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This is a well over due thank you for your help from both a personal view as well as a professional perspective. From the first time you came to New Zealand and held a seminar for Dogsport NZ Inc. I’ve been impressed with the intense passion you show for not only the sport but the whole package, from your immense knowledge and understanding of genetics and bloodlines within both the German Shepherds and Doberman breed. The research that has gone into the raising of puppies though to adulthood alone highlights the attention to detail and the lengths you have gone to in your attempts to consistently produce a superior working dog. It’s a shame more breeders don’t put the work into this area, there would be huge numbers of puppies over the years that have never reached their potential purely due to people’s lack of understanding in this area alone.

Hopefully in the very near future Dogsport NZ will have you out here again to hold another training seminar; personally I feel the first of your seminars I went to was for me one of the most informative seminar’s I have ever attended. Currently we have a number of members that would benefit greatly by getting you to conduct a seminar, from helpers of varying standards (including myself) to handlers that would like to compete at a very high level within the sport. Also helping some of our members understand more regarding imprinting, socialization and behavioural modifications.

Even explaining to members the value of the correct diet programme for the working German Shepherd, something I know you have done a great deal of work on. Kris I feel your  passion and enthusiasm as well as your phenomenal desire to understand and succeed in every aspect of your obsession can only motivate and excite our members. On a professional basis on behalf of myself and the Government Department I work for here in New Zealand I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for helping to set up our Detector Dog breeding programme, after several litters there is no doubt that your breeding recommendations as well as your information on the socializing and imprinting has played a vital role in the future of the programme.

Finally I’d like to thank you for the hospitality you have shown on my numerous trips to Melbourne, the many hours you have taken out of your busy schedule to talk and share your innovative and smart training ideas. Your time has been very much appreciated.

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