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Are you ready to take control of your dog training?

I attended an obedience, tracking and protection seminar in Perth which was presented by Kris Kotsopoulos. The information delivered was refreshing and it was great to be provided with information and training methods on something other than just positive reinforcement – after all, what do you do when your dog wont comply?

Before this seminar, I would have spent a great deal of time and effort just waiting for that moment when I could reinforce a positive behaviour. I now have the tools and knowledge in how to better shape my dog to get more out of him. The explanations were clear and adapted to the group with Kris actively involving everyone in discussing their own issues being experienced at home. The demonstrations were great and provided that “light bulb moment” when it all came together.

I would highly recommend attending Kris’s seminars if you have a dog or pup and especially if you are considering purchasing one. The information provided by Kris will change the way you see dogs, how they learn and how you can get the most out of them.

On a side note Kris, I found the fearful dogs to be the most interesting – I’m sure their owners were grateful for your honesty and explanations of WHY their dogs are the way they are (even if it was disappointing for them to hear it).

Thanks again for a great seminar – we started the new training regime (collar on) as soon as we got home. Look forward to seeing you and Tonia next time!

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