbourne Australia

This Was By Far The Most Comprehensive & Enjoyable

Just wanted to say thank you for holding the highly informative training seminar over the weekend. Although the title of the seminar was ‘How to Achieve a Dynamic, Focused and Harmonious Obedience Performance’ it covered far, far more than this for me and the information it provided was invaluable. The seminar gave an insight into canine behaviour from puppy-hood to adulthood that was second to none. In addition, it taught us how to work harmoniously with a dog and its innate drives and desires to not only achieve excellent Obedience performances, but also form a happy and balanced relationship between canine and handler in all areas of life.

There was so much to think about and learn during the seminar thanks to your generous sharing of your knowledge and experience, together with multiple opportunities to practice the skills you were teaching us with our dogs. I was amazed at how quickly and happily all the dogs attending over the weekend learnt, with the use of the training box and your expert assistance. Your balanced, highly skilled and logical approach to training canines made perfect sense and the opportunity to ask questions and discuss points together in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere was wonderful. In fact, the seminar was such a pleasure to attend that I’m sure like myself, every participant would have been quite happy if it had continued on for another two days!

I have gone to a number of different canine training seminars over the years and this one was by far the most comprehensive and enjoyable. I look forward to attending more from you and recommend your seminars very highly to anyone thinking of attending.

Heather Hammonds
Melbourne Australia

Let Me Begin By Saying “WOW!”

Let me begin by saying “WOW!” and thanks heaps!!!

The Von Forell Melbourne Obedience Training Seminar was a wake-up call that I was wasn’t expecting.

Having seen first-hand the impact and scope of this seminar left me a little bothered, Why, you ask? because more people need to know that this Seminar is by far MORE then just an Obedience Seminar!, If you really want to learn something you can start by understanding the way I feel after attending it over the weekend.

Picture you and your new puppy beginning training and the puppy’s waging its tail with great anticipation waiting for your next command, you say “Sits!” puppy hits its bum down at 200km/hr, tail stops instantly, eyes lock on, you treat and reward! BINGO! that’s it, that feeling was what I got out of this and more!

You finally realise what’s been missing in everything you’ve learnt over time in all those books, videos, internet etc., the ability to really understand what you need to learn before buying, saving, or continue training a dog of all breeds and genetics for all reasons. From start to finish I got a clear understanding of how to get the balanced dog and results that any Owner/Handler wants to achieve, or and just as importantly realising that Genetics plays a huge part in achieving those goals, without the right tools and knowledge gained from this Obedience Seminar! I would of been steering my dog to certain disaster. 

I was positively overwhelmed by the flood of information given to me over the weekend, and even with the bad luck of weather that lingered over us the whole weekend, this Obedience Seminar! clearly showed imminent results seen in all the participants and there dogs, puppy to adult, average to champion, but most importantly for my dog and I, was we trotted away with our tails held high and smile on our faces, armed with knowledge that can be seen in the results, tested and proven.

That’s why it’s more than just an Obedience Seminar! when all the info slowly stops bouncing around in your head around lunch time and you see how it all clicks and comes together when the dogs begin the exercises, I began to wonder, who said? “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!”

That person obviously needs to attend the Von Forell Obedience Seminar!

Once again thanks heaps for this fun, professional and inspirational learning experience.

Thomas Trinchi
Melbourne Australia

After All, What Do You Do When Your Dog Wont Comply?

I attended an obedience, tracking and protection seminar in Perth which was presented by Kris Kotsopoulos. The information delivered was refreshing and it was great to be provided with information and training methods on something other than just positive reinforcement – after all, what do you do when your dog wont comply?

Before this seminar, I would have spent a great deal of time and effort just waiting for that moment when I could reinforce a positive behaviour. I now have the tools and knowledge in how to better shape my dog to get more out of him. The explanations were clear and adapted to the group with Kris actively involving everyone in discussing their own issues being experienced at home. The demonstrations were great and provided that “light bulb moment” when it all came together.

I would highly recommend attending Kris’s seminars if you have a dog or pup and especially if you are considering purchasing one. The information provided by Kris will change the way you see dogs, how they learn and how you can get the most out of them.

On a side note Kris, I found the fearful dogs to be the most interesting – I’m sure their owners were grateful for your honesty and explanations of WHY their dogs are the way they are (even if it was disappointing for them to hear it).

Thanks again for a great seminar – we started the new training regime (collar on) as soon as we got home. Look forward to seeing you and Tonia next time!

Jacqueline Smythe
Western Australia

He Has Changed My Whole Approach On Dog Training

It was my first time attending a Von Forell Precision Training Systems seminar hosted by Kris Kotsopoulos and being very new to the working dog world I wasn’t sure on what to expect. I found that Kris was able to explain the information so simply it was easy to comprehend and has changed my whole approach on dog training. The way Kris teaches you it’s a fun and enjoyable experience and NOT a boring long-winded lecture we have all experienced in school or Uni.

