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Seminars & Workshops Enquiry

I have been professionally involved in dog breeding and training since 1980. I have always approached life creatively and innovatively with a mindset that says; “I am sure that there is a better way; it is just that I haven’t found it yet”. This way of being has not only shaped by personal life but all aspects associated with it. I have always felt that animal learning was much more profound than had been previously portrayed to me. Whomever I turned to had a version of the truth, their truth, yet not much of it was supported by science. Much of the information was based on mirroring and aimed at just getting a result without much thought about the animals nutritional, physical and emotional well-being.

My nature is to question why things work and equally, why they don’t work. Hence the writing of my first book ‘How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog’. This book has propelled my second and third books, ‘How To Achieve Precision Obedience With Your Dog’ and finally a book or probably better put, an in-depth discussion on ‘Protection Training’ or as I generally prefer to describe it on ‘Drive fulfilment’ helping dogs ‘thrive’.  

I have so much to show and tell you but until then enjoy!!!

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