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I would like to formerly thank you both for the E collar seminar that I recently attended on the 23rd & 24th of June 2012. I found that all of your instructions where easy to follow and understand as everything was explained in the utmost finest detail. I feel that I learnt and took away more knowledge from the seminar than I have in the nine years that I have been involved in dogs. This was only possible due to Kris openly and honestly answering numerous questions on various dog subjects. But most of all having a better understanding on how to use the E collar for an optimum affect, in a positive way and make it most enjoyable for the dog. This is a new system that needs to be experience to be believed.

I highly recommend & encourage all Working and Pet dog owners to attend this seminar to gain, learn and a knowledge the proper use of the E collar and this fine training system.

I can’t thank you both enough for your generous hospitality and vast knowledge throughout the whole weekend. It was all first class.

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