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Von Forell Precision Training

Are you ready to take control of your dog training?

My name is Peter O’Dowd, I worked for the Department of Justice as an Operations Manager with the Security & Emergency Services Group. One of my portfolio responsibilities is managing the K9 section for the Security & Emergency Services Group. Through this portfolio I met Kris Kotsopoulos from Von Forell Kennels. I have now known and had business dealings with Kris for the past five years. In this time I have developed the greatest respect for Kris as a businessman, but most of all as a person.

My respect for Kris as a person has come from listening to him talk about K9’s, as he has a wealth of knowledge in breading and training. Kris is not the type of person that keeps all that knowledge to himself but is always willing to pass the knowledge on to anybody having behavioral problems with their K9’s. This knowledge is freely passed on because of his love and respect of K9’s. In my role of sourcing K9’s for the Security & Emergency Services Group, I have always found Kris to be professional, reliable and honest in all business dealings.

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