Not only do you learn new training philosophies and techniques but meet like minded people who share the same interest as you which you may not have met otherwise. (Especially in WA where there is no IPO clubs and protection type work seems to be underground) I cannot recommend these seminars enough I walked away with invaluable knowledge and found myself wanting even more. I look forward to having the opportunity to able to attend more seminars with Kris and Von Forell in the future

A big thank you to Kris and Tonia and all the people I met which made the weekend so enjoyable.

Karl Miller
Perth Western Australia

Our First Meeting Not Only Made a Lot of Sense But Gave Me Hope

I was given a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) by my son when I moved house as he thought she would be a good protection dog.  She was already 14 months old at the time.   I found it difficult to handle her outside the home and even at home because she is a powerful dog and she hadn’t had any training at all with her previous owners.   Walking her was a nightmare as she would try to attack other dogs that she saw and even dogs on the other side of fences.   She was not very people friendly either and was unpredictable in her reaction to them approaching her on our walks often behaving aggressively.   She reacted to bikes, prams, rabbits, cats, pretty much anything that moved.

To make matters worse because of her size (she weighs 43 kilos and I weigh 47 kilos) she would pull on the lead when walking and at times she even pulled me over. I dreaded taking her out.    I loved her because she did have a lovely nature with me and family but with her unpredictability and her aggression I knew deep down that I couldn’t keep her.  I consulted with a lot of different trainers, and she started to learn basic obedience, sit, drop etc but the aggression and unpredictability remained.  I had many people and trainers who said that if I sent her to a kennel to be re-homed she would be tested and put down.    There were even some trainers that made her worse and when she pulled me over while working with one of these trainers and hurting me so that I was out of action for three weeks, I decided that I would try to find someone to train her enough so that she could hopefully be re-homed as she was just too much dog for me.  I was by now desperate.

That’s when I met Kris Kotsopoulos – He has taught me ways to deal with my dog and given me guidance and advice and the skills to work with her.  His advice at our first meeting not only made a lot of sense but gave me hope.  Through perseverance and regular sessions with Kris I now have a much more manageable dog and his help has totally changed my life and hers.   I have decided to keep my dog as she is now so much better.  Walking her and being with her is a pleasure now for both of us and I am looking forward to having her in my life for a long time.

I would like to thank Kris for all the time he has given to me and my dog, without him my girl had an uncertain future and now she will have the good life all dogs deserve.

Jane Wilson

Jane Wilson
Melbourne Australia

I Struggled Immensely Moving Forward

I struggled immensely moving forward with developing a real connection with my dog within the context of obedience. Then I met Kris, who continues to work and guide me through the complexities of the science behind behaviour, why dogs do what they do and utilising the quadrants to develop a connection that has us enjoying the process. Kris has an amazing knowledge around the science and utilises this to develop skills with the handler and the dog. This deep knowledge he imparts is broken down into intricate pieces and then slowly built up over time like a jigsaw with the end result being a very clear picture for both dog and handler

Although there is a long term goal we wish to obtain in relation to obedience, Kris ensures that you are contained within the context of your ability, building your skills gradually and safeguarding that you never lose sight of the desired outcomes. That you learn to read each subtle indication that your dog gives.

Throughout the process Kris, always has the dog’s well-being as an upmost priority and is always seeking that the dog should be having fun. He challenges you as the handler as he can see the strengths and capacity of the dog and doesn’t allow for self-doubt building resilience in the team

Kris empowers you to understand that each obedience task must be broken down creating drive, commitment and a conditioned response from both the dog and handler.  So at the end as you step onto the field the tasks you command appear uncomplicated and fluid.

I am eternally grateful for the continued changes Kris has created in me with his unwavering guidance and support. Understanding the science certainly makes the development of the team/ my team stronger, engaged and powerful. “


Rheana Nation
Melbourne Australia

A Wealth of Knowledge In Both The Science and Practical Application

I have thoroughly enjoyed every training session with Kris. He is a wealth of knowledge in both the science and practical application of training. He has broken down behaviours in such a way that both the handlers and dogs build their skills gradually to get to their desired outcome. Kris is a supportive and empowering mentor. He will challenge you where necessary because he can see what the dog and handler are capable of. In every situation he has the dogs well-being at heart.

Thank you Kris. The opportunity to train with you has pushed my training to the next level.

Kylie McElhenny

Melbourne Australia

Information Was Given In a Logical Sequence.

Hi Kris,

After attending your lecture, I wish to convey to you how glad I was that I took the time to do so. I felt that I received exactly the information which I was after, delivered in a way which was easily understood. What you also conveyed, was a passion and love of what you do, along with a good sense of humor. Much needed when it comes to dogs, training and dealing with people.

