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Performadog and iPurr Benefits

Performadog and iPurr Cat Food

Proudly, we offer you ‘Premium Performadog Puppy, Ocean Fish and Grain Free Turkey Dry Dog Food’ , fast becoming Australia’s leading pet food which undergoes continuous improvement.

We are constantly searching for nutritional solutions to improve the quality of life for our precious pets hence the addition of our Purple carrot and pre and probiotic formula. This formulation may revolutionise the dog food industry forever. Please visit our website www.performadog and click the link Why Purple.

Performadog & iPurr Super Premium Pet Food.

Are Holistically Formulated                                         Enhances performance   

Have no preservatives or artificial colors                 BCAA’s in the correct ratios

Meat from humane grade supplies                            Omega 3,6 & 9

Scientifically formulated                                              Builds lean muscles

Wheat Free                                                                     Helps in healthy weight gain

Gluten Free – Grain Free formula                               Increases strength

Corn Free                                                                        Improves digestion & nutrient absorption

GMO Free                                                                       Provides immune system support

High in protein                                                               Promotes joint protection for stressed joint

Low-carbohydrates                                                       Increases energy, stamina and mental alertness

Packed with prebiotics                                                 Provides a shiny coat and healthy skin

Quickens recovery time                                                Provides health and wellness

To find out more about our Ultra Premium Pet Food and Health Care Products please visit;


www.performadog.com.au    www.ipurrcatfood.com.au

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