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Von Forell Precision Training

Are you ready to take control of your dog training?

I attended the seminar at Von Forell Australia, instructed by Kris Kotsopoulos. Kris provided concise explanations in a relaxed atmosphere followed by demonstrations. It was interesting to hear and try different training techniques and to see the progress made by our dogs over the course of the seminar. Also of great interest was the discussion on how various training methods and lifestyle inhibit drive which may limit the dog’s natural potential. Dog training was discussed from various training methods, handling, attitude, dog temperament, environment and genetics.

On a practical level, it was great observing various handlers with dogs at different stages of development and their dealings with issues faced. This enabled me to see finer distinctions of handler behaviour in relation to the reaction of the dog, both positive and negative. Following the course I utilized some of the knowledge obtained to create a training plan with a clearer direction using drive techniques.

I would recommend this course to trainers who would like to train with dogs at an advanced level and people who have highly driven dogs.

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