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Von Forell Precision Training

Are you ready to take control of your dog training?

I am a German Shepherd owner and I live in Cyprus. I had the privilege in attending a seminar held by Kris Kotsopoulos held by the Rottweiler Club of Cyprus. I enjoyed the seminar so much that I also had some private lessons. I wanted to say that I would definitely recommend to all dog owners, whatever the application they wish from their dog to seek assistance from Kris as his knowledge on the animal behavior is impressive to say the least.

Kris gave me immediate solutions to all my problems. Kris is very patient and eager to help people understand not only how to train their dogs but also the reason you do a certain exercise in order to create the correct meaning/feeling of the exercise for the dog. He teaches you how to “read” your dog and be able to react and counter accordingly in order to not damage your dogs character or associations. He believes that many owners give their dogs the incorrect information without even know it. I know that I did.

If you truly want to achieve greatness with your dog, I recommend visiting Kris. Your will come away with far more than you anticipate.

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