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I was given a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) by my son when I moved house as he thought she would be a good protection dog.  She was already 14 months old at the time.   I found it difficult to handle her outside the home and even at home because she is a powerful dog and she hadn’t had any training at all with her previous owners.   Walking her was a nightmare as she would try to attack other dogs that she saw and even dogs on the other side of fences.   She was not very people friendly either and was unpredictable in her reaction to them approaching her on our walks often behaving aggressively.   She reacted to bikes, prams, rabbits, cats, pretty much anything that moved.

To make matters worse because of her size (she weighs 43 kilos and I weigh 47 kilos) she would pull on the lead when walking and at times she even pulled me over. I dreaded taking her out.    I loved her because she did have a lovely nature with me and family but with her unpredictability and her aggression I knew deep down that I couldn’t keep her.  I consulted with a lot of different trainers, and she started to learn basic obedience, sit, drop etc but the aggression and unpredictability remained.  I had many people and trainers who said that if I sent her to a kennel to be re-homed she would be tested and put down.    There were even some trainers that made her worse and when she pulled me over while working with one of these trainers and hurting me so that I was out of action for three weeks, I decided that I would try to find someone to train her enough so that she could hopefully be re-homed as she was just too much dog for me.  I was by now desperate.

That’s when I met Kris Kotsopoulos – He has taught me ways to deal with my dog and given me guidance and advice and the skills to work with her.  His advice at our first meeting not only made a lot of sense but gave me hope.  Through perseverance and regular sessions with Kris I now have a much more manageable dog and his help has totally changed my life and hers.   I have decided to keep my dog as she is now so much better.  Walking her and being with her is a pleasure now for both of us and I am looking forward to having her in my life for a long time.

I would like to thank Kris for all the time he has given to me and my dog, without him my girl had an uncertain future and now she will have the good life all dogs deserve.

Jane Wilson

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