You catered for the different levels of experience within the attending group, so I’m sure that everyone there would have left with a positive feeling. Your presentation was professional and very well put together and all information was given in a logical sequence.

In my opinion, my time and money on this occasion was well spent. Not something I have said after attending some other lectures on dog training.


Julie Urie 



German Shepherd Clun Victoria

An Ideal Training Manual

I operate a business in Canada called Trackers Edge. Amongst other things, I evaluate products and services for potential clients. I am independent and do not advise the business or service I am evaluating of my intentions so as to be treated as a regular customer. I have acquired every noteworthy tracking book I have heard of. I am interested in tracking with and without a dog.

I stumbled upon “How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog” while doing ongoing research on the internet. I had a gut feeling about this book which is written by Kris Kotsopoulos. I ordered it right away and was surprised at how fast it arrived from the other side of the world. I was not disappointed. The book is well organized and clear. It is an ideal training manual. Most books of this nature have a tendency to repeat what has been written before on the topic.

This is not plagiarism, but rather due to the fact that most people do not think outside of the box. There are as many “experts” in this field as there are dogs. The refreshing thing about this book is that Kris has taken information gained by past research and assembled it in an orderly fashion that all can understand. Equally refreshing is the fact that Kris clearly states that there is more than one way to do things. He looks at the big picture and even has some noteworthy philosophical comments that are enlightening. His sections on clickers and electronic training collars are some of the clearest and best written chapters that I have read on the topics.

You may not agree with everything in the book, but that is the whole point he makes. As opposed to forcing a set of rules down your throat he presents what he believes to be valid ideas with the hopes that you will use these ideas as you would any other tools, in the right way and under the right circumstances. There are many fine books out there on tracking by many fine people. This book is definitely on my top two list. I believe you should have an whole arsenal of training books. Read them all if you can as each has something to offer, but if you can only read a couple make this book one of them.

Kevin McCormick

Kevin McCormick – Trackers Edge USA

Worth a Read and a Re-Read!

For years I have been struggling with the conventional methods of training with regards to Tracking and I encountered, two ends of the spectrum in the main. The use of food as a manipulator to get the tracking per footstep and this brought the dog to a certain level.

On the other end you have the forced track, which is basically useless in certain endeavors like Law Enforcement. But Kris’ methods go way beyond, conventional training. It is so simple and easy to follow I wondered why no one else came up with this methodology before. but therein lies the genius. because once you start to really apply the method, you really start to see the direct effects it has on your training and the confidence you have in your dog’s understanding of what is asked.

Kris’ methodology takes into account the way dog’s perceive the scent stimulus, and what is necessary to have reliable results, every time you track. By proofing it under this method I am sure my dog is tracking the article laid by a human in every setting.
For me it is a quantum leap in application of understanding of dog’s physiology and psychology when it comes to them receiving the scent information and proper harnessing of such into a performance event.

Whether it is the competition field or the streets, Kris’ precision tracking is worth a read, and a re-read for every level !

On a personal note, I have to recommend Kris’ work in this book and also Kris as a consultant as he has been so meticulous and generous with his advice to me. It is clear he comes from a point of well researched knowledge and experience and is willing to share it to assist others.

Thanks again Kris.

Vithala Singh

Vithala Singh Miami Florida USA

Thanks For Your Good Work!

Hi Kris,

I have read your book twice.  I am blown away by the simplicity and logic of your method.  All the difficult areas of tracking are really anticipated and “cured” before they occur!  It even addresses one of the biggest tracking problems we have in the Southern U.S. – fire ants, which swarm on the food on the track, turning a reward into a punishment.

Since the dog starts out tracking for articles – no ants, no bites, no problem! I also applaud your detailed explanation on how to introduce and train with a remote collar.  I know I need to use some sort of stim to get faster response and greater attention in other areas, but was not sure how one goes about educating the dog in the new communication system.

In that vein, some of your most insightful words are found on pages 14 and 15.  When I reread them, I realized they are not only aimed at those of us who have preconceived ideas of how something should be done, but can just as easily apply to the canine/human communication.  Dogs who haven’t been taught what the stim means and how the system works, cannot be expected to comply.  Upping the voltage in hopes of compliance is like speaking progressively louder English to  a non English speaker.  He may eventually stumble upon what you want, but chances are he would not respond correctly the next time he heard those words.  In short, he still didn’t understand what you were saying.  Eventually learning will occur, but how much stress could have been avoided by an attempt to communicate better.

I suspect your book may be pooh poohed by many members of the schutzhund community – not because of the e collars, which they use (some heinously, some appropriately) – but because people don’t realize the former system is flawed until they have problems and then it is blamed on the dog and force is introduced to “work through it.”  If one  truly believes in positive training and back chaining etc., this system is a no brainer.  My husband is getting his own dog in coming months and we will definitely use this system from the beginning.

