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I have known Kris Kotsopoulos since 2005. I have met him personally on several occasions and have communicated with him
regularly by email and over the phone. We continue to remain in contact until today. In all my dealings with him, Kris has always shown himself to knowledgeable, honest and extremely competent. I have found that Kris has extensive knowledge in the subjects of breeding, training, and raising healthy and functional working German Shepherd Dogs. More importantly, he is always ready to share his knowledge and expertise with other GSD enthusiasts,
and aspiring owners. Kris has proved to be a constant valuable source of reliable and useful information to GSD enthusiasts, trainers and breeders in Singapore where our exposure to areas of breeding and training GSDs is perhaps not as extensive as we would like.

The Singapore GSD scene has also had the benefit of acquiring some GSD puppies from the Von Forell Kennel. The owners are extremely happy with these dogs. They were able to communicate effectively with Kris and his team at Von Forell to get dogs which were suitable for their living conditions and which matched their experience and expectations. Until today, I continue to refer potential GSD owners to Kris as one of the first choices to obtain a healthy, temperamentally sound and complete GSD puppy.

In a visit to Singapore in November 2009, Kris was kind enough to conduct a training workshop for some of the Club’s trainers and members. His ability to train dog and handler, while at the same time communicating . Those who attended this workshop came away very fulfilled, having learnt much more about training and raising healthy and temperamentally sound GSDs. I hope that my dealings with Kris and his team at Von Forell will continue for some
years to come. I aim to build on this relationship to improve and advance the GSD breed in Singapore.

I wish Kris the very best in all his endeavors, and expect that he will continue his remarkable success with the GSD breed.

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