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Are you ready to take control of your dog training?

I would just like to say a very heartfelt Thank You for the seminar that I have just attended in Protection and Decoy work. The information was delivered in an open way with opinions welcomed, encouraged and explored.  The theory was easy to follow and well explained and the practical side of the training was linked perfectly to what we were learning. I enjoyed the way you imparted your knowledge, the openness in the way you encouraged us to question you and the clarity in the way you explained things.  I know that 3 days in that environment has made me a better trainer and reiterated that dog training really is ALL about the dog.

When you train with the dogs best interest and see things from the dogs perspective, you become a better trainer, handler and you end up in a better position to impart your knowledge and to help the dog decide on the best way for it to learn.  The live demonstrations were done well and it was fantastic to see the dogs learn each time they came out to work. I am looking forward to staying in touch with you, building on what I have learnt and putting it all into real life training.

Thank you once again.

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