As for my dog, I actually performed your various tests to insure that she knows what she is tracking.  She is having some trouble with the hour old track, which I have been walking rather than scuffing.  She veers off occasionally, but comes right back.  I can tell she is working and she corrects herself.  I think  I let her build up steam before telling her to slow (handler error) and that is causing mistakes.

With the weaker ground disturbance odor, she has got to work a bit harder. I am just so unused to speed being a problem with this dog.   I know we will get this, though.

Ps…Just got back from tracking an hour aged Sch 3 track – she nailed it even through puddles.  So much fun!

Thanks for your good work

Jay Tullis

Jay Tullis – Tyrone, GA USA

Very Logical and Concise

Most of my canine experience comes from training & breeding hunting dogs, as well as being a licensed greyhound trainer. I must say I found Kris Kotsopoulous’s book “how to achieve precision tracking with your dog” very logical & concise.

Being a novice to shutzhund and tracking I am glad I came across this book early in my transition. To me it just makes sense if a dog is tracking hunting or whatever , it should be conditioned to know what scent to lock in on. I look forward to any other publications you put out to further enhance my understanding.

Rick van Midden

Rick van Midden – Melbourne Australia

This Book Totally Opened My Eyes!

I started doing dog tracking with my female German Shepherd dog in 2010. Initially I tried to find a dog trainer near me but I couldn’t find one.

As I have no experience in dog tracking I decided to purchase a few good rated books from local and online bookshops and give it a go myself. I thought by reading these books I could achieve a better understanding of how dogs track and how I can assist them. However I was wrong. Those books were over my top and I couldn’t even get started. It took me almost 6 months to find someone from a dog obedience club to help me start tracking training with my dog.

Recently I found Kris’ new tracking book “How to achieve precision tracking with your dog” and it totally opened my eyes. This book shows how to apply positive reinforcement to do the marker, tracking scent discrimination and E collar training with tracking. Until now I have not seen any tracking books other then this book applying modem theories and technologies in dog tracking.

One of the best things about this book is it provides readers step by step instructions in tracking methods and they are very easy to follow. If I were to find this book 2 years earlier it would have saved me a lot of time training my dog.
I believe this book will help a lot of beginners like me training their dogs tracking as a hobby.  It will also help tracking dog trainers or people who are serious about tracking dog competitions to achieve their goals.

This is a book not to be missed!

Hong Lin

Hong Lin – Melbourne Australia

This Is a Game Changer!

Kris has done an outstanding job in his new book. His clarity in compartmentalizing all the foundational building blocks, is logical and attainable. With Kris’s decades of world wide traveling experience, both as a serious young student of K-9 behavior, breeding and training all give reason to why he is a sought out international K9 seminar master instructor, he has integrated common sense, science and progressive Canine training to produce a viable and quality program.

The strength in this system is the global approach he describes from defining the most basic task at hand, to clarifying the dogs perspective to understand, to the bench marks needed to go to the next level. The results of implementing this thorough and progressive protocol, are clearly leading to the formation of solid nose working teams around the globe.

This is a game changer when it comes to the traditional educational and instructional text, that normally ends up as a better book end, than podium producer, bottom line when you become a student of this system and do the steps as prescribed, it works!

Scott Sanchez
Vice President of Research & Development
Serving Locations Worldwide
Tel # USA 001 808 283 6121

Scott Sanchez

Simple and Easy to Understand

The author has worked with dogs since 1981, at many levels with first time owners and with Law Enforcement handlers and competitors.

He has realised that not all animals are reliable if they are forced to track out of fear of correction; He encourages and uses other means to get dependable work with success. His approach to tracking and the success achieved by his methods is very impressive.

He speaks of the importance of the scent pad, how to approach the laying of the track-and what one should be looking for from the dog when working. How one reads a dog and what one should look for is very important – also what the dog is trying to tell you.

All written in simple and understandable language even for a beginner- set in easy step-by-step chapters with pit falls also explained.

One feels success and believes one will succeed, something one does not often find many books which get too technical.

To observe and promote certain aspects so that the dog becomes reliable because no pressure has been placed on them to achieve successful track. The importance of reliability is referred to many times through out the book.

He explains in his experience how many handlers are not able to go and work as they are not confident and cannot rely on their dog to complete the track. Often because the dog is fearful of making mistakes because of other harsher means are used to teach or correct.

He explains how to introduce articles-eliminate your dog missing them-how to teach corners and to stop overshooting. One very important aspect is to how to keep control whilst tracking and slow an enthusiastic animal down without destroying its motivation

He sets food for thought for the handler, why did this happen what am I am doing wrong. He also explains he has been there and this was how he wrote the book because he wanted to have positive outcome.

The writer is also a good instructor who works his own dogs with excellent success.

There is a Glossary of terms explaining what is meant in the book. If I had gone looking for a book written purely about tracking one could possibly have found one or two in this category, but one need look no further when purchasing this book for it stands out on its own it is a must for the book shelf.

