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Let me begin by saying “WOW!” and thanks heaps!!!

The Von Forell Melbourne Obedience Training Seminar was a wake-up call that I was wasn’t expecting.

Having seen first-hand the impact and scope of this seminar left me a little bothered, Why, you ask? because more people need to know that this Seminar is by far MORE then just an Obedience Seminar!, If you really want to learn something you can start by understanding the way I feel after attending it over the weekend.

Picture you and your new puppy beginning training and the puppy’s waging its tail with great anticipation waiting for your next command, you say “Sits!” puppy hits its bum down at 200km/hr, tail stops instantly, eyes lock on, you treat and reward! BINGO! that’s it, that feeling was what I got out of this and more!

You finally realise what’s been missing in everything you’ve learnt over time in all those books, videos, internet etc., the ability to really understand what you need to learn before buying, saving, or continue training a dog of all breeds and genetics for all reasons. From start to finish I got a clear understanding of how to get the balanced dog and results that any Owner/Handler wants to achieve, or and just as importantly realising that Genetics plays a huge part in achieving those goals, without the right tools and knowledge gained from this Obedience Seminar! I would of been steering my dog to certain disaster. 

I was positively overwhelmed by the flood of information given to me over the weekend, and even with the bad luck of weather that lingered over us the whole weekend, this Obedience Seminar! clearly showed imminent results seen in all the participants and there dogs, puppy to adult, average to champion, but most importantly for my dog and I, was we trotted away with our tails held high and smile on our faces, armed with knowledge that can be seen in the results, tested and proven.

That’s why it’s more than just an Obedience Seminar! when all the info slowly stops bouncing around in your head around lunch time and you see how it all clicks and comes together when the dogs begin the exercises, I began to wonder, who said? “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!”

That person obviously needs to attend the Von Forell Obedience Seminar!

Once again thanks heaps for this fun, professional and inspirational learning experience.

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