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I have just come back from a mind bending two days of dog training bliss. It has been several years since I have had the opportunity to attend any training seminars or workshops and am very glad that I made the effort to get to Dural NSW. The timing was right, the money was there and the time off from work was negotiated, it all fell into place.

The organization of the two days was second to none, professional and friendly all round with well spaced breaks to accommodate brain overloads. The balance between sitting and taking in complex tutorials and then going out to the training field to see it all in action was a stimulating mix and kept me focused even through fatigue from travel.

I only wish that I could have traveled with a dog and been on the training field myself, that would have rounded out the experience for me.
It has been about 17 years since I have trained with Kris and others from his genre, we were all a lot younger then!

I must say though that now when I see you work Kris you have an amazing sensitivity to your training and an ability to translate and pass on what you see and feel through the dog. It made me tear up to see you working those pups and bringing out the best in the little ones with a gentle touch and at their level.

There was also a wonderful cross section of dogs, in breed and learning levels to watch and see improve over the two days. The improvement in the handling was also very obvious and even though there was some laughs it was a team environment all the way and very supportive.

The blend of old, young, professional trainers and breeders created a dynamic base to interact with and bounce off ideas.

I am grateful for the opportunity I was given to attend and learn once again from Kris and encourage all those out there who train with working dogs both civilian and services to take the next workshop available.

Thank you Glen who made it all happen, brilliant!

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