Excellent value for money and very well produced. Kris has written a book for any person to read and understand whether they are a beginner or experienced. Which has long been waited for. This is a book that both Trials and Schutzhund enthusiasts will find interesting.

Dorothy A Cullum

Head trainer GSD League from UK (1995 to 1999)
Kennel Club Founder member of the Accredited Training Scheme.
News Editor of Dog Training Weekly 1993 to 1998.
Our Dogs Breed Correspondent.
Championship Obedience Judge/ Good Citizens Scheme Judge

Dorothy A Cullum

A Very Good Book

The Precision Tracking book is very good.

It puts tracking and training in a whole new light. Here in the Central United States we have all been taught to teach a dog to find ground disturbance. Food in the footstep has always been the reward for keeping the head down, and we all HOPE the dog will follow a track because he has found treats in the footsteps.

This method has proven unreliable time after time. Dogs fail trial after trial.

The methods in the “Precision Tracking” book make a lot of sense, and  are easy to communicate to the dog. In Kris’s book, he covers teaching a dog to “track” human scent on the ground and on the article. This creates a reliable tracking dog.. The dog is learning to use his nose…..

So many people have issues with the dog racing down the track.. Kris’s method of using the SLOW command to come up to the track really makes sense and is a good way to slow the dog down and get his mind in the right place.

Other tracking books and videos do not cover the steps to track starting from the dog getting out of his kennel.. The books is very much a step by step training guide , every sequence is described in detail.

I also felt the section on remote training is very valuable. Most handlers do not have the skills or knowledge to use the remote trainer correctly to proof the skills they have taught the dog.

I have read the book once, now I am STUDYING the book, lesson by lesson.

I will recommend this book to other Schutzhund handlers…

Cathi Windus

Adel, Iowa, United States of America
MID Iowa Working Dogs Club

Cathi Windus
MID Iowa Working Dogs Club, Adel, Iowa, USA

I Enjoyed It and Learnt From It

Having just finished reading your book Precision Tracking, I thought I would take the time to tell you how much I enjoyed and learnt from  it.  The step by step instructions are fantastic for a beginner or a World Champion and the issues that you may already have in regards to tracking can be ironed out using your methods.  The clarity of the training is very clear and easy to understand, for both the handler and the dog.  The way you teach the article indication is truly the best way to teach your tracking dog.

The introduction of the Remote Trainer is fantastic, I can attest to how well it works from your Remote Trainer Seminar that we did last year.  To teach  five exercises in one day was an eye opener for all.

I recommend this book to anyone interested in tracking of course, but also to anyone with an interest in dog behaviour and how dogs learn.  The science behind the writing is spot on and the methods can and should be used in all areas of dog training.

Using these techniques in your book, I have seen improvement in my dogs all-round performances and as a Professional Dog Trainer, I have learnt new ways of doing things that bring more clarity to the dog and that results with a better bond and a better result at the end of the day.

Brent Dry

Brent Dry
Melbourne, Australia

Wonderful Addition To Any Dog Trainers Library

“As I complete my second reading of this book I am reminded of the many reasons that I found it so helpful in the first place.  I am about to commence tracking training with my young dog and will incorporate the methods outlined so very clearly in each chapter of this book.

I am a beginner at tracking competition/training and found helpful information throughout all chapters of the book. Of particular interest was Kris’s comprehensive explanation of the use of the ‘remote training’ collar and I urge all training enthusiasts to read this section as it will dispel the many myths that accompany the use of this very powerful tool, not only in tracking but in all aspects of dog training.

Whether you choose to incorporate this in your training schedule or not is an individual consideration however knowing the correct way to use will never be wasted knowledge.

Early in his book Kris invites the reader to contact him with any queries about either the book or individual training problems. I accepted the invitation! Having gained our first two titles very quickly, I was bought back to earth quite soundly by failing my test for Tracking Champion more times that I am prepared to admit, so I contacted Kris via his e-mail address.

He responded and was most generous in his help at both theoretical and practical levels. The result was that we achieved our ‘Tracking Champion’ two weeks later at the next tracking trial.

This book is economically priced and would be a wonderful addition to any dog trainers library”

Bobbee Terrill 

Bobbee Terrill
Melbourne Australia

I Strongly Recommend This Book

I have finally had the chance to read your book after purchasing it early in the year. My employer and fellow trainers have all wanted to read the book first. As they were more involved with training their dogs for tracking I agreed.

After the first read through I am reading it the second time to soak up some more information. It is the best written book on dog training I have ever read. Not only the information on tracking but all the detailed, easy to read and understand information on training tools, techniques and animal behavior.

In my opinion as a novice in training compared to more experienced trainers it is a must to read. I strongly recommend that all trainers read this book. It will not only benefit the person wanting to compete in tracking but like me the K9 handler working in the security protection field and obedience training.

