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I have finally had the chance to read your book after purchasing it early in the year. My employer and fellow trainers have all wanted to read the book first. As they were more involved with training their dogs for tracking I agreed.

After the first read through I am reading it the second time to soak up some more information. It is the best written book on dog training I have ever read. Not only the information on tracking but all the detailed, easy to read and understand information on training tools, techniques and animal behavior.

In my opinion as a novice in training compared to more experienced trainers it is a must to read. I strongly recommend that all trainers read this book. It will not only benefit the person wanting to compete in tracking but like me the K9 handler working in the security protection field and obedience training.

It is so difficult finding anyone with the skills to learn from but even more difficult to get them to pass these skills on. Here we have good basic easy to understand knowledge that will help you to get more out of your dog. In my case a break from just bite work and obedience training.

Thank you Kris for writing this book and being so free with your knowledge. I can’t wait to attend one of your seminars.

All the best and please keep on passing this information onto us.

Les Simpson

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