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Feed Back Systems

Von Forell Feed Back System

Feedback Systems

Most dog trainers start learning to train dogs similarly. Traditionally we are taught to bring our dogs to class, place a correction chain around their neck, do as the instructor tells us. Most importantly, we are to make sure the dogs do what we tell them to do, no matter what.


Well, Not Quite.

In recent years’ dog training methodology has improved dramatically and I believe we are witnessing a dog training revolution, whereby established systems of dog training are being integrated with “operant” methods which are creating the most potent and humane system ever in existence.

In these elegant and tightly-integrated systems, negative motivation and corrections are exploited to establish stimulus control over powerfully-motivated behaviours rapidly. Rewards are used to teach and motivate performance, and a sophisticated system of conditioned behaviour markers are used to render it all clear to the dog.

Clear communication systems like the “clicker” – conditioned reinforces are genuinely ingenious devices and provide a pathway for immeasurable communication attributed to better learning, creating a win-win communication possibility for dogs and their handlers.

On the flip side…

What if there was a way that was significantly clearer and as a result faster on helping you and your dog achieve real and rapid results?

Allow us to show you how.


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