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Table of contents

The following is the table of contents from the book “How to achieve precision tracking with your dog”

The book is broken down into three main sections to make for easier reading and learning. Each section provides comprehensive and scientifically based information in an easy to read format. The book is not only pivotol for tracking dog training but is also an excellent resource for anyone wishing to train their dog to perform any behaviour as it deals with Animal learning theories and achieving precise behaviour on cue.

Section 1 Section 2 Section 3
Introduction The system – step by step Proofing
A perspective on tracking No down command required A discussion about the remote trainer
Olfactory ability – a brief insight Introducing the article What is learning?
What makes one person or animal smell
different from another
Targeting fundamentals Motivation
Direction of odours Shaping the behaviour for competition Fitting the collar on the dog
Varying track age Discrimination training Remote trainer principles
What is the correct age to begin tracking? The first scent pad Finding the right intensity
Animal behaviour – principles of learning The tracking sequence Vital association
Introduction to the clicker Teaching the slow command Remote trainer theory, collar
understanding for the dog
Information and motivation Handling your tracking line Teach the command first
Misconceptions about the clicker Law of balance The dog that can speak more than
one language
Targeting – a very important tool The scent pad process – day one
scent #1
Keeping the dog in behavioural
Jackpots Set point a fixed response Escape training
Schedule of reinforcement Two attempts only Training
Shaping behaviour Day two and scent pad #2 Let the dog win
The laws of shaping behaviour Additional step When to quit and when to progress
Conditioned indication response Day three and scent pad #3 When to use higher levels
Chains of behaviour Scent commitment: what is it? Dealing with anticipation
Dips in learning Track laying Avoidance training
Extinction Leading the dog out of the scent pad The first behaviour: come
Deprivation and motivation Corners – how to lay, introduce and teach The second behaviour: leaving
the handler
The reward What is the reasoning about this? Introducing a “place” to stay
Wrong – try it again Fading the wall The third behaviour: the “sit”
Containment what is it? Introduce the reward with the
remote collar
How is this done? Tracking with the remote collar
First four days with the remote
Second set of four days with the
remote trainer
Third set of four days with the remote
Animal training terms
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