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Von Forell Precision Training

Are you ready to take control of your dog training?

I am writing briefly to say quick thanks for the decoy workshop you hosted in late march at your training facility. As someone who was completely “green” (for want of a better word), in relation to working dogs, and dogs psychology etc, the course was invaluable in broadening my knowledge base of the working dog, and greatly assisted my handling skills with a noticeable difference almost immediately.

The course was relaxed, an open discussion forum, and quick, and proactive learning was both encouraged and received. Items on the agenda were addressed clearly and concisely and each point was discussed in detail till each student had an understanding of what was involved. Being able to back the theory side of things up with a practical component, and also referring back to older video footage when needed so the students  can see what’s happening from a third person point of view was also fantastic.  My only beef is that the course was a touch short. I’m quite sure I could have spent another week there working the dogs and talking shop, as could we all. I would strongly recommend Von Forell courses to those that have an intense desire to work their animals, form bonds and mutually beneficial relationships between both animal and handler. The trip alone is worth the visit simply to view the training facility. In a word – Fantastic!

I look forward to attending further courses both on my own, and with Cicca, and your insight and advice on how to proceed with my own goals has been invaluable in helping me move forward much faster than I originally anticipated.

I look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.

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