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Our Nutritionist Bill Wiadrowski

Bill Wiadrowski

In an effort to educate ‘you’ our customers on the complexities of nutrition and the process by which our food is made, we have compiled an information package of over 40 videos that answers frequently asked questions regarding the pet food manufacturing industry, general care, feeding and well-being of your pet.

Should you have further questions stemming from any of the subjects covered in this series, please contact sales@performadog.com.au and we will happy to provide additional information.

Similarly, should you require information on any issue relating to the well-being of your companion that is not covered in this video series, please email us the questions you have, and we will post additional video material on our You Tube Channel to cover your subject.

You can visit our YouTube channel  directly to browse as you please or you can view each video directly via specific questions below.

We aim to help you.

  • Understand canine and feline nutrition.
  • Answer questions that have been bugging you.
  • Understand why the Microbiome is so essential
  • Ingredient ratios and why they are so important
  • Grain and Grain Free
  • Answer additional questions that are not on our YouTube channel
  • Nutrient Ramping – what is it?
  • We will also have animal learning videos to help you’re your pest behavior

And much more…

So, sit back, relax and enjoy!


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