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Prior to attending my first Workshop at Von Forells’ in December 2010, I was unaware of the huge challenge we face in Australia breeding and training a true working line of dog, whether it be Shepherds, Dobermans or any other canine chosen for its service capabilities. Kris’ workshop brought into perspective for me how wide the gap truly is and how hard he is working to bridge that gap, especially between breeders and trainers. His emphasis on education of breeders, trainers and dog owners is second to none and inspiring for its honesty and unbelievable ocean of experience and knowledge. To be able to see some of his dogs in action was a real eye opener and allowed me to understand the differences between prey-driven dogs and confidence-based aggression.

In February 2011 we were fortunate enough to have Kris come to Western Australia and run a Decoy Workshop where we could utilise our own dogs. Once again his vast knowledge and training methods surpassed anything I have experienced previously. Having Kris take the time to work my own dog and point out his weaknesses and strengths was invaluable. The division between show lines and working lines becoming even more apparent to me – owning a show line shepherd myself.

However having Kris take the time to work with him and over the course of 2 days take him from uncertainty to a higher degree of clarity than he’s had previously was truly an honor and proof that a trainer of Kris’ caliber can make all the difference to even the non-working lines.

Kris’ workshops are an inspiration for anyone who would like to expand their knowledge and understanding of bringing together genetics and training to produce a quality working dog that can be utilised by all factions of society from households to the military. I shall certainly be seeking Kris’ guidance when the time comes to choose my next shepherd.

Thank you Kris for your dedication to the dog world and on a personal note thank you so much for taking the time with myself and my dog and showing me that with the correct handling my dog can produce so much more than he already has.

I look forward to the next workshop.

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