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Precision Tracking Training

How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog

A Guide to Training your Dog to be a Precision Tracking Dog is in stock – ready for shipping anywhere in the World.

Step-by-Step Theory & Methods

Do you want to:

  • Achieve 100 points in your next tracking competition?
  • Learn how to plan and lay a track for error-less learning and success?
  • Increase scent commitment?
  • Eliminate the possibility of your dog missing articles?
  • Learn how to lay, introduce and teach corners and solve the puzzle?
  • Prevent overshooting of corners?
  • Maintain searching?
  • Slow your dog down without destroying motivation and confidence?
  • Integrate the ‘clicker’ and ‘tickle collar’ during tracking?
  • Understand you dog’s olfactory capability?
  • Target the fundamentals of tracking?
  • Shape behaviour for competition, Police or Search and Rescue?
  • Understand the importance of Tracking-line finesse?
  • Proof your dog for tracking reliability?

In this book, ‘How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog’, Kris Kotsopoulos shares his unique tracking philosophy and training techniques. This book provides a detailed step-by-step plan to get you on your way in achieving excellent tracking results.

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