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Hi Kris,

Allow me to say just quickly. I have trained many ways . Dogs for TV, for law and order, law and order special victims, garden state the movie, AKC, Schutzhund with my Doberman female about 10 years ago. I now have new critters, and tracking has been nonexistent as I had no motivation left, however their obedience and protection is good.

Just to let you know my husband and I would love to meet you.

I have a had a quick scan of your new dog tracking book. Took about one hour and I will now read it again thoroughly. I just introduced my Rottweiler male of 12 months to clicker training, which I have been hesitant to use. WOW  does the light bulb go on instantly and before I saw your book I was thinking why not use it for tracking? Then I saw your book…Bingo!

My husband is a physician and has a degree in psychology, he picked it up right away. You are a bright and intelligent person, and the Skinner principles apply to your training.. I think you should put on the front of your book the statement that it is not impossible to achieve a 1500 pace track in 6 weeks. It took 4 + years to train my Dobermann to sch 3. Her scores were very high. 197 + however extremely time consuming and many hot dogs later. I am a new born person looking into the clicker / low stimulation training. thank thank you thank you.

I will keep you posted. I plan on to use my Rottweiler male and my Austrian import Dobermann girl on a test training for 6 weeks in your tracking method. Give me some time and I will report the results. You have a great deal of knowledge. people should read your book. I will be in touch…….. and love your book, Deb and critters from the USA.

Deb Bach

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