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I attended a decoy training seminar that was presented by Kris Kotsopoulos of Von Forell Precision Training. The seminar was held at Pet Resorts Australia, Dural NSW. The workshop was based on TRAINING and MENTAL TACTICS for WORKING DOGS. The information and knowledge that I received from the weekend was tremendous. All instructions were clear and informative. Kris very openly answered all questions that were asked by all through out the weekend. They were answered with his complete and utmost honesty. This, in my opinion is a trait that is rarely seen in the working dog world and something that I had never en-counted until I participated in this great event.

All of Kris’s decoy work was timed to perfection and precise. His training tactics and methods were something that I had not seen anyone employ here in this country before. This to me shows Kris’s extreme dedication to dog training here in Australia to keep all us working dog enthusiast’s up to date with the training methods which are used all over the world.

I cant thank Kris enough for all the knowledge that I obtained over the weekend. I highly recommend this seminar and the many others that Kris and Von Forell present.

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