It is so difficult finding anyone with the skills to learn from but even more difficult to get them to pass these skills on. Here we have good basic easy to understand knowledge that will help you to get more out of your dog. In my case a break from just bite work and obedience training.

Thank you Kris for writing this book and being so free with your knowledge. I can’t wait to attend one of your seminars.

All the best and please keep on passing this information onto us.

Les Simpson

Lee Simpson
Security K9 Officer and dog trainer – Sydney Australia

A Comprehensive Tracking Guide

Hello Kris,

It has been a long time.  I have used your book to train my current show line female.  Ziva is doing very well.  The difference is amazing when you just change the method of teaching.

She tracks a Sch3 track very nicely after about 5 months worth of work.  We are ready for our Sch1/IP1 track, obedience and protection are taking just a bit longer.

I found your book an easy read and the instructions are very easy to follow.  I simply went step to step until I had Ziva tracking very nicely.  Thank you for such a comprehensive tracking guide.

Cheryl Mathis 

Cheryl Mathis
Von Mathausen GSD  – USA

A Must Have Book

This new and fresh approach to tracking training allows the handler to prove his dog in easy to understand methods.

A must have book for those into Search and Rescue tracking dogs as there are training methods that will assist your dog in becoming a better bush and street tracking dog.

Michael Margot 

Michael Margo
Team Leader – State Emergency Service Canine – Australia

Extremely Well Written

Hi I am a breeder of show line and working line German shepherds, I have been breeding and training for over 25 years. This book is extremely well written, easily understood, which for me in an educational book is very important, the step by step methods makes it almost impossible for you to not be able to teach your dog to track in a precision manner consistently. I now understand why I have had the problems I have encountered over the years with tracking, and I am confidant using these methods set out in this book, I will have a 100 point track the next time I trial.

Highly recommended for anyone who want to learn not only the correct method of tracking but why we are using these methods.

Finally I have been totally against training with e collars but after reading how to train correctly, I can see how it can be a useful tool unlike any training I have seen with the e collar previously.

A quote from the book that a lot of trainers should take note “Dogs which are forced to learn, rarely perform up to their true potential”

Thank you Kris

Jenny Griffin 

Jenny Griffin
Wesenhund German Shepherds New Zealand


“I had the pleasure of hearing Kris speak about tracking and his approach changed my dogs article indication instantly – ingenious!”

Sue Ng

Sue Ng

My Dogs Never Miss a Corner Now!

“When I was taught this new way of teaching my dogs how to concur corners my jaw dropped. Since then my dogs have never missed a corner.”

Greg Baldwin

Greg Baldwin

This Book is Amazing!

Thanks to Kris for the release of his NEW Tracking book ” How to achieve precision tracking with your dog”.
As a student of N.D.T.F course in Dog Behavior I highly recommend anyone who is interest or keen to understand dog behaviour and training principles to read this book as it helped me understand and gain more knowledge not only in tracking.

The book itself will actually talk to you as if you were having a conversations with Kris. I sometimes have question for myself ” what does that mean?” as I read the next paragraph there is the answer.

The book is amazing as it talk about all the fundamental and perspective on tracking, also the information and motivation of using the right tools in the right way on the right time. The book takes you step by step, day by day to reach your goals in excellent tracking.

Mohannad Al Hersh

Mohannad Al Hersh

Very Good Manual For Tracking Training

My name is Thomas Lapp and I live and train in Germany. I have been involved in Dog Sport for 35 years. I have participated 16 times at the BSP and 4 times for Germany at the WUSV. In 2007 I won the BSP and in 2007 and 08 and I won the WUSV with the German team. I have bred 60 German Shepherd litters under the Kennel Von Den Woelfen and I’m a judge for working dogs since 2002.

I have just read the new tracking book “How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog” written by Kris Kotsopoulos from Australia and it was very interesting reading for me. I have picked up new ideas and I will include these ideas into my training. The book is for every tracking handler and a very good manual for tracking training.

Thomas Lapp

Thomas Lapp

Highly Recommend This Book

Kris Kotsopoulos was one of my coaches at the beginning of my Dog Sport career in Australia, and still is one of my closest friends after I had migrated to Belgium. In his latest book “How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog”, Kris shares his lucid, methodical, and comprehensive system of tracking. In my original exposure to Dog Sport some of Kris’s tracking ideas were integrated into my tracking. Eight years later the entire system has evolved and has been streamlined and systematised.

I highly recommend his book to Schutzhund/IPO hobbyists and sport competitors and any tracking enthusiasts who are looking for refreshing ideas to expand their own tracking systems.

  • B.Sc. La Trobe University
  • 7 Times FMBB/FCI IPO World Championship Competitor
  • 2009 Belgian IPO Special CAC Winner
  • 2010 Belgian IPO CAC Winner
  • Licensed FCI IPO Judge

Felix Ho

Felix Ho

Completely Logical!

