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One weekend with Kris is not enough, so much to learn in so little time. Kris has a wealth of information that really needs to be absorbed over time and fully understood to allow all handlers and decoys a chance to put into practice all they learn. I recommend Kris’s seminars to anyone wanting to work a high drive dog in any sport or anyone just wishing to understand dogs better. No matter how many seminars you have been to, whether from Kris or another trainer, you will always take away some vital piece of information that will increase your knowledge and make you a better, more informed trainer.

I can’t wait for Kris’s next seminar in WA, I will definitely be there. Thank you for all the information you shared and for supporting other dog trainers and enthusiasts to increase their knowledge and love of high drive dogs. Thanks for a great weekend, really enjoyed it and Morf wanted to continue the fun today (though my knee didn’t!!).

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