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Von Forell Precision Training

Are you ready to take control of your dog training?

Kris has the ability to provide information to all types of dog owners – from those with a family pet to high level obedience trainers and breeders – and he did this in an easy to understand manner.

He welcomed all questions and explained things in great detail including using both participants and their dogs to demonstrate concepts.  He conveyed a straight forward structure and discussed the techniques and approaches for obedience training as well as drive training.  Kris is passionate about what he does and this is very obvious in his seminar.

We came away with a greater understanding of what motivates our dog and what we need to do in order to get the best from him as well as do the best for him!  Furthermore, Kris took the time to work privately with us and our dog regarding specific issues after the end of the day’s session.

That additional time was fantastic to consolidate our understanding and application of the concepts discussed in the seminar.

We both feel more relaxed and confident in what we need to do with our dog and this is already obvious with how he is responding to us.

We highly recommend Von Forell Precision Training seminars.

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