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Von Forell Precision Training

Are you ready to take control of your dog training?

Talent is nothing without coaching. Anyone who is involved in a high level of competitive sport understands that having a great coach is just as crucial as having talent. I am very fortunate because I have two such coaches.

I remember when I first started my career in Schutzhund, I was a rough diamond with a thousand sharp edges, too ready to prove, too stubborn to listen. Kris Kotsopoulos and Jim Tokis recognized my burning desire and took me under their wings. Thinking back, in the three years I spent with them, they are a lot more than just coaches to me. They are my mentors, who harnessed my talent, showed me the ways to bring out the best of my dogs, and more importantly, they taught me the only way to be a winner, is being a winner in your heart.

Tricks and trades can be copied, imitated, and impress some people, but being cannot be faked. Jim and Kris truly understand how to bring out the best of each handler and dog, not only in his physical skills, but in his mindset and attitude, to be the victor he dreams to be. They offered me a precious gift that I now have in the rest of my life. I highly recommend their system and teaching.

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