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Von Forell Precision Training

Are you ready to take control of your dog training?

Just wanted to say thank you for another informative training seminar and workshop. The information and training I have gained from your seminars has expanded my training, handling and my own self confidence in dog handling and training. It was great to see that the course catered for all interested people at all levels who wanted to improve their skills and knowledge on dog behaviour and training.

Your training was not only directed at one particular training idea or methodology and the very opened discussions on topics gave everyone the chance to discuss their own experiences and was a great way to help understand more the individualised training that would suit their own situation. Your facilities are state of the art and makes for a very comfortable training environment both class room and practical training. I look forward to expanding my dog handling/training skill by putting what I have learnt from this seminar into practice. I will definitely join you both at future seminars, and I would highly recommend that any one interested in getting into dogs regardless if it is just a dog as a family pet right up to a fully trained police dog should come and join you in one of your training workshops.

It catered for a beginner and an expert.

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