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Von Forell Precision Training

Are you ready to take control of your dog training?

I struggled immensely moving forward with developing a real connection with my dog within the context of obedience. Then I met Kris, who continues to work and guide me through the complexities of the science behind behaviour, why dogs do what they do and utilising the quadrants to develop a connection that has us enjoying the process. Kris has an amazing knowledge around the science and utilises this to develop skills with the handler and the dog. This deep knowledge he imparts is broken down into intricate pieces and then slowly built up over time like a jigsaw with the end result being a very clear picture for both dog and handler

Although there is a long term goal we wish to obtain in relation to obedience, Kris ensures that you are contained within the context of your ability, building your skills gradually and safeguarding that you never lose sight of the desired outcomes. That you learn to read each subtle indication that your dog gives.

Throughout the process Kris, always has the dog’s well-being as an upmost priority and is always seeking that the dog should be having fun. He challenges you as the handler as he can see the strengths and capacity of the dog and doesn’t allow for self-doubt building resilience in the team

Kris empowers you to understand that each obedience task must be broken down creating drive, commitment and a conditioned response from both the dog and handler.  So at the end as you step onto the field the tasks you command appear uncomplicated and fluid.

I am eternally grateful for the continued changes Kris has created in me with his unwavering guidance and support. Understanding the science certainly makes the development of the team/ my team stronger, engaged and powerful. “


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