Hi Kris,

I have just finished reading your Tracking book and thoroughly enjoyed it. As far as I know, both from training with the Dog Sport and ANKC based fraternities, the various methods used by both to teach tracking are quite different to the approach you have taken.

The system you describe seems completely logical to me, and if implemented correctly, would be the best way to maximize the dog’s understanding of the task. It leaves me wondering why no-one else here in Australia has not implemented this method before.

Congratulations on a thoroughly educational and easy to follow publication. I now look forward to putting this into practice with my new puppy, now 8 weeks old.

Julie Urie

Julie Urie
Obedience Instructor. German Shepherd Dog Club – Victoria Australia

I Recommend This Book!

I recently read HOW TO ACHIEVE PRECISION TRACKING WITH YOUR DOG by Kris Kotsopolous and found it to be both thought provoking and motivating. The book has a clear step by step learning method on training your dog in precision tracking and demonstrates these methods in a clear and precise manner.

It has practical information for both the beginner to advanced handler as well as covering all procedures and equipment needed for dog and handler alike. I thoroughly enjoyed it a lot and was inspired use these training methods as they are both practical and logical whilst being informative.

All aspects of the book will help you achieve your goals faster than ever before and if you follow them rigidly I can’t see why you will not achieve your best results yet. Many people are going to benefit from reading this book and following the descriptive training methods within.

I would recommend this to any person wanting to get the most from their dog whilst using modern and tested training techniques.

James Graig 

James Craig
Constable 2705 Public Order Response Team Tasmania

Impressed at The Simplicity of The Step By Step Procedures

Hi Kris,

Thanks for our copy of your new book “How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog” We were most impressed at the simplicity of the step by step procedures and the theory behind it which made so much sense including the insights into clicker and e-collar training the correct way to achieve tracking goals in an easy to understand format.

We look forward to the opportunity of implementing your knowledge into tracking with our working line German Shepherd Dog and highly recommend your book as a must read for anyone contemplating any form of tracking and scenting work. Thanks again Kris, we will stay in touch with our tracking as we progress through Schutzhund training.

Darryl & Ann Marie Abbott

Darryl and Anne Marie Abbott
Adelaide – Australia

Easy To Understand Manual

I have trained dogs for 30 yrs in both private security and sport. This book gives the trainer some fresh ideas. I personally liked Kris’s method for introducing the articles. An easy to understand manual for both the novice and professional.”

Uwe Doose

Uwe Doose

Congratulations Kris

I would like to congratulate Kris for the effort he has put into writing and publishing this publication and the systematic approach that he has put in place to teach handlers to teach their dogs.

As an Ex-Military Police Dog Handler I had my mind set on ONLY training techniques that I knew and comfortable with. Now as a civilian with my own K-9 business I realise that times and training has dramatically changed to suit individual circumstances and I had to learn other methods to compliment mine.

Kris’s book has shown me a whole new world with excellent results. The way Kris has covered touchy subjects, the step by step instructions for advanced and novice instructors is very refreshing indeed. You can apply ANY of these training methods to ANY situation.

Keep up the great work you are doing for the Australian Dog Training fraternity Kris, and I can’t wait to be part of one of your classes in the near future.

Dave Bowgen


Dave Bowgen
Ex – Military Police Dog Handler Australia

I Recommend This Book!

I would recommend to all beginners as well novices to read Kris’s book on step by step tracking. It is full of very important information for beginners. Also I feel that many of the more experienced trainers could also benefit from Kris’s book, because it goes in to full detail. You can train your dog from this book. Enjoy your reading.

Gene England – Trainer of dogs and handler and top trainers around the country. I have trained several people to the World Championship Level. I have competed on the WUSV World Team many times. I won the International World Championship in Tengen West Germany with 290 points. I have also won every Championship in the USA at least one time). When I recommend reading someone’s book, and you want to learn read Kris’s Book.

Gene England

Gene England
Shutzhund and Police Dog Trainer – Kentucky USA

I Can Now Completely Trust My Dog and Myself!

“After passing my third tracking trial with my German Shepherd (in which once again I struggled) I thought I had finally started to understand what to look for.

How wrong I was!

“How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog” by Kris Kotsopoulos has shown me the light! Being a Novice tracker I relied solely on trusting my dog, after reading Kris’ book I can now completely trust my dog and myself when preparing for the track and while on it. Not only is it a great book to better help you understand how to train your dog for spot on tracking but an all round guide to training your dog in any area including obedience and agility! I look forward to training and trialing this year and will have Kris’ book by my side to be read over and over again!”

Jess Holmes

Jess Holmes
Security Officer – Australia

A Wonderful Addition To Any Trainers Library

For many years I have felt mystified at how many people in Australia will elevate and promote foreign trainers and authors while discounting local talent who have certainly earned their place amongst the very best in the industry.

