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This is just a short note to express my gratitude for your hospitality over the weekend whilst attending your ‘Decoy One’ seminar.

Kris’ presentations were equally visual and academic, and I especially appreciated the way vintage footage of some of the world’s most famous working dogs was utilised to facilitate parts of the learning.  The short formal theory and discussion sessions followed by the intensive practical workshops and demonstrations really made the days fly, and allowed us all to put into action and understanding the material we had just covered in a relatively immediate fashion. Though I have attended many seminars on the subjects of canine behaviour and training before, I feel that the format that Von Forell Kennels used was absolutely superior to anything I have experienced in this field to date.  I am sure that none of the attendees expected comfortable leather chairs, a giant plasma screen, or a dedicated conference area to be provided for them.

Even though I have been training dogs professionally for just shy of a decade now and came to the seminar with a great deal of experience, I found that I was constantly finding new approaches and ways to employ the skills I already have.  It speaks volumes of the curriculum that experienced professionals, rank amateur handlers, and pet dog owners alike all seemed to benefit significantly from their participation whilst having a brilliant time. Apart from the presentation and format, the thing that struck me most was the overall vibe among the attendees; everybody seemed to be ‘on the same page’, which truly engendered a vibe much more akin to that which I have experienced at the personal development seminars I have attended!

The overwhelming sense of community, open-mindedness and support among participants was entirely unique to me in this context, and I am happy to say that I think most of us (if not all) will be keeping in contact with each other and making the effort to train and learn together into the future, despite the distances involved.

Kudos to you both, and definitely count me in for any future learning experiences you have to offer.

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