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Von Forell Precision Training

Are you ready to take control of your dog training?

After being involved with in training, breeding and showing dogs for over 20 years under both Sablecraft working lines and Madrodish show lines it was a pleasure to attend the WA 2012 Von Forell Precision Training workshop.

Once in a lifetime (if you are lucky).. a person can walk into your life and change your outlook and totally open your eyes to a whole new perspective… I was fortunate enough to experience this at this weekend’s training seminar in Perth WA (Nov 10 -11 2012)

Not only was I impressed, to watch a room full of people awakening to Kris’s philosophy with regards to canine training and motivators of behaviour. To see the practical demonstrations come to life on the field was a fabulous experience. I feel honored and privileged to know Kris and to have been lucky enough to train with him and further to that to spend time with him personally discussing all aspects of genetics, breeding, imprinting, early development of puppies.

Adopting his training and breeding philosophy and incorporating Von Forell bloodlines into our current breeding program at Sablecraft, gives WA its most exciting working shepherd litters to date. Kris’s generosity has made all this possible.

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