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Von Forell Precision Training

Are you ready to take control of your dog training?

Precision Obedience

Precision Obedience

How To Achieve Precision Obedience With Your Dog


This Guide to Training your dog for Precision Obedience is due for completion Soon

Step-by-Step Theory & Methods

Do you want to:

  • Achieve excellent control of your dog?
  • Learn how your dog thinks so that you are steps ahead?
  • Develop a unique way of understanding and applying the learning quadrant?
  • Know how to rapidly enhance target behaviours, 75% Faster?
  • Increase your dog’s desire and maintain attraction to you or target behaviours?
  • Teach your dog how to ignore distractions?
  • Maintain concentration and motivation and how to switch between both?
  • Monitor negative dosage control?
  • Obtain stimulus Control?
  • Manage your dog without destroying motivation?
  • Integrate positive and negative reinforcement correctly (Target Behaviour Enhancement)?
  • Create a plan that you and your dog can follow?
  • Understand the ‘Dominance Theory’?
  • Shape behaviour for Competition or Law Enforcement?
  • Understand the ‘audience effect’ and how it affects you and then your dog?
  • Proof your dog for reliability?
  • Understand ‘Reflexivity’ and its subtle yet incredible power?
  • Understand ‘instrumental’ and ‘classical conditioning’ like never before?
  • Create empowering learning loops and multiple feedback systems?
  • Understand conditioned reinforcers like never before?

and so much more…..

In this book, ‘How To Achieve Precision Obedience With Your Dog’, you will develop a unique philosophy on selecting the correct dog and then how to create an environment that enhances its full genetic potential. This book provides a way of thinking you may have never experienced before, uniting instincts and unlocking your dog’s full genetic potential.

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