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Von Forell Precision Training

Are you ready to take control of your dog training?

Throughout this time I have been struck by Kris’ enthusiastic determination to ever improve the gene pool of his dogs. His knowledge of international bloodlines, and his tapping into them to advantage via importation of stock and semen, is expansive and impressive.  He has a rare ability to match the type of his dog to the requirement of his client, whether that be as a family pet or as a competition or working dog.

The breeding, rearing, holding and training facilities at Von Forell are world class, and along with its picturesque setting and the warm hospitality of Kris and Tonia, a visit to Von Forell is always a very pleasant veterinary experience. Kris and Tonia are absolutely dedicated to their dogs, genuinely caring for them, steadfastly guaranteeing their soundness back up by their nutritional premium dog food, ‘Performadog’. They are to be commended for the excellent service they provide.

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