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Von Forell Precision Training

Are you ready to take control of your dog training?

I highly recommend Kris Kotsopoulos to anyone who is either seeking to achieve precision tracking, obedience, trouble shooting, behaviour problems or is just simply looking to understand their dog better. Kris has over 37 years of experience in breeding and training high level dogs for roles within security, Military and various police agencies, but when it comes to you and your own individual needs he is someone who will make you feel at ease and welcome.

Kris and his lovely wife Tonia have created a wonderful training facility which in my opinion is World Class where he runs his training and seminars. Quite often you will see many different people including highly experienced trainers come to Kris to seek advice or assistance. His training methods are consequential in where he teaches the dog to solve their own issues which in turn builds confidence, happiness and genuine desire.

Never in my life have I met someone like Kris who can literally see right through into your dog’s soul and know exactly what the dog is thinking and feeling.

“The emotion of the second event infects the emotion of the first Event” is what he stands by. I have been to many of Kris’s seminars, he has solved many of my dogs’ issues from behaviour to obedience, but he is also an amazing supportive mentor. I always enjoy my time with him and the group because I always walk away with my head in a spin. I am forever grateful, and I would say to you if your looking for help, guidance or assistance no matter what the issue is… Look no further!

Nothing is ever impossible with him!

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