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Are you ready to take control of your dog training?

I participated in a “Decoy Seminar / Workshop” held at the Pet Resort Australia in Dural. I enjoyed this seminar immensely mainly due to the fact that it was very well presented in theory and then backed up by practical demonstrations on several dogs which clearly showed and outlined the theory. The fact that the dogs that participated, did not belong to Kris and he had never worked any of them before, underlined and proved Kris’s methods work.

It was clear to see how each practical block changed the animal’s behaviour in small increments, and at the end of the two days every participant was able to observe a tremendous amount of improvements. I would like to thank Kris for his continuous efforts and commitment to help and guide dog trainers so that they improve their training skills and outcomes.

A special thanks to Kris for his openness, honesty and easy to understand training methods and most of all his willingness to show, explain and teach it to anyone that wants to listen. It is something everyone should take notice of as I have not yet come across anyone in this country who is willing to share such valuable information in such detail.

I would recommend Kris and his training methods to anyone, dog owners and trainers. I am looking forward to participate in upcoming workshops.

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