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Von Forell Precision Training

Are you ready to take control of your dog training?

I have now done a couple of Kris’ seminars / workshops and I still learn something new and with a greater understanding of the concept and application every time. Kris has honed his skills and is now quite gifted in how he presents, explains and demonstrates these very complex but significant areas of drive development and yet for the simpler and broader sense general training for your dogs.

Kris is an approachable person who takes the time to carefully listen, respond and present the topics at hand to make sure everyone has a good general understanding before moving on. Kris will give much of the time available to people and myself to further understand and build on their knowledge.

The way Kris works the dogs is something that has to be seen as he can build up dogs with a little sensitivity to a confident and even powerful dog by the end of the weekend. While working the dogs he explains what he is reading from the dog and in which direction; as a helper he needs to move and work to keep the dog in a particular state of mind to be more productive and confident, whilst maintaining a clear head to learn.

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