Finally, one of our own has produced a quality manual for taking a novice handler through the process of teaching their dog to track without complicating the procedure. I have personally known Kris for 20 years and it’s hard to ignore his passion and progression in the industry through his breeding programs, training services and now his first book.

This is a wonderful addition to any trainers library or for any dog owner looking to get involved in the art of teaching a dog to track.”

Glenn Cooke

Glenn Cooke
Canine Trainer – NSW, Australia

Thank You. Your Training Philosophy Is Fantastic.

Hi Kris,

I want to say that I really enjoyed your book very much and I do hope you’ll do another on dog training in general because your knowledge and expertise is much needed among the general dog training population and the tracking book alone teaches a lot about learning theory that people need to know whether they track or not!

I love how you divided the book into three sections and made the principles of training and dog behaviour so clear and how it relates to tracking. The stuff on directing drive and energy on Page 106 is SO OFTEN missed by many in tracking, particulary in ANKC tracking. There is a myth that the dog will ‘just do it’ and that tracking erratically, leaking drive all over the place will produce a reliable result.

Your explanation on article indication and how to achieve it reliably and how to do it first… brilliant stuff so often missed. I found your method of corner teaching absolutely fascinating and can well see how it works.

I truly think I ruined my first tracking dog by receiving so many bits of incorrect and conflicting information. What I am now going to do is with my seven year old GSD female, who showed all the promise of being a very good tracker but used to go haywire and wander off so I gave up in the end and just stopped at her TDX, I’ll totally retrain her using your method. This should be a fantastic experiment and learning path for me, based on your philosophy of training.

Thank you so much for writing the book. Again, please do another one on broader training and training for obedience that as you discuss, does NOT involve crushing the dog but being fair and building love for work. Your training philosophy is fantastic. I wish more would adopt it. There would be a huge rise in very happy and successful dogs in comptetition out there!

Heather Hammonds


Heather Hammonds
Melbourne Australia

Wow. Light Bulbs!

Hi Kris,

Allow me to say just quickly. I have trained many ways . Dogs for TV, for law and order, law and order special victims, garden state the movie, AKC, Schutzhund with my Doberman female about 10 years ago. I now have new critters, and tracking has been nonexistent as I had no motivation left, however their obedience and protection is good.

Just to let you know my husband and I would love to meet you.

I have a had a quick scan of your new dog tracking book. Took about one hour and I will now read it again thoroughly. I just introduced my Rottweiler male of 12 months to clicker training, which I have been hesitant to use. WOW  does the light bulb go on instantly and before I saw your book I was thinking why not use it for tracking? Then I saw your book…Bingo!

My husband is a physician and has a degree in psychology, he picked it up right away. You are a bright and intelligent person, and the Skinner principles apply to your training.. I think you should put on the front of your book the statement that it is not impossible to achieve a 1500 pace track in 6 weeks. It took 4 + years to train my Dobermann to sch 3. Her scores were very high. 197 + however extremely time consuming and many hot dogs later. I am a new born person looking into the clicker / low stimulation training. thank thank you thank you.

I will keep you posted. I plan on to use my Rottweiler male and my Austrian import Dobermann girl on a test training for 6 weeks in your tracking method. Give me some time and I will report the results. You have a great deal of knowledge. people should read your book. I will be in touch…….. and love your book, Deb and critters from the USA.

Deb Bach

Deb Bach

Brilliant Book. Uncomplicated.

Hi Kris,

I have read your new tracking book. I can honestly say that the book is written in a language that is uncomplicated and easy to implement well done, and although the focus is on competition tracking the fundamentals are easily crossed over to suit operational tracking. The method for teaching the turn or corner is absolutely brilliant when you think about it it’s completely logical, well done.


Melbourne, Australia

Abu Dhabi UAE Training

Hi Kris,

Just want to let you know that I recently read your tracking book and it enjoyed it immensely. I’ve just returned from Abu Dhabi UAE where I have been training their police K-9 Department in tracking and man trailing. The information in your book was certainly of great benefit and interest to the police officers on the course. I feel your book is the next evolution in precision tracking and I look forward to getting out in the field with you in the future.

Boyd Hooper 

Boyd Hooper
TASK9 Melbourne Australia

Complete and Comprehensive

Hi Kris,

Your book on Precision Tracking was very complete and comprehensive.  The book gives a very clear, yet thorough, explanation on animal behaviors, tracking methods and other important topics.  In a very short time frame you covered a lot of methods and theories that every dog trainer needs to know.  One of the best reasons to read your book is because it’s easy to understand, no matter what your level of K9 knowledge is.

Outstanding book, I can’t wait to read your next one.

Brad Smith 

N.T.O.A. National Canine Chairman
SME for California Association of Tactical Officers
Cell: 626-523-4028

Brad Smith – West Covina Police Department, CA (Ret)

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