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Von Forell Precision Training

Are you ready to take control of your dog training?

Written for tracking enthusiasts who value innovative insights into tracking training, this book fills in the gaps to help you better understand how dogs track and how to assist them. It provides a step-by-step plan for achieving a high degree of understanding without hardship.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned handler, all you will need is right here.

Our books provide a philosophy for learning and development with some exercises as examples. However, recording all training exercises required for competition or deployment in a book would not be possible.

We are constantly amending our systems to improve how we do things. Below each book, you will find individual booklets which target-specific exercises in incredible detail and depth to perfect your understanding and your dog’s performance.

Information will updated as we find the need to provide you with the latest breakthroughs.

Enjoy your training and your dogs!!!

Instructions: Excellent Corner Navigation

Navigating corners precisely is very difficult for dogs. They naturally cast in all directions to find and follow odour. In some sports, dogs are heavily penalised for inaccurate tracking behaviour. Let us show you how to teach and prevent your dog from overshooting corners.

Instructions: Slowing My Down Down On The Track

Inevitably your dog will speed up on the track as it develops confidence. Speed then interferes with accuracy causing your dog to miss articles and corners. We must ask, - HOW DO I SLOW MY DOG DOWN without destroying its confidence?

Instructions: Understanding the Learning Quadrant Like Never Before

How many times have you had the learning Quadrant explained to you? This explanation will be your last time; finally, it will make total sense. Then you will be able to apply it in real-time so that your dog loves to work, find the motivation to work, and finally, become highly diligent.

Instructions: Perfect Jumps for Dumbell Retrieval

eaching a dog to navigate an A-frame and the one-meter jump tactfully with purpose is a skill that requires motivation and concentration as much as physical dexterity. Then teaching them to go over and not around is just as important before they ever retrieve a Dumbbell.
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