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Von Forell Precision Training

Are you ready to take control of your dog training?

Precision Protection

Precision Protection Training

A New Way Of Thinking About Selection, Breeding and Training for Drive Related Behaviors

Do you want to:

  • Know what truly motivates a dog to work during the protection training phase?
  • Know what your dog is thinking during this emotionally elevated state?
  • Develop a new way of understanding the learning matrix in the protection phase?
  • Improve your understanding of the learning matrix to develop grip, drive and Speed?
  • Learn how to select the correct puppy or dog for complex training?
  • Know how to breed competent dogs that function within in the ‘Genetic optimum Function Zone”
  • Create a powerful and robust mindset against aversive stimuli?
  • Create a crushing grip and fast long bites?
  • Know how to monitor dosage control during these elevated drive states?
  • Obtain ‘stimulus Control’ because the dog has learnt to control the outcome?
  • Manage your dog without destroying motivation?
  • Create a plan that you and your dog can follow to minimise conflict?
  • Understand the ‘Dominance Theory’, if and how it applies?
  • Shape behaviour for Competition or Law Enforcement?
  • Understand the audience effect?
  • Proof your dog for reliability?
  • Learn the art of conditioning and drive development throughout your dogs life?
  • Understand the concept of Reflexivity?
  • Understand Instrumental and classical conditioning during the drive phase?
  • To create a confident, full, deep and hard grip powered by genetics and learning?
  • Understand how to link reinforcers to switch from passive to active states like never before?

In this book, ‘Protection Training – A New Way Of Thinking‘, Kris shares his unique philosophy on selecting the correct dog and then creating an environment that enhances its full genetic potential to achieve drive fulfillment. It deeply analyses the puppy selection process, the incremental development for any application and then finally managing it all to produce a powerful, intense and robust dog that complies to the handler regardless of external distractions/attractions.

This book provides a way of thinking that will have save you decades of searching and hardship.

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