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Are you ready to take control of your dog training?

The author has worked with dogs since 1981, at many levels with first time owners and with Law Enforcement handlers and competitors.

He has realised that not all animals are reliable if they are forced to track out of fear of correction; He encourages and uses other means to get dependable work with success. His approach to tracking and the success achieved by his methods is very impressive.

He speaks of the importance of the scent pad, how to approach the laying of the track-and what one should be looking for from the dog when working. How one reads a dog and what one should look for is very important – also what the dog is trying to tell you.

All written in simple and understandable language even for a beginner- set in easy step-by-step chapters with pit falls also explained.

One feels success and believes one will succeed, something one does not often find many books which get too technical.

To observe and promote certain aspects so that the dog becomes reliable because no pressure has been placed on them to achieve successful track. The importance of reliability is referred to many times through out the book.

He explains in his experience how many handlers are not able to go and work as they are not confident and cannot rely on their dog to complete the track. Often because the dog is fearful of making mistakes because of other harsher means are used to teach or correct.

He explains how to introduce articles-eliminate your dog missing them-how to teach corners and to stop overshooting. One very important aspect is to how to keep control whilst tracking and slow an enthusiastic animal down without destroying its motivation

He sets food for thought for the handler, why did this happen what am I am doing wrong. He also explains he has been there and this was how he wrote the book because he wanted to have positive outcome.

The writer is also a good instructor who works his own dogs with excellent success.

There is a Glossary of terms explaining what is meant in the book. If I had gone looking for a book written purely about tracking one could possibly have found one or two in this category, but one need look no further when purchasing this book for it stands out on its own it is a must for the book shelf.

Excellent value for money and very well produced. Kris has written a book for any person to read and understand whether they are a beginner or experienced. Which has long been waited for. This is a book that both Trials and Schutzhund enthusiasts will find interesting.

Dorothy A Cullum

Head trainer GSD League from UK (1995 to 1999)
Kennel Club Founder member of the Accredited Training Scheme.
News Editor of Dog Training Weekly 1993 to 1998.
Our Dogs Breed Correspondent.
Championship Obedience Judge/ Good Citizens Scheme Judge

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